tiny foyer coat closet
May 13, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I'm redoing a1928 home. it has a tiny coat closet, too narrow for a hanger.i plan to use hooks & shelves (above & below), but I need to figure out how to conceal it upon entering the house. I don't want a curtain, & I don't believe there's enough room to do bifold doors. any suggestions? thank you
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I'm sure you can put some sort of door there as we have closet doors that are 24 inches. If that's too big, have a specialty door store cut a door to fit the space.
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the room itself is only 3' x 4' - not enough room to swing a door open while people are in there.
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Just an idea, but maybe something like a tambour door like the roll top of a desk only sliding to the side instead of up and down?
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You might want a bi-fold door if there is not enough space for a regular one. They come in different models. I'm sure you can find with the same design as the rest of your doors
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I don't think you have many options, curtain or bi fold.... I bet with hooks and shelves, it would look fine open - as long as it doesn't get messy
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Sarah Bernardy Design
If you don't like a curtain or an open concept then bi-fold is the way to go. I have modified a bi-fold door in my own home to open as two doors rather then bi-fold. We took the existing bi-fold that needed new hinges, and removed them. Then we installed two bi-fold hangers, new hardware on both doors rather then the single knobs, and a magnetic closure at the center. I love it! Check out this link for picture: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/155655730846045810/
Best of luck!
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Have you thought about embracing the space as a small mudroom bench space? If you finished the interior it might work. Something like this.
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That entry door is so beautiful I would not like to see it paired with an open jumble of coats and what-nots!

I would paint the interior to draw the eye into the space rather than conceal it. I would consider a mirror and small console table also, treating the space as your entryway rather than as a closet, if that is at all possible.
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Sarah Bernardy- thanks for the suggestion & link. I'll probably try something like that. I appreciate all of the suggestions to keep it open & -embrace the space. that was actually my initial thought, but that only works when you're very tidy people...& I know who we are :) thank you all for your suggestions....
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I have one small closet with bi-fold doors; it's very difficult to get into the closet properly.

I have two other small closets that have split doors (small doors that open like French doors, into the room of course not into the small closet) and I love those! You can access every part of the closet and the doors are not in the way.

I'm going to (finally) change the bifold doors for the 'French' door opening.

If you don't have enough room for even that option, then perhaps it's best to remove the closet entirely (remove the wall-framing that creates the closet and the rod), make the entrance one space and hang hooks and/or a coat rack. It's not as neat as a closed closet but removing the closet should make the entire entrance feel larger and still look organized (hooks and a coat rack are considered appropriate coat-hanging features when one doesn't have the space for a proper closet.)

Good luck.
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Have you considered using a sliding door? That doesn't need to open up onto this space?
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