Bathroom ideas
pmr56May 12, 2014
My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our 1950 main bathroom. We chose not to gut the entire bathroom because we like the style, layout, wall of drawers/cabinets on one wall and the closet on opposite wall. The old wall style sink was removed by my husbands parents years ago and a vanity installed. We chose to remove it and put in a new pedestal sink since storage is not an issue in this bathroom. I also like the make-up counter and will keep it since I use it. My problem is my bathtub. It is pink. I chose a white pedestal sink and had already replaced the old pink toilet several years ago with a white one. Since the tub is surrounded by a wall on two sides only (back is open) we removed the old sliding glass shower door. I know that you are supposed to keep all your fixtures one color but if we had removed the tub then we would have had to demolish the entire bathroom (tile and plaster walls). I don't want to paint the tub since I did that in my master bathroom and the paint on the tub is now popping off even though I cleaned as recommended. Any suggestions?
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The tub looks like a peachy tone. You could play it up by adding some of the same color in curtains, towels or pictures on walls. Another idea is to get a shower curtain rod that mounts all around the tub and hang a shower curtain (or two if you need the fullness) to hide the tub completely. Either way, it's a nice bathroom and I applaud you for keeping the existing elements.
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Thank you rainymorning. I like that idea.
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I don't think your fixtures all need to be the same color. Your built-ins are white, so you are repeating that color with the toilet and sink. My solution would be to add a rug around the toilet as close to the color of the tub as you can find. Add some white in the tub area and more pinky-peach near the sink. If you can't find a 'perfect match', lighter and darker shades will work as well. Personally, I don't like the idea of curtaining your tub. It will create a large mass in something that is now open and pleasing.
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Here are a few more pictures of the bathroom in the middle of the renovation. I do like the open feel of the bathroom now that the shower doors are gone. I had originally thought to put up an l-shaped shower curtain rod and a shower curtain to give some separation between the toilet and tub. Now I'm torn. I will be installing white with light gray vein porcelain tile on the floor. A new medicine cabinet/lights above the pedestal sink and a new mirror over the make-up area. One picture shows a shower curtain and towels that I thought might work. Advice please!
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Our bathroom layout is nearly identical. (Ours is still under renovation - just the tub is in and everything is just pipes.) I too was thinking of putting in a l-shaped shower curtain, so I'm curious as to what you decide.
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M Rene Designs
One other option you may want to consider is a Bath Fitter install of a new Tub-to-Shower conversion. They install walls as well. Take a look at this short video on the process:
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call bath fitter.
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it will be worth it.
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Thanks for the suggestion about the tub to shower conversion M Rene
Designs. My husband and I are doing all the work ourselves. My husband used to work for a company similar to the one you mentioned. We are really not wanting to sink a lot of money into a tub to shower Reno right now. I really like the tile that is in my bathroom and it is great quality. I have seen the materials used by the companies and was not real sold on them. Although they look nice, I'd rather work with what I have. I do appreciate your suggestion. I might consider that as an option at a later date if I am not happy with the overall outcome when we finish the remodel.
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Number 30, I'll let you know what I decide about the l-shaped curtain rod. It sounds like you went for a total gut for your bathroom. Would love to see pics of your bathroom sometime.
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My bath is nearly identical as well. Mine already had the L shaped shower rod. I use a full shower liner along the length of the tub with an outer curtain. On the short lenghth/end, I have just a liner cut down the middle.

2 shots to get an idea. I hung a ring & chain at the corner & affixed to the ceiling with a hook.
Photos taken during bath overhaul....
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bungalowmo have you been pleased with the l-shaped rod and shower curtain? By the way, I love your tile. Thanks for sending the pics. That helps me visualize what mine will look like if I go with a shower curtain. When you overhauled your bathroom what did you decide to keep and what did you replace?
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This shower rod was original to the bathroom. It didn't have the corner chain to help hold it up, so I added that. With the open ended tub there wasn't an alternative.

Mine did have some original the tub & toilet. I kept those. The rest was a cheap overhaul in the 70's or 80's. (1st pic.) Ripped it all out to the subfloor.

I knew I wanted a classic bungalow bathroom look. Got my wall tile at Lowes (in hindsight, I may have purchased a little higher end tile). Floor tile took 5 months to find what I wanted. I think it's a 1.5" black hex. Matte finish.

The sink was a Craigslist find...$60! Including the chrome legs & towel bars!
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I also purchased a smaller profile radiator & had it painted with a high heat paint in a mild metallic called Anthracite Gray

Little touches like the Light, TP holder & shelf off Ebay.

I figured I was only going this in-depth once. Get what I really wanted!
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