Master bedroom design help... Please
jellygems55May 19, 2014
I am trying to design my master bedroom suite. I have uploaded the latest design but it just isn't right.
We have a great view and I would like the bed to look out in that direction.
My aim is to maximise the view and have a fairly large WIR and small to medium ensuite.
Any ideas on how to make this space work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Adrian J. Naquin Interior Design L.L.C.
I would recommend you move the door to the WIR (down in plan 36" ) to give additional space in bath room ( seems quite tight at lavatory ) WIR will still be large enough
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Where is your architect on this?
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No architect, we are using a house designer. He originally had the WIR and ensuite on either side, which I liked, but the view wasn't optimised.
I've attached his first design. ( note: we have lost 1 meter in width since this drawing for a better roof design)
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M Rene Designs
Excuse my catching up, but what is a "WIR?"
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Sorry, it's a "walk in wardrobe"
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I'd forget about pointing the bed directly at the view. Just put plenty of glass up and everything will function so much better with zero loss of view.

I live in Annapolis, MD. where there's abundant water views. In one house I designed the contractor reorienting the bedwall at 45* so the bed pointed directly at the view like the view was some kind of religious altar. It's the silliest damn thing I ever saw. And of course this came at a great loss of functionality since the exterior walls were now at 45* to some interior walls.

Interesting thread here a while back and I posted my thoughts on views. Just don't think the view is 100% of your house. Like I say here "Frame a view, don't overexpose it":

"The view question is an interesting question. I posted my current one above and before we moved here 10 years ago we lived on a hill in the country for 17 years with 20 mile views toward the Blue Ridge Mountains.

As an architect doing many waterfront homes, I often find clients want the view to be what "drives the bus" for the entire house. No question, it's a major design consideration and not to be discounted and these people are people who have spend years looking out their back door at their neighbors deck an BBQ grill so the "ship has come in" view for them needs to be taken seriously.

The reality is, when living permanently with a view, over time it tends to get taken for granted. Not on purpose or anything like that but that's just human nature. Kinda like when we get a new car and the first few thousand miles it's a brand new experience with the new leather smell and all but then after a while it becomes just a machine to get to where we want to go.

And sure, there are people, some of who may even respond to this, that look out and actively cherish their view everyday and that's probably as it should be but for every one of them there are probably multiple people who become used to their view in going about their everyday lives. Note I didn't say "unappreciated". Maybe the best analogy is having someone around you that you love. They're appreciated but we're used to them being around all the time. We don't greet them everyday like we have not seen them in a year. In a way a permanent everyday view becomes kind of like that. It just gets taken for granted.

With the above in mind I always council my clients to "Frame a view, don't over expose it". Having had clients who literally didn't want to cover up a single square inch of their view and wound up with lesser houses because of it (one we reconfigured the whole house so to have a small window over the washing machine so the lady "could see the view" while there), just remember one day we might walk into that room with the stunning view and not bother to take it in so don't let the whole house suffer because what's new may one day be not so new later on."

And I know what I'm talking about as here's that thread with my own bedroom views posted a ways down. And no, my bed is not pointed directly at these views!!! LOL. The view is parallel to the headboard no between my feet!!
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Go with the original plan and put a seating area by the window. Doesn't seem to be much point in sleeping in front of a view.
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Great view Architectrunnerguy! Yes you and groveraxle make a good point. I don't want to ruin the function of the room for the view.
I have been living here for 3 years and I always imagined that when I do my renovation I could be lying in bed at night looking at the lights below us. I can do it from a downstairs bedroom at the moment, and I love it. ( I live on an acre of rainforest on a mountain overlooking the Gold Coast in Australia).
The bedroom will have all the larger windows on the right side of the room, but my problem is out in front we will have a few meters of peaked roof line. So the windows towards the front won't be floor to ceiling.
I am just feeling a little boxed in (I sleep on the left side of the bed and my hubby refuses to swap lol) and I need to find a compromise.
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Personally, I'd rather have a seating area at the view spot and the bed in the most secure and restful spot, which is proven to be opposite the entry door so you approach the foot of the bed when entering the room. If you do that here, your left side of the bed is right next to the view spot so you can sleep on your side and appreciate at least a portion of it. Think of a pair of chairs and table or ottoman for morning coffee or tea. Integrate a coffee or liquor bar in the space and establish a new morning or evening routine of "drinking" in the view. Los Altos Hills Residence Summer House
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Your original plan was much more functional. In the redesign you have a lot of wasted space at your entry, but then are greatly in need of space by the left side of your bed and in your bathroom. Plus you're going to have to walk a mile around your bed just to run into your bathroom from the other parts of your house. You will have a path worn in your carpet..I'm speaking from experience here. Is the angled exterior wall already in place or just on paper? If its just a design stage, I would square it off as its driving the bus. If its already in place I would suggest reverting to Plan 1 and to put large windows on each adjacent wall to it. Then you could see the view in a panorama from wherever you are in the room.
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Granted the idea of sleeping across from the view has "Wow" factor, but the compromises made in the layout and functionality of the rest of the space make me wince and weep.

You would spend a lot of money for a view, but that master suite would have no other redeeming features. Heaven forbid the two of you try to get ready at the same time.
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Nothing is built yet. Just trying to get the best floorplan. Will be going ahead as soon as we get it worked out, how ever long that may be.
I am also leaning towards the original plan,but think we can do better somehow
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I still believe plan 1 will be more user friendly. i think your shower is a bit small however. You are going to be using it daily... don't suboptimize it. I think i might swing it over it to the wall that backs up to the stairs, placing the toilet next to it, with those 2 items taking up that entire wall. You'd probably gain at least a foot in the shower. Then put the sink where the shower currently is. Do you have a drawing of plan 1 minus the the footage you lost in the roof redesign?
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I like the original palm, however if you really want your bed on the angle for that wonderful view instead of adding the bathroom behind the bed just extend your WIR. This would also give you space to add a much needed linen closet in the hallway across from your bathroom. You will need to find out if that wall is a support wall and if it is be sure your builder can add support somehow. Sorry my drawing is a little sloppy, I need a new pen:)
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Second option, this gives your master more space for a possible addition of chairs with ottoman or dresser, extends your closet, and adds a linen closet.
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Third option, gives you same as second but adds a his and her closet by moving the bath. You will need to play with this better in your program for exact sizing. Good luck:)
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Fourth and final:). Gotta go to work.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I really appreciate it.
I really like the 4th option.
No need for a linen closet though, I have a large one in another part of the house.
Lots to think about
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