Exterior remodel - Going Craftsman...
May 15, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are a few weeks away from the start of our exterior remodel. All the siding is being replaced with hardie siding and all the front windows are being replaced with white colonial grid windows. The brick from the bay windows on the right side is being torn off and replaced with siding to try to pull the top and bottom of the house together. The Patio is going to be replaced with one similar to the bottom picture. The color of the siding will be a warm grey that compliments the brick and the trim will be white.

Now my question. I feel like the window downstairs on the left is just surrounded by too much brick. I was trying to come up with a way to break up all that expanse of brick and my only idea so far is to put shutters on that window. But I think (maybe incorrectly) that adding a shutter to one window would be weird. The only other windows that could have a shutter would be the two other separate downstairs windows and the lone small window in the middle upstairs. What do you think it would look like to do shutters to just these 4 windows? I've seen shutters on a few craftsman homes, but not many... Any other ideas for that brick wall? Any other ways I should go more craftsman? I could remove or change the decorative braces/brackets.

Thank you for your ideas and I promise to post an after picture when it is done!
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I commented on your siding exposure question -- what did you decide?

I just don't see craftsman in this house. Do a search here on houzz, or via google and the houses don't have this form. Especially the brick.

The house is devoid of landscape which could be used to cover the brick beside the window.

Is there something wrong with the siding?

White windows are not very craftsman.

Please do post after pictures.
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I'm going craftsman based on a previous question I asked on here where I got quite a few replies. The general answer seemed to be that this house was a bit confused, so craftsman was the easiest direction to go in. I'd love to do away with the brick and just go with siding, but that would just be out of our budget. We are going to go with 7" exposure because it is the most economical choice. The siding is 30 years old and rotted/crumbling. I did pull up many craftsman houses with white windows. Regardless, because of the amount of shade this house gets from the big trees, white windows help to show there is actually a house back there. What style do you think this house is? What would you do to it?
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I think a different, more pronounced portico would help to focus a style for your house. In addition, darkening the siding and staining the brick would contribute to the look.
I would also remove the half round window upstairs, replacing it with a simpler style.
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Sound like you might be aiming for a Nantucket style? We did an almost identical project last fall on a very similar looking house to what you have now. We painted the brick to match the siding and added shutters and window boxes to a few windows. We also added a front porch and removed the octagon window and replaced it with a square one. I'd go with the white trim and either a light grey or light cream color. I included a before (mid construction) and after.
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>>> What would you do to it?

P: Looks like 2 different houses, one sitting on top of the other.

S: Make them look alike via paint as sstarr has shown. Use a mostly monochrome paint scheme to deemphasize the odd parts, but add color and texture to emphasize the good.

Would not use white trim everywhere as it will call attention to the too busy facade.

Suggest splurging a bit and use shingles/shakes, maybe around the second floor bump out on the left side and on the bay. You could paint these areas a different color to highlight them. Two shades lighter or darker than the main body.

>>> The brick from the bay windows on the right side is being torn off and replaced with siding to try to pull the top and bottom of the house together.

Very good idea. Agree with sstarr that the round top window should go.

P: Entry area. Porch roof seems too high, and brick columns a bit spindly. Corner entries don't work for me.

S: the fascia should align with the trim wrapping the bottom of the upper floor.

Not sure a timber framed gable is the best option, but a gable and not a hip roof will be better.

Wish I could be more help!

And plant something around the house when the work is done -- that alone will make a big improvement.
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This is one situation where I could see painting the brick.
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Here's another thought... using the hip roof as suggested by ppf, and adding a pergola extension:
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If it were covered in shingles it might pass for shingle style.

In any case, I'd suggest a circular porch.
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Convert the front entry to a gable extending it two to four feet,put a nice accent finish in the gable,and for gods sakes ,no shutters.
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