Color theme dilemma !
thomasmaryMay 25, 2014
Sure could use some help in our master bedroom. Every thing I have tried has not worked! I have lost all confidence ! The master is small. The wall paint color for both master bedroom and bath is BM smokey taupe and opens into living area that is painted Manchester tan. Sometimes the smokey taupe has a green undertone and sometimes a red it seems ?? Lots of green outside windows. Tried this sisal rug but too honey colored?? Drapes? Bedding ? Rug? Color scheme? Just can't get it right . Help would be so appreciated?
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Exciting Windows! by Stacey Hudson
Can you place your bed facing the closet? The placement as it stands is not a great location. Are you going for neutrals or do you want a pretty room with color? What colors do you like? Are you willing to change the wall colors?
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Exciting Windows! by Stacey Hudson
I just saw the pictures of the have a contemporary style. Why don't you try a monochromatic style? I have a blog on my website at that talks about monochromatic schemes and includes some pictures and helpful advice.
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Thank you! Yes our remodel has moved us toward a contemporary look. The paint color would be hard to change as it was picked for the master bathroom tile, granite etc. and the two rooms are open to one another. Yes we can move the bed. I do like monochromatic schemes. I tend toward a kind of tailored look. The windows are off set in a strange way?? We get lots of sun and we are high up. I was thinking drapes and a shade of some sort. But not sure how to center drapes. Thanks for taking the time to comment!!!
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Exciting Windows! by Stacey Hudson
I have been doing drapery for years! Do not over think the drapery just because the window is off set...most are! You can take a rod only so far to the left, so match that same distance on the right. Omit the finial on the left and put one on the right. You won't miss the left one once the drapery are up! You can get 2 pictures and place them one on top of the other in the empty space to the right of the window. That will balance it out!! I would go with creams for the bedding and you could pop a color right in the middle of the bed for a splash of fun! I suggest you go to the paint store and pick up a couple of paint swatches that have multiple shades of cream and start finding pieces that match the many shades on the paint swatch. Cream goes with everything, so it shouldn't conflict with the paint color. Maybe a pop of Purple or green just to add some fun. You will have a beautiful bedroom! Also, for the drapery, If you can afford custom, color blocking is an excellent way of making the panels interesting and keeping them contemporary!
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Jennifer Hogan
You picked two beautiful neutrals for your home, but every neutral has a base color called an undertone.

Manchester Tan has green undertones and smokey taupe has pink undertones.

Pink undertones are generally the most difficult to work with. They do not work well with green or yellow undertoned neutrals or with yellow or yellow green colors.

I love pink undertoned taupes, but I am in the minority. All my neutrals are pink undertoned. The "colors" that are most prevelent in my home are blue-greens, purples, pinks and burgundy. They all work with the pink undertones.
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Jennifer Hogan
Pink undertones with green and yellow undertoned beige
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Jennifer Hogan
Sorry only one image attached
Here is the second one.
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Jennifer Hogan
My color pallet
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Stacey, great idea on placing 2 pictures on right side to balance out windows. What is a finial and color blocking ? Your post has been so helpful. Thank you!
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Jennifer, I think you just hit the nail on the head! Undertones!! My smokey taupe bedroom looks into the master bathroom which compliments the ash and cream tiles and ceaserstone vanity and dark wood cabinets. . But it also looks into open design living room which is all painted in the green undertones of Manchester tan . The Manchester tan goes with the open design kitchen as our granite is a green beige and there are lots of windows with green foliage everywhere. but how do you reconcile the two??? Should I consider repainting ?? I have been so stuck with connecting any color scheme in all of these rooms and they all are so open on to one another. Here is pic of living room. Again an empty room :(
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Finials are the decorative knobs or doo-dads that go on the end of decorative curtain rods. Color blocking is the use of large blocks of color - as in the dark bottom portions of the drapes shown above. Here is an extreme use of color blocking and a milder form of it with paint. Then a couple done with design.
Dos Iguanas Residence
Colour in our Residential Architecture
Rothesay Designer House
Eclectic Family Room
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Jennifer Hogan
If I were in your situation I would re-paint the bedroom.

One of my favorite things to do is help people find a color pallet for their home.

Here is how I do it.

Look around the house and in your closet and find all the colors that you love. (You didn't purchase 14 blue blouses because you don't like blue). Go to home depot/lowes or any paint store and pick up paint chip samples of various shades and intensities of the colors that you love.

Get a big white sheet. Lay out all the colors that are going to stay, following the same pattern as you eye would travel as you walk through your house. A pillow from the couch, individual tiles, pieces of carpet, samples of your countertop, art that you know you are going to display.

Now take that stack of paint chips of the colors that you love and place them on your sheet in the places they look best. Decide how are you going to fit them into your home. Play with it.

The idea is to have the colors from each room flow from one to the next. In my home the main living area walls and ceilings are painted taupe. I have the dark red walls in my kitchen and the dark red extends down the common wall of my family room. I have dark green countertops (blue side of green). When you look through the hall from my kitchen/family room into my livingroom you see the deep red fireplace and dark green carpet. As you look down the hall into the bedrooms from the livingroom you see dark green carpet and and lighter blue green walls. From the spare rooms you look through the taupe hall into the master with green blue walls and taupe carpet.

Every color combination is visually appealing and somethng from each room flows into the rooms that you see from that room.

When you are doing this you will see when one color doesn't work with the rest. For neutral paint colors I always recomend getting a sample and painting an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of poster board or heavy paper with the color so that undertones are more easily recognized. None of us can pick them up on one inch square paint chips.

When you narrow your choices down get samples of all the paint colors and create your 8 1/2 x 11 samples and lay them all out together with your have to stay colors.

Decide if any need tweaked. Then move them into the spaces you are planning on painting. How do they work in the light of that room, do you need to increase the depth of color so it doesn't wash out gray in a poorly lit room? Do you love it in the daytime with the sun coming in the windows and at night when you have your lamps turned on? Live with the colors for a few days before painting.

Keep your colors in a notebook and take it with you when you shop for carpets, pillows, bedding, accent pieces.
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Ok, so I am so blown away by you, Jennifer and you, Stacy for your incredible generosity in taking so much time to provide such thoughtful, insightful and experienced advice. Thank you ! It has been so helpful. I think I have decided today that I need to change all the interior paint. When I saw the pic of fireplace (grey) with the Manchester tan walls I went...yuk!! Undertones!! One has to go. Also, window treatment ideas were so right on. I can't wait to get started. Jennifer are you in San Marcos? I am 30 minutes away from you. Please let me know if I can contact you for your color services. Thanks to you both !!
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Jennifer Hogan
I am in San Marcos, CA. I am actually a data analyst who happens to love color but I would be glad to help you pick colors. I have about 200 samples. I am in the white pages. Giive me a call.
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