What color tile for shower floor?
May 12, 2014
I am enlarging my shower and putting in a new vanity and sink. Since I already have white tile on the floor and around the jacuzzi in my bathroom, I decided that I would continue to use white tile in the shower,above the vanity and on my walls. I will have a white vanity. I had planned on having a cararra countertop and found glass trim with small green glass and marble which is partially green and white marble, and some whitish gray marble.I will use the trim in the shower as well as around the bathroom.

My question is: What would look best on the shower floor? I had thought of using cararra tile or porcelain that looks like it. The tile man suggested that the cararra is so close to white that it might look dirty and that I should consider sticking with white.

I'd like to hear thoughts from others.

Thanks so much.
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Use the porcelain carrara imitation. It will be more durable and cleanable.
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Thanks. What do you think about the gray/white tile with all white tile (and colored trim) on the walls?
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ask your tile man if one is more slippery - spell? - than the other. it all looks nice and fresh.
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Your grey and white tile is very pale, and will blend with your other colors, if you are using it only on the shower floor.
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Have you considered using the mosaic tile on the shower floor? The grout will make it non slip and you won't need to mitre the tiles to make the water flow to the outlet.
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Using the mosaic for the floor is a thought. I imagine it will be expensive. But in the scheme of things.......

Let me add three more variables to the mix. When I went to borrow the same of the mosaic shown above, I noticed the dealer had new samples ( which he wouldn't let me take). The glass on the newer sample was greener than the sample I've shown and I didn't like it as much. I've literally spent weeks going from tile shop to tile shop looking for something that would include the Carrara marble, white, and a soft color glass. I had been hoping for a color more aqua than green. This is the only tile I found that fulfilled all the requirements. But not 100% sold on it anymore.

As it is, there is green and white marble as well as white in the mosaic.

Can any of you think of another way to add a little interest and a little color to the room? I chose the Carrara because it's fairly neutral and adds a little interest. Is there something else I could consider using for the countertop? Trying to pull the gray/white and a soft color for the mosaic has been a challenge.

To the person who said the gray and white floor would blend in, would it make sense to get tile that has more gray than white in it?

Sorry. I know this sounds jumbled and confused, but that's how I'm feeling!!!!!
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