Help with kitchen drawers
peachychicaApril 16, 2014
How can I fix these scratches??? I tried using the brown markers from bed bath and beyond but color doesn't match or stay. I'm moving out and want to fix this so I can get my deposit back
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Do a very light sanding (steel wool), then apply Old English Oil Scratch cover.
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Those are pretty fancy cabinets. Your other post shows more wear and tear. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for the finish to start showing damage?

PCmom1's idea is good. But if there's a lot of damage, best to talk to the owner about the situation. Look inside the drawers for the cabinet manufacturer's name, then you could contact the manufacturer for advice. Not all finishes are easy to fix up. It's possible there is a touch up kit you can buy directly from the manufacturer.
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Sharissa Marie
Try using a walnut. As you rub it over scratches it will disintegrate, fill scratches, and blend discolouration.
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Thanks for your hrlp guys! I just tried old english scratch cover. Its better but still scratched up. So im gonna try a walnut next. I have some in the freezer from Trader joes.
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So, what happened to the cabinets? I am wondering if the owner, before you moved in, had N- Hance reface the old cabinets. We tried them out recently in our bath, which was badly worn with water damage from hubby dripping water while shaving.

It is a quick inexpensive fix (four hundred for two vanities and extra cabinet in our bath) but I notice it is beginning to show the damage again (a year later) back where hubby shaves.

They have told me that a quick touch-up is possible. I don't know how you can find this out without asking the landlord.

Cabinets done with N-Hance are very shiny:

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Hey guys so the walnut didn't work. My hubby thinks I'm making a big deal out of it and I'm perseverating on it. Lol! I think I'm gonna see if I can color match it to stain or paint at Home Depot. I have lived here for 4 years and they were brand new when I moved in. My hubby says some of it is water damage as the sink is about a a foot and half away from drawer. Do u guys have any suggestion on stain?
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Boerne Kitchens and Baths
Ok I am confused. You tried walnut from Trader Joe's that you had in freezer? I think they meant try walnut stain. I would go to Home Depot get a Min Wax poly shade in Walnut and try it.
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Boerne... Thank you for clarifying this for me!!! I was like wth it doesn't work!! I didn't learn this in grad school. Lololol. I'm such an idiot. Lolololol. The worst part is that my hubby watched me try it too. Lololol I'm LMAO right now... Made my night.
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Real walnut nutmeats used to work better when finishes were oil based varnish.

Did you find a manufacturer's name in the drawers?
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Sharissa Marie
No I most certainly meant walnut, the nut, not the stain. It is very effective at filling scratches and blending wear marks. Too bad it didn't work.
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