King vs Queen bed on a 10 ft wall

aly2309May 11, 2014
I just purchased a new condo and will be moving in the next 5 weeks. I currently have a king size bed but my new master bedroom is only 13ft x 10ft and my bed needs to go along the 10 ft wall. With a King bed I would only be left with 22" on each side and a queen would give me 30". I'm not sure what to do as I love my king bed but unsure if it will look too squeezed in the space.

Attached is a picture of the current owner's set up with a queen bed. Should I just go ahead and purchase a new queen set or stay with my king?! I've also attached a picture of the look I am going for once I move in. I'll be purchasing the headboard in the picture, just need to know what size to get.

Thank you for all you help and insight!
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I think you will be happier with a queen size. I love your inspiration room.
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Agreed, a queen bed would be more proportional in the room.
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Get the queen bed. Even if it technically fits, the king bed will make the room feel a lot smaller.
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You didn't mention the size of the people using the bed. I think comfort is the most important issue when choosing a bed. For some tall people, or very large people, the difference between a king and a queen is really significant. If that isn't an issue, a queen would be a lot better in your room and queen size sheets, etc are cheaper and easier to launder.
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Another thought - there are two sizes of King - 76X80 and the so-called California King that is 72 X 84. A queen is 60 x 80 (just 6 inches wider than a double), so you'll be giving up 12 - 16 inches in width. Section off that much in your current bed and don't allow yourself to use it for a few nights to get the feel of sleeping in a smaller bed.
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