landscape for my front and side yard
March 11, 2012
My house is located on hill side, the main house is all on upper level except garage and living room. My front yard has a retaining wall with flower bed with bark at the front. I planted four small "pink breath of heaven" at 12' oc. recently, thinking about planting four lavenders at 4' off each planted shrub and then will find another species to plant, would you let me know if this is acceptable plan? I planted some "indian hawthorn, and Nadina firepower and Liatris bulb, lavender at the back of the front lawn and will plant three pink stripes too.

I have no idea about landscape, please let me know if this is acceptable. There is already a plant in front of the house between the arches, it doesn't look good, can I relocate if to somewhere else?
Can you also let me know what's the tall tree on the right hand of the house, it's too close to my house and right above the chimney, I want to know the name of this tree.

I also would like to renovate my side yard access to left side of my house. I included the picture, I am thinking about using railway tile and use curved shape to reduce stair slope, any thought about this?

Thanks very much for your idea!
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i'm surprised you don't have about 50 answers already! :) i have one idea :)
have you thought of a kitchen garden? it looks like you have the space on the side by the steps..and about what you planted already? if it makes you happy? then it's what you should plant. i like to have scented bushes near the house so the scent gets blown in and my house smells sweet..and night blooming scented vines..
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Yes, I wonder why no comments on my posts? I guess people are tired of reading long post?? At this time, I am only considering planting on front yard and replacing stair on side yard, I really want to design curved shape step (zig-zag shape) using stone or rail tie etc, so I can reduce the straight stair slope.......Can some designer put design on my side yard?

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maybe you should consider a designer or landscaper in your area? i searched on here for steps on side of house :) and i scrolled through several pages, but some of the steps are quite nice and might be ideas for you. otherwise, you could try your library. they are great sources of information and if nothing else, the giant garden books are fun :)
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I think that it you want to add a little color and some "depth" to your front yard, you should put in something that will add some curb appeal. I am thinking something along the lines of flowers, and maybe even some colored shell mulch alternative. Check out for more photos of different ideas! Good luck.
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