Free Standing Linen Cabinet - Help Please
dwojnarMay 2, 2014
We are renovating our bathroom and one wall will have a 36" vanity and a toilet. I want to put a free standing linen cabinet between the toilet and the vanity.

I am trying to build this linen cabinet like a free standing piece of furniture and the bottom cabinet will be 18" deep and then there will be a wood top and then a top cabinet with crown that will be 12" deep. The bottom cabinet will have a pull out hamper and the top cabinet will be for towel storage, etc. This cabinet will sit about a foot away from the vanity.

My question is I have two choices on the base cabinet:

Option 1 - The cabinet will be the same height as the vanity and will have a drawer. You will have to open the door and then pull out an inside hamper basket on glides.

Option 2 - The cabinet will be 4" shorter than the vanity without a drawer and the bottom cabinet will just pull straight out for the hamper basket.

I have attached a rough sketch of what it would look like. Since I want to make this like a free standing piece of furniture which option do you think is best?

Thank you for your help! We are investing a good bit of money in this piece and I want to try and make the best, most logical decision.

Thanks again!
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I should also note that both cabinets will be in a darker chocolate stain color.
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Patricia Colwell
I would go with the bottom level with the vanity but I would have that bottom just pull out like the 2nd choice, is there a reason you can't do that?
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I believe almost any combination will look OK because it's a separate piece. I'll suggest a 3rd, raise the counter above the vanity top a bit.

Unless you are tall, reconsider the location of the knobs on the upper part of the cabinet.

Is the vanity existing? I'd be concerned about that 12" wide by 18" deep space between the two.
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Thank you both for your input.

Yes the vanity is existing. I know it makes better sense to attachthe linen cabinet to the vanity but with the layout of the bathroom there is a tub wall across from this wall that comes out and if I put the linen cabinet in front of that wall it will make the clearance 25" which is too tight in my opinion. I hope that makes sense. Basically the tub is across from the toilet and linen cabinet.
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Oh and you are most definitely correct on the placement of the knobs!! My gosh, you'd have to get a step ladder to open the doors. lol
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What type of top is on the vanity? Why not widen the cabinet to 30" so it fills the space?
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The vanity has a quartzite top.
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I did a similar project recently in a small bath. No pictures because I could not get far enough away.

The customer had a just purchased vanity and top. I added a linen cabinet to the left about 16"x16", so it set back from the face of the vanity several inches. The side if my cabinet butted to the counter top on the vanity. I added a small filler below to cover the gap caused by the overhanging top, and purchased, and then cut down, a side splash matching the counter top.

My cabinet was white to match the trim in the room, the vanity was a very dark stain.

You could do something similar, raising the top on the new cabinet above the backsplash.
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Functionally, the #2 option, pull out for hamper will be better than opening a door & slide out hamper. But it's too short.

However, Can you make the bottom of linen (#2 pull out hamper) same height as vanity? That would be optimal.

or #1 option with the pull out hamper instead of door with slide out, if you need the top drawer for storage.

Rev-A-Shelf has all sorts of hamper pull outs & parts to make it exactly how you want. If you are making the cabinet, make it exactly as you want. If you are ordering the cabinet, get the overall look correct & order the parts separately to make it perfect!
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