Need recommendation for NYC contractor to install IPE wood fencing.
May 8, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Would like to understand cost of ipe wood fence 28 feet long, 7 feet high on two sides using 3/4" thick IPE and 5 1/2" wide in a random pattern.
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ReSquare Architecture + Construction
Try the "Find A Pro" feature above, search for contractors in your area and submit the proposal request to them directly.
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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
Having done a LOT of Ipe flooring... I'm sure you're aware of the fact that this will be an extremely HEAVY fence...
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Caribbean International Group, Inc.
1x6 Ipe right now is almost non existent. Even some of the biggest suppliers are almost out and no new containers will be coming into the country until october-ish once the rainy season is over and we are albe to get back into the forest and start harvesting again. Are you still looking for a contractor and supplier? I can help you with both.
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Caribbean International Group, Inc.
To better answer your question as to cost. First, the main consideration is what length of board do you need? Pretty much all suppliers will charge more per l/ft for a 20' board than they will for a 10' board. When ordering, if you need two pieces at 7' don't order a 14' piece and chop it. You're throwing away money. The cheapest way to purchase is with random length 7-20' boards. Secondly, there are suppliers out there offering b-grade and Ipe from Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia and Peru which is NOT EVEN REMOTELY the same thing as Premium Brazilian Ipe which is what people think of when they want Ipe. Ipe's botanical name is Tabebuia Serratifolia so if you stick with that and material from Brazil you should be ok. If it's really cheap and "seems to good to be true"..... run! Third, does it need to be custom milled I.E. do you want to use a hidden fastener system and have the boards pregrooved by the mill? (Which as a side note is not necessary, cheaper to have your contractor to biscuit and you'll get a more stable deck board) That will raise the price as well. Lastly, Ipe is a commodity and prices fluctuate over the year based on supply and demand. From January to Qugust it is the rainy season in Brazil and no logs are being harvested from the forest. The further closer you get to August the less likely the material you need will be available and the more expensive it will be until new containers start arriving again in November.

So after all that, just to give you an idea,........ this is ballpark what you could expect for must lengths of boards not pregrooved. I would also add 5% more material to ensure you have what you need to finish the job. Anyway, 28'x7' =196 sq/ft per side. 196 sq/ft x 2 sides = 392 sq/ft. 392 sq/ft is the equivalent of roughly 855 lineal ft. So 855 l/ft of 1x6 Ipe at $3.35 l/ft will cost about $2,736.87 not including freight or taxes. 855 l/ft of 5/4x6 Ipe at $4.50 l/ft will cost about $3,763.20 not including freight.
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