Help! Need to make this kitchen POP!
RE Invested
April 17, 2014
This is my kitchen. I inherited this home a few months ago. I renovated this kitchen for my dad in 2000. I have a few issues. 1.) I HATE this floor. I despise it...but I don't really want to or cannot necessarily afford to change it at this time. 2.) I HATE the cabinet color. Whitewashed? What was I thinking. 3.) Countertops are being replaced for granite.... not sure what color. I will definitely be keeping the cabinets but changing the hardware. I am considering painting the cabinets. It's either paint the cabinets OR I am replacing the floor. ONE OR the other. 4.) To crown or not to crown. I definitely will be adding crown but on the cabinets AND on the soffits? 5.) Cabinet shortage... so I want to do a custom shelving on the wall where the old table is sitting temporarily. Disregard all the clutter. This is shortly after the move and all the small appliances are to make up for the big appliances not being connected ;) Dishwasher will be replaced as well.
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If you know you'll be keeping the cabinets, do the floor first. I think that will make you feel better about the whole space. Nothing like a floor to clean up and modernize the home.
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Consider painting the cabinets to provide some contrast with the flooring.
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Replace the floor or you will never be happy with this room. Paint the cabinets, get new hardware and replace the bench tops. If you are on a budget, consider the other options for a bench top. Granite is great but costly. Perhaps a less expensive option will do for now until you replace the cupboards.
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I will definitely be doing the counters in granite but I agree I will spend the money and redo the floors.... I will also be changing the hardware. Guess I will live with the ugly cabinet color :(
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I think the biggest expense in repainting the cabinets would be your time. Paint gives you a huge bang for your buck. I doubt buying a few cans of paint and some Floetrol would break your budget, especially if you're willing to go for granite and new floors. It's a HUGE hassle, but it wouldn't be hugely expensive. :)
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I have two suggestions: Floor and countertops. Or if you are really dissatisfied, go to the IKEA store for a reno. I think you can get flooring, new cabinets and some kind of countertops (butcher block?) for reasonable money and the choices will all be something new. Something to consider as you hate so many aspects of this kitchen. Also, Nigella Lawson writes wonderfully about the kitchen and what it needs. Hers has lots of food and practical tools, is well-used and not about fancy things. Just some food for thought and a beautiful read!
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