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What type of gravel is that? Is it firm when walking on it?
love the idea of gravel or pea gravel around exterior of house near windows
Cover the ground near your windows with gravel. The loud crunch of footsteps on gravel is often enough
Gravel to give a deterring CRUNCH - GREAT idea...
Gravel and thorny plants for deterring thieves...
Cover ground with loud gravel to deter burglars.
Gravel and low plants near windows.
gravel near house to deter burglars
Cover the ground near your windows with gravel. The loud
of footsteps on gravel is enough of a deterrent for a burglar to search for another target.
Use gravel as a burglar alarm.
The crunching of gravel will deter a burglar
Cover the ground near your windows with gravel. The loud crunch of footsteps on gravel is enough of a deterrent for a burglar to search for another target.
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is this pea gravel or DG?
Are they pure gravel only or are they mixed with other material to help them settle down better? Mines are easily scatted away...
Raised vegetable beds and paver/gravel casual sitting area
no on gravel/stone together. Too much space between stone
side passage, grey stone and gravel with native plants
the use of gravel and stone
jagged pea gravel size stone that is locally called 'Tuscany' or 'Black and Tan' or 'Nursery Crush' 3/8" gravel with bed
pavers and gravel to delineate space
I am about to do a pea gravel garden
Mix pea gravel with pavers to delineate an outdoor lounge space in the landscape. Pea gravel is very affordable. Decide where you want your loungers to sit, then place them. Fill the remaining space with a layer of pea gravel roughly three inches deep, ensuring you fill the spaces between each paver
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what type of gravel is this
Where to buy this small pea gravel in Vancouver area?
for small pea gravel 3/8~ 1/4" to make a french style garden would you please tell me where I can find the gravel? expensive?
as i learn from my friend, they only have there types of gravel And none of them are what i m looking for :(
It looks like standard pea gravel. The colors may vary from each supplier but it should be
be all about the same size (pebbles around 1/4" in diameter). 2-4" is a sufficient depth for gravel. One ton of gravel will cover 90 square feet @ 2" deep.
i like the european look of the gravel
gravel instead of our cement patio
gravel patio w/ multiple seating areas
If your patio is gravel, give it a good raking to straighten things out and remove debris. I refuse to recommend using a leaf blower, as the constant cacophony of them around
Woodside One 05 (Design by Lutsko Associates)Frank & Grossman Landscape Contractors, Inc.
What is the name of this gravel and color?
It is beautiful, but I'm not recognizing it in photos online from gravel suppliers...having the name would be a huge help! Thanks, Melissa
website in our Gravel section to get a better picture and if you're near Sonoma County, visit either of our yards. http://www.sbimaterials.com/product-categories/landscaping/gravel/
Have you checked against pictures of Lodi, Lin Creek, or Pami pebbles? Also, it could be straight pea gravel, though that
flagstone in pea gravel path/for faucett access
Flagstone floating in gravel, like a raft in water.
use of stone and pea gravel
use of gravel around the stone
Prettier paving slabs in the gravel to make walkways
thought of gravel but feel that it may look too stark, try adding a path of scattered stones or pavers. Side note: you may hear that gravel has a tendency to find its way into the house if it gets in the tread of your shoes, although I have not had any personal issues with my large area of pea gravel.
debora carl landscape designdebora carl landscape design
Before I put my pea gravel, what I will use or do , so the weed don't
secured with redwood stakes and screws. Keep tops of stakes below gravel for seamless look.
This is called pea gravel, available at a local stone or landscaping materials yard. Unlike solid surfaces, gravel and pavers like this allow water to seep into the soil, rather
drain/street. I would expect that you will want 4+ inches of gravel over the fabric depending on the traffic use of the area.
This is 2" x 4" redwood set on edge and secured with redwood stakes (inserted with the tops below the gravel ) and wood screws. The redwood and stakes can be purchased at
and smooth the soil. Laid out the frame. Laid tar paper (from the roofing dept) as a weed barrier. We used M10 from the stone yard rather than pea gravel. It's great.
Flagstone path with pea gravel between stones and grass cut along sides?
patio and fire pit...peastone gravel with flat stones laid in.
gravel with soft grasses next to it
Gravel without a defined edge- the gravel spills into the planting for an informal look.
idea of mixing stepping stones in to break up gravel, save money
I like the soft grasses next to the gravel
combine gravel with some stepping stones
gravel patios, plantings in gravel, plantings melding with
Gravel walks connected by a narrow footpath of flagstone set over soil with gravel joints. There's a lot of bang for your buck here: You get texture, rhythm change and pattern. And by using less stone (which is more expensive than gravel), you'll save a ton of money and enhance the design.
debora carl landscape designdebora carl landscape design
What type of gravel is this?
