J 4 Ideabooks

The jamb consists of the two wood, fiberglass or metal vertical members that create the frame for a door. One side holds the hinges, the other has a recess that holds the strike plate and locking mechanism, or latch.
Jerkinhead Roof
A jerkinhead roof is a gable roof on which the peaks of the gable ends are clipped off with what resembles a hip roof. The advantage of this style is that the clipping streamlines the peak of the gable roof, which can otherwise be highly stressed in...
Jib Door
A jib door is nearly invisible, or at least disguised from being recognized as a door. It may have the same moldings or wall treatment as the surrounding wall, but door hardware is usually absent.
A joist is a horizontal beam placed parallel in a set that carries the flat load above it. Joists can support a ceiling or a floor.
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