Looking for suggestions to bring space all together!
March 3, 2012 in Design Dilemma
We bought our house a year ago, and I am in a design dilemma! How do I bring these rooms all together. It is an older home that has been added on to and opened up. The problem is some woodwork is painted some is not. The new woodwork is oak but do not care for stain color or the combination of old and new. The kitchen is new but I hate the honey oak cabinet color! We added posts and wainscoting to bar and painted it black and tiled backsplash. Replacing everything with new is NOT an option tho I wish! The floors are beautiful hickory. I have alot of antique pieces I wish to keep, I have taken most things off the wall to start over! Wanting input on painting woodwork furniture placement window treatments etc. Do my paint colors need to be the same from room to room? I like a warmer feel to my rooms HELP! P.S. I am the contractor and not afraid to DIY!
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Hi curly64, You can consider painting the honey oak cabinets white to contrast with the dark kitchen island which will be quite sleek. The key is to have a consistent wall color in this open concept space. The trims could also be stained to a espresso dark brown to bring them more up to date. The floors are fine as far as color goes.
   March 3, 2012 at 9:17AM
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Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.
I like Dytecture's idea of painting the cabinets a milky white to contrast the island and the floors. It would look nice. Paint the whole space the same color, try Clarksville Gray HC-102 by Benjamin Moore. This color is a soothing sage w/ gray undertones. I also think the space would benefit from some de-cluttering effort. I would take down the hanging rack over the aisle in front of the island. That feels cluttered and confusing to me. Floors and kitchen cabinets look great. Hope that helps. Charmean Neithart
   March 3, 2012 at 12:32PM
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I would not paint the kitchen cabinets, I think they look beautiful the way they are and are easier to maintain. I really like what you've done so far: black island (good color as it grounds the kitchen, although that old almost black deep green would have been OK too) and backsplash. I like the dark wall behind the honey cabinets, too. I can tell you are an artist or have artistic talents. I would not call your displays "clutter" but I would say they are over-done for my taste. I know how it is, though, if you love old things you want them near you and on display. If the display of these items makes you happy, leave them. Otherwise fewer things around will give the eyes somewhere to rest. Empty space is important in display. I would think of painting the backs of the cabinets (or instead of painting, cut oaktag and paint that or glue fabric on). Maybe an off white? Under counter lighting, too. I agree with above comment, the window-ladder and items distract from the pendants. The items are nice, but again, too much, like you're running an antique shop. The red window frame might go on top of the dining room cupboard. I like all the woodwork the same in a house, so I'd paint the wooden woodwork (although I'm usually against painting old woodwork). I'd try the cupboard that is in the kitchen in the dining room on the other side of the window so the 2 cupboards can balance one another. I like the window treatment you have: simple linen cafe curtains on wrought iron rods. Very appropriate to the house and furnishings. Yes, the house paint should be the same from room to room (some would not agree with this, but to me is the most united way). Cannot see the living space well enough to comment. New photos? Not sure I like the reproduction signs of "be happy" and "be well" I think it's better to stick with the beautiful antiques you have for display and not cheapen them with with modern cottage chic.
   March 5, 2012 at 9:00AM
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Thank you for your advice and comments!! I am in the middle of decluttering that is why the things look so unorganized but it seems to be a difficult task for me! I admit I am a collector and have been at it for too long! I am trying to keep the things I love most and out the door with the rest. I am trying to acheive a look that still includes my antiques but simpler all this stuff takes too long to clean! The woodwork that you can see in the pics is not the original oak woodwork with a nice patina, it was added when they did the addition. All of the original woodwork upstairs and on the open stairway (which is not in my pics) has been painted by the previous owner an off white color. Any suggestions on colors for woodwork? The wall colors are from the previous owner too, do you think I can keep with a neutral tan so that it blends with all of the furnishings I have any suggestions? Love to hear your input!
   March 6, 2012 at 7:43AM
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De-cluttering is the worst! I do a little every day, and am still not to where I want to be. I am a collector of antiques, too, and have many old family items. I was even an antique dealer for a while....so you can imagine the number of items I was dealing with, + they were all beautiful and I loved and admired them all. *But*, I find with more space around, the ones I chose to display look even better, not to mention less dust. Some people put things away in a box and rotate their decorative items. I've heard the Japanese do this. We are really happy to see again certain things after we have not enjoyed them for a while. People love antiques (some people), if you really do not want some things, have a garage sale? you could call a dealer, but you'll get very little $$$, they like to buy things for 10 cents on the dollar. There is so much information on the internet you'll get lots of current pricing ideas at Ebay etc.
I am against painting old woodwork. but, then, I also do not usually like the combination of stained woodwork and painted woodwork in the same room. However, I love the look of the stained door in your room along with the painted trim. It looks very nice (to my surprise). I'll have to re-think some of the things I say I like and don't like. So if any woodwork is *not* painted, leave it, at least for now. I always keep my walls and trim off white. The furniture / paintings are often on the dark side and I like the off-white-paint & dark furniture contrast the best. Right now I have Old Quaker Paint 101 in a flat and an enamel for the trim (both water based) and I like this very much (11 years). Unfortunately OQP was bought by SW and they no longer carry my color. I looked on the BM site and it might be CC10 ultra white. I've had Navajo White in the past and it was too yellow or something, I grew to hate it. Is the "neutral tan" on the living room walls? That looks fine for all rooms. If it's the tan on the wall going upstairs, that's too dark.
I lov
   March 7, 2012 at 2:20PM
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Continued I love the riser stencils! I once painted risers with a stencil and loved it. It was all the same stencil, though, the stairs you have is wonderful. I found the stencil-paint really hid the paint chip marks, too, an added plus. I am in a single level now (darn). In my ideabook, I have a photo of tile risers that I thought would make a nice stencil idea and I have've seen tiled risers where every riser was a different but cohesive tile just like your stairs. I really love your stairs.
   March 7, 2012 at 2:22PM
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I LOVE your stairs!!!!!!! I hope you do too!
   March 7, 2012 at 10:30PM
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ahh-j222b is here, too. Have been getting some great suggestions from her on my place also!!

Anyway-don't take my advice as anything other than a homeowner. Yes, I think with your open plan, your walls should be the same color. I really like the lighter tan you have already.

I also like your kitchen cabinets and the way they tie into your nice antiques (I'm an antique lover, also) As antiquers--it's what we DO and we all collect too much! And then we have all this little stuff cluttering up our homes. Just take a corner or a small section of a room at a time and put some (lots!) of the little stuff away first.

Listen to j222b, I think she's been spot on with her recommendations!
   March 7, 2012 at 10:48PM
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I personally like your kitchen. It is the other room that needs help. Is is an office or is it a den? It is in an identity crises. It appears there are two desk, and it has dining & den furniture. Do you need two desk? What do the two doors go to? You could turn one of those into a work station so it could be hidden behind a door when not in use. Maybe if you post a couple more pics and give room dimensions, and say what you Need in this room, some of the more experienced on here can give you ideas on furniture placement.
   March 8, 2012 at 6:30AM
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