Don't know what to do with my dining area
April 16, 2014
I have a space in my condo which i can turn into a dining area. The space is narrow and doesn't have a lot of light coming into it. I have an idea of what i want to do but not sure if it's the right thing to do. I am thinking of putting an L shaped wooden bench against the walls that has the paintings on them which will be accompanied by a wooden table with metal legs for the dining table. The color of the wood I was originally thinking of using was a dark walnut color but after thinking about it, maybe having such a dark color would make that small narrow space look even smaller. So I am now considering a lighter finish like maybe oak. Or should I not even use wood. I am also now contemplating using a glass table instead so that the place looks more open and brighter. The only problem is that it will not go with the rest of the condo design because it's mainly wood themed. By the way, please ignore the white cabinet at the end of the hall as that has been removed. All feedback are most welcome. Thanks in advance.... oh dear don't know why the pix uploaded horizontally... sorry.
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A bench is a great idea. I wouldn't go for L-shaped though. it can make it seem like you're trying to squeeze everything into one corner.

You're right to use lighter wood or glass (wooden base with a glass top?), maybe bring in the wood from the kitchen countertop and add white chairs (an eames chair would suit the style of your kitchen).

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thanks amber. glass top with wooden legs is something maybe I can consider. as for the chairs, i already have those exiting ones which are old and antic. maybe i can paint them white to keep the look.
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Absolutely. white paint or even sanding it down and treating to match the other wood in the room. Or mixing the two (Xavier Pauchard Tolix style). They have a great shape so the options are endless (if you're feeling brave you could even paint them a bright red :P)
Good luck :)
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Yah, I was looking at the same ones too. Thanks for affirming my "vision" :)
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Update on my dining room. Finally got myself a customized glass top dining table with wooden leg. Still using the same chairs. Have not decided if I am going to paint it white.
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That is such a beautiful table, you made a great choice!
It introduces new textures and the wood is a lovely warm tone.

Even if you don't paint the chairs white you can also sand and treat to the colour of the dining table legs. And if you're nervous about adding a permanent colour you can also add cushions (scatter or base) to your chairs.

The room is looking lovely, I like the way you've hung the artwork and the arc lamp.
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thanks. I love my new table and the arc lamp too. I think it gives more character to the room. oh ya, forgot to mention that there will also be a bench which should be coming in the next couple of weeks. will updated again when it comes.

about the chairs, i actually painted one already but am not too happy with the "workmanship". will try it again but see how it works.

i've got a lot going on in the room but somehow it still looks kinda blend. am thinking of adding something to the opposite wall where the mirror is hanging now to give it more texture. do you think it will be too much?
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I would have built an upholstered highback banquette against the wall in a medium tone and hang a lowered fabulous crystal chandelier with a lighter toned wooden table. Paint the walls very light.
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