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Shop Houzz: A Latin Christmas Fiesta
Houzz | December 8, 2014 3
For chef Isabel Cruz, Christmas is a busy time filled with parties for family and the staff at her restaurants. Author of the cookbook Isabel’s Cantina, Cruz shares ideas here for a modern Latin holiday, recipes for a coconut-rum cocktail and...
How to Decorate for the Holidays When Your Home Is for Sale
Jennifer Phelps | December 8, 2014 38
Some folks think they have to stifle the spirit and eschew traditions entirely if their house is on the market in November and December. Not true. You can celebrate the season and still make your home attractive to potential buyers. Here’s how....
Best Ways to Use This Coral Color of the Year
Jennifer Ott | December 8, 2014 62
Paint and stain manufacturer Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year selection, Coral Reef, couldn’t be more different than Benjamin Moore’s pick of Guilford...
Great Design Plant: Ratibida Pinnata Flutters in the Breeze
Heather Holm | December 8, 2014 3
You cannot have a prairie garden without including gray-headed coneflower (Ratibida pinnata). A staple in Midwest prairies, this tall, upright perennial is a reliable and carefree plant that thrives in most locations in full sun. The...
From the Artist: How to Make a Real Mobile
Marco Mahler | December 8, 2014 60
I’d like to explain how to make a real mobile. By a “real” mobile, I mean one in which the balance of the different parts depends on those parts, which results in much more interesting dynamics than if you just tie a number of objects to a coat...
My Houzz: Rooms With a View on Whidbey Island
Kimberley Bryan | December 8, 2014 73
Where do you choose to live after traveling the world? After spending time in Italy, India, New York City and California, Trace Farrell wasn’t drawn to the damp and rain of the Pacific Northwest. “I really didn’t like it here,” she says. But after...
Room of the Day: Where Imagination Rules
Mary Jo Bowling | December 8, 2014 36
When Mollie Openshaw was a little girl growing up in Washington and Utah, she dreamed about being a fairy, and imagined what the world would be like if she were very, very small. She grew up and became an interior designer and a mother, and when she decided...
Houzz Tour: Parisian Flat’s Redo Revolves Around a Terrace View
Aurélie Roman | December 7, 2014 72
“It was the terrace that made the owner of this apartment fall head over heels for it,” says architect Manuel Sequeira. He was in charge of the radical overhaul of this 753-square-foot flat in the 20th arrondissement (district)...
14 Bathroom Design Ideas Expected to Be Big in 2015
Natasha Saroca | December 7, 2014 282
If you’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul but aren’t sure how, one way to start is to look to the latest design trends for inspiration. We’ve made it our mission to find out what design ideas are expected to make a splash...
9 Fresh Ways to Use Classic Blue and White Ceramics
Laura Gaskill | December 7, 2014 41
Blue and white ceramics are classic and elegant and go with a surprisingly wide range of styles, from traditional to eclectic modern. Whether you’ve been collecting for years or just picked up a piece...
Best Ways to Use the Neutral Green Color of 2015
Jennifer Ott | December 7, 2014 105
Paint and stain manufacturer Benjamin Moore recently announced its color trends for 2015, including a Color of the Year for 2015: Guilford Green. The hue was chosen by a team of color experts who traveled through Europe to explore and document things...
Shop Houzz: The Ultimate Pet Lover’s Gift Guide
Houzz | December 7, 2014 1
Got a pet lover in your life? Here are gifts for people who love not only their actual pets, but pet paraphernalia in the kitchen and living room, on the front porch, while entertaining … you get the idea. They like to be reminded of their four-footed...
Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Style
Mary Jo Bowling | December 7, 2014 16
It’s winter on the West Coast, among other places, and we’ve had several days of rain recently (which is a cause for celebration in this time of drought). Perhaps that’s why I’m seeing cloudy weather, even inside the house.
Houzz Tour: Innovative Home Reunites Generations Under One Roof
Annie Thornton | December 7, 2014 73
Three years ago a Vancouver couple approached architect Marianne Amodio about designing their dream house. They had lived in the same bungalow for 30 years, had raised three children there and were ready to build a new house in which they could spend...
My Houzz: Curator of Her Own Sweet Home
Kate Hansen | December 6, 2014 45
Thirteen years ago Ramona Audrey and a colleague sought a house to share in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Looking for an older home with lots of character, they instead found a spacious new three-story modern townhouse and were immediately...
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