Need ideas for a kitchen remodel on a resonable budget
May 2, 2014 in Design Dilemma
this is our kitchen in a home we are purchasing. need some ideas on updating.
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Patricia Colwell
Is this your style of furniture or are you more contemporary, how big of a change do you want, how much do you want to spend. The sky is the limit for change, we need a little more info
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I am brand new at using Houzz. Thank you for your response.

This is not our style or furniture at all. I plan on a large big farm style table for the kitchen table with a bench and silver tabouret chairs (for now). I am thinking of a white kitchen and considering changing out the flooring. I am planning to change our the backsplash and looking for countertop ideas. I am considering an engineered wood throughout the first floor but what color and style? I can't decide if we try to salvage the existing cabinets or start new. Our budget would be limited at about $15,000 to include appliances. We may need to do this in stages. What would we do first? Flooring? I am at the beginning of this process so I am gathering ideas and inspiration.
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Patricia Colwell
Unfortunately un less you are planning the exact same layout the job of the flooring will have to coincide with the cabinet removal and replacement. I don't dislike the cabinets and the layout myself but I would change upper cabinets to glass doors and straight frames to look better with bases.The wall oven will have to be measured and hopefully you can find one the same size to put in cabinet., the cutout can be changed somewhat The stove top should be no problem because that can be installed with new counter. I would paint all cabinets white including any new or altered ones, get a counter depth fridge to keep that wall more even from the side . If your farm table is painted i would paint the island the same color as for counter I would probably go with a good quality laminate to stay in budget there are some really nice ones that look exactly like slabs of stone (check out Formica 180 FX) I would remove backsplash and use glass subway tiles to coordinate with counter. These changes should help stay on budget and still have a lovely space. This pic is just for an idea of how nice it will look.
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Megan Summer Studios
I think your kitchen is pretty beautiful. If you want to instantly make it look more modern, how about replacing the hardware on the cabinets? Some kind of brushed metal in a design larger than a knob would add a lot for not much money. If you can't replace the table right away, kitchen chairs nowadays are really inexpensive and would make the room look sleek instantly. Also, I'm not sure what is wrong with the backsplash--I think it is fabulous. In my humble opinion, it would absolutely be a waste of money to change it out. Once you throw in some stainless appliances, the whole room will light up, and you can see where you want to concentrate the rest of your hard-earned funds. This is just my advice, so take what you like and leave the rest. Best wishes with your project!
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Your kitchen is quite lovely and looks as though a lot of work has already been done. The cabinets, of course, seem to have missed out and I would go with a white or probably a creamy white (would tie in better with the tile floor which may not be your ultimate choice but which doesn't look awful) as well as change out the doors for some glass and updated frames and hardware. $15,000 isn't a huge amount but if you're not bent on remodeling for the sake of remodeling, I think you can have some fun and end up with a very attractive kitchen. The backsplash is way too busy for me but there's a lot of it and its probably expensive and very messy to take it out. I understand there are paints which you could use to change it out, at least for the time being. I'd maybe spend the bulk of my money for new appliances as needed and your "kitchen table & chairs" project. If your kitchen were my kitchen and I had your budget, I'd be doing that now and having a ball. New flooring and new backsplash/countertops could then be a down-the-road, not so stressed project when the funds have been renewed. I can see a sort of French country kitchen setup that would work well with your farmhouse table. Take advantage of Houzzer suggestions AND look for inspiration pix at Houzz as well and good luck!
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