What to do with our front porch?
April 27, 2014
We use our front yard a lot. We have a close knot neighborhood? How do I decorate or layout our long front porch.
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The question of our neighborhood...it really isn't a question. We have a fabulous neighborhood!! Geez...typos...
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Create a wider setup with your seats, more space inbetween, the front porch looks great. Place the loveseat under the window and the hairs on each side. Maybe get another love seat, so two can be under the window with a small table inbetween.
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What a lovely deck! Consider an outdoor rug and seating arranged like this or even a built in banquette with cushions. The second photo is for idea of built ins-only
Woolloowin Residence
California Contemporary
Hazelton Lanes, Yorkville
Small Chicago garage rooftop
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Make it level as the ideas right to the door add some fancy railing to it and solar lights on the posts. Great idea but the look it looks rather unfinished . We had a similar deck over here and took most of it out we just left a piece by the side door to make it even .

You could also add a canopy to the deck , myself I would take that deck out and use stones instead you could get this look .

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From a wood deck to this
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Meet Me at the Wrecking Ball
What you have is a back deck on the front of your house--and I suspect that umbrella and the roof compete with each other when the umbrella is opened. Expand the seating area down the length of the deck (couch against the wall maybe?), and find a much smaller umbrella for the front end of the deck in order to provide shade from the sun. The oddly-angled roof near the front will compete with that too, though. At the very least, expand the furniture grouping in order to benefit more from the available deck space.
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plant some pots of colorful annuals and get an indoor/outdoor rug to group seating around.
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Curt D'Onofrio
What's in that red brick box ? Dirt ? Put some plants in there. May be climbing types so they loop around the beams. Just a thought
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Make some space between the seating and the entry door ... turn nothing with its back to the walk headed to the entry door - chairs need to be angled towards the walk even if they are trying to be perpendicular to the loveseat . . put the loveseat along the long wall . . shift the umbrella to the back patio or roll it down to midway between the screen planter and the entry door. A sail would be better for shade here if you really need it, and send the umbrella to the back (sail connects to eyebolts in the fascia). It is a wonderful thing to have a close knit neighborhood where people sit out and look out for each other and like to socialize - feels collegial and safe. Congrats for contributing to that.
I like your mod house. Maybe flank the front door with some tall bronze planters in a mod style to echo the furnishings. And curt has the right idea with the planter . . i'd say trailing rosemary that falls over the sides instead of climbs - movement, drought tolerant, hardy . . something you can water with dead soldiers (beer folks . . nothing to see here) . .
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Karin Madgwick
I would run white timber beams from one side of the roof to the other. You can get blinds that run across the beams when you need shelter from the sun. A built in bench seat could be built along the wall of the house with a return along the brick wall. You could have bright cushions for seating. A long table would then run parallel to the house wall with coloured cubes for extra seating on the path side of the table giving an open view to the front door. Add a couple of dark grey tall pots for greenery and you will have a welcoming useable space.
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maybe this is a crazy idea, but what if you extended the wood decking to the other side of the walkway? I love what you have started but by making the deck larger even if its left open for a path it seems like it might look more inviting and less chopped up.

if anyone can photoshop that it might be interesting
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Dar Eckert
Try rearranging the furniture first. Place the double seat against the back wall centered in the area. Then place the chairs facing each other on either side of the loveseat. Then add a tub of flowers and pots of flowers in the corners. A pergola over the entire area would really add a lot.
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Thank you. I have moved the furniture down towards the widow. I like the patio cover idea but my husband would groan since we just complete an indoor remodel of the kitchen a complete gut job! We will make do for now. It looks much more homey. Need to still add some planters.
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VizX Design Studios, LLC
It's hard to tell with that picture of how much space you have. It also has a lot to do with what you want. I would arrange that space to make your guest want to stop and hang out. You have room for a spillover water feature, a paver walk, and some green space to soften up the area. The smaller the space, the more unique it can be.
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ExclusiveMod Furniture
Seems like a longer outdoor set (long sofa and a pair of lounge chair) might be the most suitable for that sort of layout. Though the woolloowin residence porch Deinta suggested is another nice alternative.
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Red Berm
I agree with rug, lounge set with couch, and wall art.
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