Kitchen splash back ideas
Aga KartasinskaMay 12, 2014

We are redecorating our flat in whites and greys along with the kitchen. I need some sleek and modern splash back ideas.

The whole kitchen and walls will be repainted in white (kitchen in white gloss), the pillar in the middle will be light grey (kind of a concrete color). We are removing all wooden bits (dado rails etc). We decided to remove the tiles from the current splash back and were thinking about doing a full glass splash back on both sides of the pillar and the wall with the sink although this turned out to be too expensive. We went through different ideas (stainless steel - too difficult to clean and may be too dark for already fairly dark kitchen; steel tile mosaic - too crowded as kitchen is not too big and again too dark). Now, I'm thinking let's do grey glass splash back directly behind the hob and maybe glacier or white acrylic ones on the rest of the wall and sink wall? Or maybe we should just stick with a splash back directly behind the hob and just leave the rest painted white or grey? I would really appreciate any ideas!
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You don't really say what level of gloss (high gloss?), if so you may want to have a bit of contras with finishes in that backsplash. Such as a stone gray. Have you visited a tile establishment yet? Gray and white is beautiful together. Be sure to address your lighting. The correct height for a pendant above a counter is 30-35 inches. So that pendant shown in your picuture is way too high. Have a look at under lighting and then see modern crisp white Nelson pendants.
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Patricia Colwell
First if I understand you want tp paint the walls gloss white if so I would strongly recommend not to do so. Gloss paint shows every imperfection and highlights it. If the cabinets are the only thing in high gloss I suggest you take them where they can be sprayed because unless you are a professional painter you will see every brush or roller stroke in the high gloss. I take cabinet doors to an auto paint shop to have them done in automotive paint sometimes and they look awesome but they can't be re-done in some other paint after this. As for the back splash I would use the same one behind the hob and sink in such a small space and I would run the backsplash to the bottom of the cabinets on the hob wall and keep that same line above the sink.How about a tile like in the picture and a cararra type counter on either side of the pillar. A piece of art work on the wall above the sink instead of that tiny clock You can get wall art that includes a clock or find a really cool LARGE clock.
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Aga Kartasinska
Hi searcy, thanks for your comment. I would love to go for high gloss or gloss. Light will be changed as well. I'm thinking about hanging lightbulbs over the main counter (unfortunately you can't see it on the picture as it's behind the half-wall), some under cupboard led lights and nice pendant. We're going for industrial/modern style with the whole flat. I was thinking about doing the whole splashback grey but I'm afraid that with a mix of acrylic and glass there will be a difference in shades so maybe other way round - white glass splashback behind the hob and grey acrylic on the rest? Is two coloured splashback a good idea?
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Aga Kartasinska
Wall will be painted in matt white :)
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Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique
It might be very effective to backsplash the entire cabinet wall (below and above the cabinets) in the same tile - all the way to the ceiling to create an impressive kitchen wall. You could then hang a black and white industrial-inspired clock in the centre of this upper space.. I would not have a different backslash above the hob - this is done when you have a larger (taller and wider) space to work with and create a feature stove area, but in your kitchen I think it might look bitty. I do think a backsplash is practical where the sink is (there will be splashing to the walls otherwise) so you should probably continue along this wall as well. If you like the industrial look, I would go for classic subway tiles - possibly with a contrasting grout (white tiles, charcoal grout). Good luck from Montreal!
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Aga Kartasinska
Hi Rebecca, I like the idea with metro tiles. I would only be worried that if we decide to tile the whole wall we would need to continue through to the dining area and then living room as it is all one space (11 metre long wall!). So maybe just doing the bit in between cupboards and similar height above the sink?
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Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique
I was referring to the cabinet wall only (tiles to the ceiling). Are you referring to the sink wall?
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Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique
Instead of tiling the sink wall why don't you get a piece of clear plexi-glass that you place just over the sink are to protect the wall but it won't show. I really feel tiling the entire cabinet wall to the ceiling will give this kitchen real personality.
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Aga Kartasinska
Yes, I was referring to the sink wall. That sounds actually pretty good :) Will run it past my bf (who's actually the flat owner) to see what he thinks.
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Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique
Great. Post the results and if you are happy with them I would appreciate if you could review me on my profile as I'm trying to grow my on-line design business:)
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Aga Kartasinska
Sure, Rebecca. If everything goes according to the plan then I definitely will! Thanks!
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