Exterior Home Ideas!

schoenherr11May 16, 2014
Hi all!

Here's the exterior of our house. We would love ideas about the exterior of the house and yard. Paint Colors, door style, exterior additions to add depth or covering (we took the old awnings down), railing ideas, etc.

Besides the two retaining walls, we are having a challenge on how to design, plant, and best use the space. The top retaining wall offers a 12x12 space that ties into the old cement front porch of the home.
Any ideas for specific plants or potential placement would be a huge help.

We also feel that some work should be done to the front steps, the front porch, and the additional cement walkways that come off of it. However, we can't figure out what design layout would be absolutely unique and perfect for the space.

We are open to all ideas, suggestions, or pictures. It's hard, because we see a lot of great pictures, but it's hard to translate that back to the shape, size, and space of this home.

Thanks so much! Aim
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Direct Rubber Mulch
Your front door needs to be striking -- you may need to widen the step to create more of a landing for your front door and choose a great color for your front door to help draw the eye in!

Have you thought about painting the deep front sides of the concrete steps to draw the eye towards in the property? You have great gradual landscaping already set up with the retaining walls, so fill them in with some color with a low-ground cover type of plant!

You can also install solar lights towards the base of both brick retaining walls to serve as uplights at night to show the gradual incline!
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Here's a couple other pictures to give you a couple different angles
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Did you see this article on here today?
Ideabook: 8 Benefits of Cottage Living · See Ideabook

Those cottages are adorable. Maybe some of those ideas would work with your home...front porch, exterior trim etc.
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Sheri, Thanks for pointing me towards this Ideabook...i did not see it but would love to go through it.
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@ Direct Rubber Mulch - thanks for the ideas. Any specific thoughts for the type of door or color? We want something unique and that becomes that cool draw to the property. You mentioned the front porch landing may need to be extended...that's what we are currently trying to tackle. The other house around us actually don't have the two flower boxes to the right and their porches extend all the way to the right side of the home. You may see that we have another strip of cement that breaks out to the left. We have discussed breaking all that up and re-framing a walkway or something. We have also re-looked at the top retaining wall and feel that maybe it should continue all the way up to the house on the left hand side....and that the bottom retaining wall shouldn't just die out into the lawn but rather continue to curve on the right side and head it's way up to the current steps. Then we completely eliminate the challenge of mowing that side of the hill, which was our intent for the retaining walls.

What color do you maybe see the house? The siding has already been painted so this color is not it's original...and we hope in two weeks it is an entirely different color: exterior, trim, accent, door, etc.
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You've done a lot of work with the retainer wall. Will that be a front porch when finished.
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@ Grobby. Thats a great question. That is what we are trying to figure out now. the top wall's U curve is about 12'x12'. Any ideas would be great
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I would remove that wall and build up the lower one, but not too high, then level the yard. Are those your steps close to the black driveway
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@grobby...the black driveway is the neighbors house and those steps are ones that just outline that side of the house. We actually tossed the idea of breaking up all those steps and pulling up the concrete. We would then have the lower wall curve into the lawn mapping what the top wall does. We would fill all those steps with dirt and plant sod or mulch depending on the plan. Other houses keep their trash on that side of the house and use those steps to bring down their garbage and recyclables.
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