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Catherine Dupon
March 1, 2015
Face down the last weeks of winter with help from pretty green foliage — no blooms needed
Face down the last weeks of winter with help from pretty green foliage — no blooms needed
10 Rise-and-Shine Color Combos for Breakfast Nooks
Laura Gaskill | March 1, 2015 2
The breakfast nook — it’s where you settle in with your first cup of coffee, wait for your toast to toast and read the paper on a Saturday morning. Shouldn’t it look as cheerful as you hope to be after downing your cuppa? From paint color ideas...
Spring Gardens Are Waking — Here's What to Do in March
Annie Thornton | March 1, 2015 8
Clean your pruners and get out your gardening gloves. Spring is here, bringing longer days, fresh blooms and annual garden chores. In the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, it’s time to prune trees. Early bulbs and wildflowers are peeking their heads...
10 Top Mid-Atlantic Native Plants
Curtis Adams | February 28, 2015 1
The mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. has a rich diversity of native plants appropriate for use in the residential landscape. The four-season climate allows for distinct seasons, with spring a welcome and noticeable change from winter, and summer long...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Beets
Marianne Lipanovich | February 28, 2015 24
If you know only canned beets, then beets from the fall or spring garden will be a surprise. First, they come in different shapes, from round to more oblong, and an array of colors. There’s the traditional deep red, but you can also find yellow, gold,...
To-Dos: Your March Home Checklist
Laura Gaskill | February 28, 2015 26
With the first day of spring coming up on March 20, the time has come in many areas to start shedding winter layers and encourage new growth. Whether the view out your window this month is of a snowy wonderland or something springy and green, these 10...
9 Dark Wall Colors to Suit Your Mood
Becky Harris | February 28, 2015 22
I wish I had a dollar for every time I describe something as “light and airy.” I love a light and airy space. Most people love a light and airy space. They commission designers to create light and airy out of dark and musty. A large percentage of...
Shop Houzz: Frank Gehry and His Influence
Houzz | February 28, 2015
Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry may be best known for his fantastical, gravity-defying buildings, but the designer, who now lives in Los Angeles, has also had a major impact on interior design. From Gehry’s creativity with unusual textiles to his...
Orchids 101: Frilly Oncidiums Dance Their Way to Center Stage
Marianne Lipanovich | February 28, 2015 1
Whether you know them as dancing dolls, dancing ballerinas or simply spray orchids, oncidiums and their related members in the Oncidium alliance are popular both as long-blooming houseplants and long-lasting cut flowers. They may be a bit fussy...
My Houzz: Relaxing Retreat on a River in Maine
Faith Towers | February 28, 2015 6
Karen Roos and Charles LeCompte’s home perched on the shores of the Piscataqua River in Eliot, Maine, was not always quite so modern. The two-story home was built as a kit house in 1932 and had not changed significantly when the couple...
Great Design Plant: Helianthus Petiolaris
Benjamin Vogt | February 27, 2015 3
Sunflowers can help landscapes focused on attracting pollinating insects and other wildlife through the seasons. The diversity of insects they attract with their pollen and nectar is astounding, and many birds and other creatures feed on...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Spinach
Marianne Lipanovich | February 27, 2015 6
Spinach is the ultimate cool-season crop; it bolts quickly once it encounters hot weather, which is anything above 75 degrees, or even if the days get too long. However, it’s great for spring, fall and even winter in mild climates. And there are some...
Why Design Loves a Mirror
Dominic Bagnato | February 27, 2015 23
Mirrors date back to ancient times when shiny metals and still pools of water were used to see one’s own image. However, mirrors are more than shards of glass that reflect the image in front. Designers long ago discovered the wonderful properties of...
6 Decades-Old Designs That Look Better Than Ever
Janet Dunn | February 27, 2015 16
There’s an unwritten fashion rule that if you can remember wearing it, don’t touch it when it has a revival. This applies to mini-skirts, denim jumpsuits, hot pants and white vinyl boots. Luckily, it doesn’t apply to the world of interiors, as we...
Kitchen of the Week: Casual Equestrian Feel on a Horse Farm
Becky Harris | February 27, 2015 70
“This is just a happy, happy house,” says designer Heather Alton. But it wasn’t always that way. When a newly divorced mother of three bought the property, she was drawn to the flat land and barn that was perfect for her horses, but the dilapidated...
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