Help! My house needs colour, and I can't decide what it needs!! Painti
April 24, 2014 in Design Dilemma
This whole area is open, so it's all linked together! I want colour....the wow factor! I was wanting the teals, mustard yellows and whites to accent with....but I keep buying things and I'm not satisfied! I think I'm adding the wrong things! Do I have to paint a feature wall? Am I putting too many colours together? My kitchen backsplash and wall colour is very close in colour (big mistake!), so.....should I be painting the back wall in the kitchen? Should I change the colour of the throw rug.....just tell me what I need to's driving me crazy!! :)
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Focus on one accent color! You have a good thing going with the teal right now, but it is too strung out and there isn't enough of it popping around the spaces. Use the mustard in the winter when you need the warmth added to your rooms. When you buy items, think in terms of groupings of three. Right now, I'd like to see the two candlesticks and one of the big pots from the kitchen on your dining table. The mirror over the foyer table is a monster. Visually, it says, "If I fall down, this table is gone!!" It is also too wide for the table (75% of the table's width max.) You might try it vertically in the dining room, lowering the chandelier to be doubled by it. Chandy's should be 36" or lower over the table anyway, so that is a must. The three metal panels could go in the foyer but the sofa table is still too short to be with them. I really don't care for this table or the coffee. Any chance they could be sold (Craig's List, etc.) and replaced with some that are more visually weighty and functional? If your foyer is wide enough for the zebra rug, try it there. You need a larger rug in the living room so the front feet of the furniture can sit on the edge. I'd want to go for teal there too. Contemporary Anise 7'9"x9'9" Rectangle Teal Area Rug Contour CON24 8' x 10'6" Smoke, Teal Rug
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I think you have a gorgeous home and great taste. A more 'important' and Lower chandelier and a larger area rug with stronger color and/or pattern would complete everything real well.
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Your home is very nice. Love the fireplace. I agree with decoenthusiastic. Great suggestions.
   August 31, 2014 at 4:26PM
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Gretchen Maurer
A large scale pattern table runner would be nice for a pop of color in the dinning area. It is hard to find just the one but they are easy to make. Look for a local seamstress she could help bring in some color with pillows too. then using the colors in the runner put some different height vases and candle holders to create something taller for the table. if you like this then add that color around the room at the mantel and in the kitchen. one has to be brave and go for a new look. Have fun, buy a lot of stuff at home goods or a place you can easily take it back. invite friends to join the fun and offer comments, don't take it too seriously at this stage you did the hard stuff, this is candy! Even buy a few rugs, pretend it is a design show....have fun!!! Live with the things a few days, add more, edit some out maybe you just need to get some quirky ideas out of your!
   August 31, 2014 at 5:18PM
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