Need help with our backyard

waterloo481May 6, 2014
We replaced the top of the deck 7 years ago with cedar. Last year when there was evidence of little animals around, my husband enclosed the base. We tore down our shed and put a new one on the other side of the house.
Nothing gets completed because it is overwhelming and we need to hire help. Our deck is a disaster. I would like a seating area with shade, an eating area, an area for the barbecue and some deck privacy. I am open to suggestions but was thinking that a short fence from the corner of the house and around the angle with tall posts might work

There is a very wet spot where the shed was removed, I thought a nice sitting area with a covered overhang and lattice back would give us some privacy. Because the water pools there we were not sure if we should go with a deck base or a patio stone base

Our property line runs from the tall post at the road to the corner behind the tree
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I think you are trying to fix too many things at one time. Make a list of ideas for the deck, then hire someone to complete the deck. Next move on to your sitting area idea and hire someone to build it. Last is the fence around the yard.
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Joie de Vivre
You can definitely make great use of your garden. As you mentioned in your previous post, you would like to create a seating area. I think you need furniture that you could easily move it to stay in the shade.
For example, the rolling bench could be a great addition.

Please find bellow the link of the website. Let me know what you think about it.

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Patty Scott
You have so many things to accomplish and a great opportunity, it probably seems overwhelming and so you should hire a landscape architect or at least a landscape design team to come up with a plan and stage the timing of the plan....things to do now,vs later...things you can carry out on hour own, other jobs best hired out. It would be worth the money and not that expensive. My reading of Houzz dilemmas confirms the wisdom of having the expertise and perceptions of the pros on your side before you spend money and time, and just spin your wheels. After all you probably have other thing you have to do with your time. OK, nuff said
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