Need help! Plan to turn a master closet into a home office...
May 14, 2014 in Design Dilemma
My husband and I both work from home full time, and are under contract on a new construction town home. My current office is in the corner of our living room. I only have a bookshelf desk and a matching bookshelf for all of my things (laptop, 2nd monitor, work phone, and a headset stand. Then of course, there is the plethora of non-essentials like books, certificates, diplomas, pictures, tissues, etc... It's pretty tight, but I've managed. The new place has a much smaller living room, so I won't be able to replicate my current situation, which is fine by me... I'm ready for some more desk space!
Our new master bedroom has a his and hers closet, so my husband had the grand idea to turn the larger closet into an office for me. I currently sit next to a floor to ceiling window and have gotten quite used to the natural light and views. I'm hoping to steal my husbands current desk, which is an L shape... but it's black. At least the color matches my bookshelves, which I could also re-use. Does anyone have suggestions or advice to make my new little windowless office feel less like I'm trapped in a dark closet for 8 hours a day? Colors? Plants?
The closet is 8'4" by 6' 8.5" with no windows. The desk is 6' by 5'2". Bookshelf is 26" and the bookshelf desk is 30.5".

Thanks for any help!
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How about a window (opening) in the wall looking into the master bedroom? Guessing there are windows on the outside wall?
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I would work with an extra bedroom before sacrificing a closet. Is that possible?
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PPF - My husband suggested that as well. My main concern is that I work on eastern time and my husband works on pacific, so I'm on conference calls at 6am. I'd love to have access to the light, but I'd have to keep the shade down for the first couple of hours anyway. Do you think the opening would cause re-sale issues in the future?
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Jackie Strang Kassell
Should definitely not take away the cupboard or do it in such a way that it can be converted back easily
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As a stager and closet designer I would say that you should adapt the space for your own use now, but I'd bet that having that larger walk in along with the sliding door reach-in is a bonus to your home when you decide to move elsewhere. I would turn it back into a closet or at least have the plans shown here and offer to do so.
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HI -- Can you post more of your house plan so maybe we can find another office space idea for you. Not so sure the closet is the best thing you should do.
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I turned my windowless pantry into an office. I just had to remove a couple of shelves below the desktop height shelf, so my chair would fit, but all the cupboard spaces were great for my computers, phones, and reference materials. I had lots of hanging plants and a big poster of a window looking out on a garden. I added a fan for air circulation. It was great to be able to close the door and hide my work!

I now have a utility room with no windows off my laundry room with lots of windows. I use it for house projects and potting. It has an exhaust fan, but to get natural light, I'm planning to replace the door with a screen door.
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Fernandez Design Group
Is your house a single story? if so here is a thought. Install a Tubular Sky Light. My parents had one of this in their kitchen/dining room and the way it lit up the room was very pleasant. Once you move you can leave it there or remove it. The bathroom pics are a before and after look that I found in an advertisement.
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