Design Dictionary 200 Stories

Carriage Doors
Carriage doors swing out from the center with the aid of side hinges. Traditionally they were opened manually to allow horse-drawn carriages to pass in and out. They can be found on carriage houses, barns, garages, stables and firehouses....
A colonnade is a series of evenly spaced columns that create an outdoor room. It can be attached to a building or freestanding, and it can have a roof or not.
A lean-to refers to a roof with a single slope, or to a building that has three walls and a single sloping roof. Lean-tos can also be exterior additions that abut an existing wall and have a roof that slants downward.
Cross-Hipped Roof
A cross-hipped roof is a popular variation of a hip roof, which gently slopes on all four sides. For a cross, the two hip roofs are laid out in an "L," installed perpendicular to each other. These roofs are great for areas with strong winds...
A header is used when framing a large opening in the construction of walls, windows or foundations. It is a heavy horizontal beam that transfers weight from a rough opening to the parallel studs, joists...
Cove Lighting
Cove lighting is built into ledges, trays, recesses and cornices of a room and illuminates walls and ceilings while being hidden.
A corbel is a structural or decorative bracket placed between a vertical wall and a horizontal surface (ceiling, counter, tabletop, roof). Corbels are made from wood, plaster or marble, and reproduction corbels are often made with synthetic material....
A vestibule is a small room, hallway or passageway that connects the entry of a house with its interior. The area can be completely or partially enclosed.
A truss is a triangular brace that supports the weight of a roof. In its basic form, it consists of two sloping rafters and one horizontal joist, though there are variations that support beams while featuring interesting angles.
A trellis is a vertical, or almost vertical, grid composed of wood or metal strips set in a frame. It provides support for climbing vines or other plants.
Tray Ceiling
A tray ceiling is a recessed or an inverted section of a ceiling that adds architectural interest and depth to the space. It can be left as is and finished to match the surrounding ceiling for a simple, clean look; for more dramatic interest, contrasting...
A transom is a window placed above the horizontal top frame of a door or window. Historically, when ceilings were higher and heating and cooling systems were more rudimentary, transom windows were an integral part of a home's ventilation. They're...
Tongue and Groove
Each board of a tongue and groove plank has a projection on one side and a corresponding groove on the other. The boards fit together to form a flush surface with a visible seam. The joints are fairly loose, which allows for expansion and contraction...
Terrazzo is a hard surface material used for flooring, walls and counters. It is made of small chips of marble, stone, granite or other hard elements set into a cement or epoxy that is ground smooth and then highly polished. The result resembles...
Tabby Wall
Tabby walls were originally constructed in coastal areas with a concretelike slurry of equal parts lime, shells, sand and water. The mix is poured into a wood frame and left to harden, then the boards are removed and set above the previous pour...
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