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May 19, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I am removing all the ceiling fans and replacing them with chandeliers. I would like to have one for air circulation. The place I am thinking about installing it, is just behind the skylight, where that canned light is. All of the walls in the attached picture will be gone, along with the area just below where the fan would be. I think that location will work for aesthetics, as it won't be competing with any other lighting fixtures and won't be in the line of sight, when entering the home. I'm not sure about function, being so off center. can anyone help me on this?
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Ceiling fans are typically installed as a way of reducing energy costs - i.e. moving the warm air down (by reversing the fan direction) to thermostat and people level in the winter, and moving cooled air over the occupants of the room in the summer to induce a "chilling affect". I know you've said you are removing all of them in your house - but before you do, have you gone through a summer and winter without activating the fans and know what it will feel like in your home without them and what your heating/cooling cost will be? You may be making a functional mistake that you will regret.

I know that the mantra of many designers and decorators on houzz is "I hate ceiling fans - get rid of them" and in some rooms with low ceilings and ugly fans I certainly agree. But not in all cases, and your house may be one of those cases. And you did say all of the walls we see in the photo will be gone? so you are planning a major remodel? Then you'll probably have to get permits and doing an energy audit may be required - don't know. It is certainly required in new construction. i see air circulation ducts in the walls, so assuming that the ducting will also be redone. I think you need to consult with an HVAC expert while doing your remodel plans because you're virtually destroying a large portion of it by removing the walls with ducts and the ceiling fans. They can do calculations that should tell you if a ceiling fan in the place you have in mind will be effective.
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Correct jagood, consult with a HVAC designer or an Architect. Remember that additional lighting may produce heat that may need to be seasonally cooled.
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Thank you.

I have removed one, already and don't use the one in the living area that often, only when it get really warm outside. The one in the kitchen is used when we cook, because the heat settles at the ceiling and set the heat alarms off. I am hoping proper kitchen ventilation fixes that problem.

Thank you for the reality check. I'll let the professionals figure this all out for me. I probably have more "issues" than I am aware of.
May 19, 2014 at 12:42PM   
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flair lighting
i cannot see a fan hanging off center at the bottom of a stair case...people will notice it , once you have all the walls down, you can decide on a much better location than that. I also agree that fans have function!!!! but they dont have to be ugly either. get one with a light as they are usually better looking. Monte carlo fans, minka fans, kichler fans. < get some ideas.
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flair lighting
they dont have to compete, they CAN complement each other.
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flair lighting
also no to the double head fan....you wont get as much air movement.
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Thank you for responding.

The fan does not have to go exactly in that spot. It can go anywhere behind the skylight. My intention is to relocate the kitchen fan, to the other side of the room, which is the eat-in section, at the moment. So, it is not in the cooking area and not one of the first things you see when you walk into my home.

If I leave the fan where it is, the only other place that makes sense, it will be competing with my dining area chandelier. All the fans require/d extensions, due to the cathedral ceilings and small size of the home, except in that one area above the stairs. So, when you walk into the house, the first thing you would see is a large chandelier and then, 10 feet beyond that, a ceiling fan (center to center of fixtures).

I'm hoping that I can find a designer that will know how to deal with all these issues for me.

Thank you, again.
May 19, 2014 at 5:24PM   
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flair lighting
they wont compete, one has form one has function. there are plenty of homes with fans and chandelier. i think you are over thinking it. wait until all the walls are down when it is an open space, i think you will see you have a lot of ceiling.
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