I love the coloration of the path. What type of gravel did you use?
The gravel is 3/8" Mojave pea gravel, a blend of tan, gray and cream gravel bordered with 1" x 4" redwood boards that were soaked in water to make pliable prior to installation.
pea gravel - maybe edge with brick
Pea gravel patch with red wood border
The gravel is 3/8" Mojave pea gravel, a blend of
Wood boarder pea gravel path to eating
I like the color of the gravel
Hill HouseMihaly Slocombe
The entry forecourt, with gravel car parking and soft landscaping. Photo by Emma Cross
These cells are filled with gravel and help keep rainwater in the soil and out of sewers. If you are in a climate that has a lot of snow, and your driveway commonly needs plowing in the winter, gravel can require more maintenance.
Gravel is another surface to consider. It will also need
Gravel driveway - what I currently have - need to put down fresh gravel after renovation is complete
needs plowing in the winter, gravel can require more maintenance.
Go for gravelGravel is cheaper than concrete for large spaces such as this car parking area. It also adds life and textural interest, particularly if you use a warm-coloured stone like this one. Gravel is more environmentally friendly
debora carl landscape designdebora carl landscape design
Is this decomposed granite or pea gravel? Thanks!
Love your postings..how deep did you go with this pea gravel on top? Worried about rolling and squishyness of gravel..but love softer edges. Can you do 1" and accomplish that?
The gravel needs to be on a base of compacted decomposed granite or compacted gravel, then a weed
weed barrier is used and the pea gravel is put on top of that. I am installing a gravel patio soon at my own home.
How do you create a pea gravel area? What keeps the weeds from coming up and the gravel from sinking back into the dirt?
Gravel and stones instead of lawn
mix of natural stone and pea gravel for ground cover
Stone and pea gravel, not concrete
Pea gravel 1.5" over decomposed granite
You can get a similar look to this gravel if you used pebble tile.
tamping down soil to have a firm base then only 1/2 to 1 inch of pea gravel
small patio, pea gravel, raised beds
not sure if the style fits our home but I like the gravel path and
Gravel/ wood shavings ground cover, wooden plant boxes
This could be our side yard with gravel and planter boxes
planters are elevated and I like the loose gravel look. plus the
and orange marigolds. A pea gravel patio adds texture and firm footing for the table. To successfully install a patio like this, the designer points out, the key is to have a firm base (by tamping the soil underneath) and to use only ½ to 1 inch of gravel.How to use gravel and stone in the landscape
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What depth of gravel is laid here over the landscaping fabric?
stone are dry laid (no mortar or cement) in the gravel, which is set over a level base of compacted item IV and an underlayment of landscape fabric to help control weeds. The stones do not shift and are easy to shovel in the snow. We top dress the gravel and rake it out yearly to keep it looking just
Hello adch, and thanks for your question. We laid the gravel to a depth of about 1.5 inches. If you add too much it will feel like "wading through jello" and will get kicked up and migrate tot he garden beds. Hope this helps. Good luck with your project. Enjoy, Robert More at www.WestoverLD.com
large rocks in gravel for interest
Stone and gravel pathway into the garden
debora carl landscape designdebora carl landscape design
it installed? Is that 1/2" pea gravel? Thank you!
what size is the gravel...thank you.
is it possible to walk barefoot comfortable on the gravel. thanks for the help. trying to decide whether to use gravel for our entrance.
The gravel is 1/4" - 1/2" mixed black pea gravel.
“that 1/2" pea gravel? Thank you!” “what size is the gravel...thank you.” “The gravel is 1/4" - 1/2" mixed black pea gravel.” “stakes.The pea gravel is 1/4" - 1/2" mixed black beach pebbles, laid no more than 1 1/2" thick on a base
gravel: pea gravel is 1/4" - 1/2" mixed black beach pebbles, laid no more than 1 1/2" thick on a base of well compacted native soil or decomposed granite.
native soil or decomposed granite.” “to 1/2" pea gravel set into decomposed granite” “Metal ball garden ornament on gravel - left it the open, not hidden.” “pavers and gravel, plant in walkway so cute” “Plants in pea gravel @ path” “Wood Framed Gravel Pit with Modern Landscape”
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