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An elevation is one of the three principal types of architectural drawings, in which a three-dimensional design is described in two dimensions. The others are plan...
Carriage House
Carriage houses, also called coach houses, are detached structures that were once used to house horse-drawn carriages or coaches. Today carriage houses are often garages with secondary, smaller apartments built (typically) above the space for cars. In...
A grove is a small grouping of trees, striking in its appearance due to the lack of undergrowth. A grove can be found naturally in the landscape or planted as an orchard or part of a designed landscape feature. In the U.K. a grove is a circular street,...
An allée is a pastoral walkway through evenly planted trees. Tree-lined driveways and garden paths are allées that bring travelers to their destination in style. (The word "allée" is French for "way to go.") Traversing an allée reinforces the feeling...
An SIP, or structural integrated panel, has a foam center sandwiched between wood, metal or concrete panels, creating a solid, strong, and airtight sheet that is used for floors, foundations, roofs and walls. SIPs are all-in-one materials that can be...
A miter is a joint where two materials have been cut to meet at an angle. Miter boxes assist in making precise cuts done with a handsaw, and an electrical compound miter saw can make cross cuts with angles, creating a beveled edge. "Miter" is also a...
A turret is a round-walled projection most common in Victorian architecture. Constructing turrets is a mathematical and structural challenge for carpenters, but their decorative appeal is worth the effort.
Kalwall is the brand name of light-transmitting wall panels manufactured by their namesake. Fiberglass translucent faces are permanently bonded to an aluminum grid according to custom specifications and then delivered to the job site.
Wood fibers and resin are heat compressed into sheets to form what is known as MDF, or medium-density fiberboard. Similar to particleboard, dense MDF panels are an affordable alternative to solid wood sheets for many types of construction.
Plywood is a building material constructed of thin sheets of wood bonded by heat, pressure and glue. The direction of the wood grain alternates on each ply, or layer, which makes the panel strong and flexible.
Push Plate
A push plate is a metal plate attached to the spot on a door where a hand would naturally push the door open. It protects against impact and soiling, which would damage the door over time.
Strap Hinge
Strap hinges are elongated hinges that connect doors and gates to the jambs or posts that they swing on. They screw into the face of the door, assisting with the load.
Butt Hinge
A butt hinge connects a door and a jamb at the surfaces that abut. The plates of a butt hinge attach to the wood with screws and carry the weight of the swinging door by pivoting on a pin.
Witch's Hat Roof
A witch's hat roof is a variation of a cone roof. Shaped just like its name, it has a skinny peaked top and flares at the bottom.
Jib Door
A jib door is nearly invisible, or at least disguised from being recognized as a door. It may have the same moldings or wall treatment as the surrounding wall, but door hardware is usually absent.
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