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m5askqu5April 25, 2014
Master: is 12x14 large enough? We're pretty simple. Queen bed, two dressers, two end tables. 3/4 bath in master- with a 3x5 shower. One vanity/sink. Planning two windows, on either side of the bed.

Dining: sliding patio door to open porch. Not sure if we'll put a roof on this porch- would like one on the front.

Kitchen: 4x8 island large enough for four kids? Area off to the right is the "mudroom," more of a hall to garage/mudroom. Wall set-back for cubbies. Two closets for coats/storage.

Basement: Will have two beds, bath, family room and storage in the basement. We're in tornado alley, so will also have a safe room down there.

Garage: The garage entry is on the east (right) side. We'd like as much garage space as we can feasibly build...lots of bikes, toys, etc. Double garage plus the storage space.

Lot: We have a corner lot, that's actually 2.5 lots. House will face south.

We're trying to keep it simple, cost-effective and efficient. I would like help with the roof line as well as decent sized front porch. Thanks for any feedback!
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I don't think you'll like the entry that jumps into the living room or the corner fireplace. Both make for tremendous headaches when trying to arrange furniture. Try two windows in the LR with the FP between them and carve out a corner of the garage storage area to make an entry and small foyer.
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I love the layout! The only thing I personally wouldn't like is to walk straight into my living room. Is there a way to make some sort of a foyer? I've been told you need 24" per person if you want to eat at the island, so 8' would be perfect.
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Thanks. The FP between the windows was our other option we discussed; I do like that better. We live in the midwest, in a small town. Foyers aren't necessarily a "big" thing here...whereas practicality and simplicity is. I'm not opposed, but just unsure on how to make one with this plan.
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m5', you didn't copy an architect's design, did you! Architects love to take away window space with closets but your plan has interior closets. Very nice.

You also thought to put closets between a BR and the LR to act as a sound buffer. Again, nice. And you don't have unnecessary hallways taking up living space. You're thinking!

The only suggestions I have is to combine the laundry and mudroom and create a vestibule. Yours is the first floor plan I've seen on houzz that didn't make me wonder, "what were they thinking?"
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You are so kind, you made my day. I was nervous posting- most houses on here are so elaborate and fancy...I thought people would wonder why such a boring plan! Here's the pic I went off for the mudroom hallway...where the idea came from. I also have to have my office in the laundry room.
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And no- I didn't copy any plan. I've looked at thousands though, not kidding. I've gone through almost two packages of 100 sheets of graph paper :)
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I like a nice big window in the living room, so I would skip the corner fireplace and bump into the storage area in the garage for the fireplace and a built-in cabinet to balance the rest of the space. How would a
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continuing on...How would a 6x6, maybe slightly larger bump-out to the front of your house look in order to provide you with a foyer so you don't enter directly into your living room? I've seen some small additions like that that really add curb appeal to a home.
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You're welcome. At this point, when dealing with a client, I would make a model of just the framing and demonstrate interior line-of-sight; where the sun rises and sets in Summer then Winter; and what's to be seen (or avoided) outside.

We'd look at the lot where it's to be built and figure out how the house will sit and where windows should be. These considerations help finalize the floor plan layout and start to realize the rooflines. Sometimes reversing the plan (mirror image) works better than as drawn.
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I might question the layout of the kitchen. The cooktop is many steps from the refrigerator. Cooktop in the island would be the obvious solution.

You could do away with the corner pantry a have a large one where the cooktop is now.

With this type of plan, builders would often have a divider, in this case, just to the right of the front door. Typically a half wall with some sort of screen on top. This gave the idea of an entry, without really having an entry.

What about flipping the master bedroom and closet/bathroom?
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Well, my husband works 3rd shift, so he sleeps during the day. I'm home with our younger two...figured as much space between him and us, the better!
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I didn't really focus on the kitchen. I like the fridge and sink in close proximity for offloading of foods to be prepped. If you move the stove to the island be sure there is room for the oven door and dish washer door to be open and used without bumping into each other or trapping you in a tight squeeze. Do you have a dish washer on the plan? I think that corner pantry will be regretted, so agree it should be right of where the cooktop is now. You might splurge on lazy Susan shelves in the corner cabs, but you'll never be able to reach the backs or corners as currently configured. If stuff falls off the rotating shelves you want to be able to reach the back and retrieve items. Consider opening those closets into the laundry room instead of the mudroom. The conflict of three doors and the cubbies will be a pain. You'd then have room to use a sliding "barn" door on the laundry entry. Or you could put a smaller set of cubbies where the closets are and then put more, but slimmer, closets on the cubby side with sliding doors. Barn makes for a nice upgrade, but regular ones are more budget friendly.
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