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Zinc, a versatile metal, can be used on its own or combined with copper, lead, tin or aluminum when used as an alloy. Iron nails dipped in zinc keep rust at bay, and large surface areas can be electroplated with zinc to make them less prone to corrosion....
Carriage Doors
Carriage doors swing out from the center with the aid of side hinges. Traditionally they were opened manually to allow horse-drawn carriages to pass in and out. They can be found on carriage houses, barns, garages, stables and firehouses....
A colonnade is a series of evenly spaced columns that create an outdoor room. It can be attached to a building or freestanding, and it can have a roof or not.
A lean-to refers to a roof with a single slope, or to a building that has three walls and a single sloping roof. Lean-tos can also be exterior additions that abut an existing wall and have a roof that slants downward.
Cross-Hipped Roof
A cross-hipped roof is a popular variation of a hip roof, which gently slopes on all four sides. For a cross, the two hip roofs are laid out in an "L," installed perpendicular to each other. These roofs are great for areas with strong winds...
A header is used when framing a large opening in the construction of walls, windows or foundations. It is a heavy horizontal beam that transfers weight from a rough opening to the parallel studs, joists...
Cove Lighting
Cove lighting is built into ledges, trays, recesses and cornices of a room and illuminates walls and ceilings while being hidden.
A corbel is a structural or decorative bracket placed between a vertical wall and a horizontal surface (ceiling, counter, tabletop, roof). Corbels are made from wood, plaster or marble, and reproduction corbels are often made with synthetic material....
A vestibule is a small room, hallway or passageway that connects the entry of a house with its interior. The area can be completely or partially enclosed.
A truss is a triangular brace that supports the weight of a roof. In its basic form, it consists of two sloping rafters and one horizontal joist, though there are variations that support beams while featuring interesting angles.
A trellis is a vertical, or almost vertical, grid composed of wood or metal strips set in a frame. It provides support for climbing vines or other plants.
Tray Ceiling
A tray ceiling is a recessed or an inverted section of a ceiling that adds architectural interest and depth to the space. It can be left as is and finished to match the surrounding ceiling for a simple, clean look; for more dramatic interest, contrasting...
A transom is a window placed above the horizontal top frame of a door or window. Historically, when ceilings were higher and heating and cooling systems were more rudimentary, transom windows were an integral part of a home's ventilation. They're...
Tongue and Groove
Each board of a tongue and groove plank has a projection on one side and a corresponding groove on the other. The boards fit together to form a flush surface with a visible seam. The joints are fairly loose, which allows for expansion and contraction...
Terrazzo is a hard surface material used for flooring, walls and counters. It is made of small chips of marble, stone, granite or other hard elements set into a cement or epoxy that is ground smooth and then highly polished. The result resembles...
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