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Houzz Tour: Collected Comfort in an ’80s California Ranch
Becky Harris | April 5, 2014 54
Instead of hitting a showroom, interior designer Shannon Ggem loves to search a client’s garage or attic for buried treasure first. By digging through their collections, shopping new and...
Make a Gorgeous (Cheap!) Pillow Using Vintage Clothes
Shelly Leer | April 5, 2014 53
If you can sew a straight line, you can easily and inexpensively create the most interesting throw pillows from vintage clothes on your sewing machine. The most brilliant thing is that you can use the existing closures like buttons or zippers as your...
The Dumbest Decorating Decisions I’ve Ever Made
Fred Albert | April 5, 2014 313
Remember those old commercials in which the actor said, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV”? I’m not an interior designer, but I play one on the Internet. Well, that’s not really...
6 Ways to Deal With a Bad View Out the Window
Julie Kim | April 5, 2014 32
It’s common knowledge that a beautiful view raises a home’s value. But can a bad view actually lower its value? Los Angeles real estate agent Peter Kinnaird says yes. “One of my clients had reservations about buying a house because you could...
Simple Pleasures: Savor the First Spring Day in the Garden
Laura Gaskill | April 5, 2014 42
Is there anything better than that first spring day when the weather finally feels warm enough to really spend time outdoors? Celebrate spring with a full day spent puttering in the garden, tending to chores, sprucing things up and pampering...
You Said It: ‘We’re Here to Stay’ and Other Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | April 5, 2014 9
This week on Houzz, we’ve been spring cleaning, using April’s showers to bring May flowers and wedging those flowers and vegetables into wherever they’ll fit, even if it’s in a hell strip. Seriously, did you know that piece of land between the...
Houzz Tour: Hugging the Rocky Cliffs in Big Sur
Mitchell Parker | April 5, 2014 174
Winters in Chicago can be tough. According to the National Weather Service, this past winter was one of Chicago’s coldest, with the Windy City raking in the most days with temperatures at or below zero ever recorded. Brr. These chilly (OK,...
Houzz Products: One Mod Sofa, Two Cool Designer Looks
Houzz | April 4, 2014 16
Changing the fabric on a sofa can inspire a totally different design statement, says Kyle Schuneman, interior designer, television art director, prop stylist and author of The...
Houzz Quiz: What’s Your Decorating Style?
Mitchell Parker | April 4, 2014 438
Having trouble decorating? That might be because you’re not sure what your style is and how to find the right pieces. Worry not. We’re here to help. Take our fun quiz to learn which decorating style is right for you.
5 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Cocktail Party
Christine Tusher | April 4, 2014 17
Whether you’re throwing a party for a reason or having friends over “just because,” hosting a cocktail party is perhaps the easiest and most glamorous way to entertain. The lack of a seated meal helps keep costs low, while also ensuring minimal...
Houzz Tour: A New Home in an Old Backyard
Mary Jo Bowling | April 4, 2014 31
Douglas Pierson and Youn Hee Choi had a growing family and nowhere to go. Pierson, an architect and principal at (fer) Studio, and Choi, an imagineer at Disney, loved their small house in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach...
Kitchen of the Week: Victorian Style the Nonconformist Way
Becky Harris | April 4, 2014 75
There’s a uniquely creative spirit about so many of the projects I cover in Portland, Oregon, that I’ve often wondered what they are putting in the water in that city. “It’s the clients around here,” says Anne De Wolf, a principal...
Geometric Designs Keep Plants in Line
Frank Organ | April 4, 2014 18
We have always been taught to plant in groups of odd numbers, threes and fives and so on, and to create natural-looking drifts that ebb and flow into one another. But what if we choose not to? What if we’re stricter in the ways we plant, using even-numbered...
My Houzz: Casual, Organic Elegance in California
Margot Hartford | April 4, 2014 32
When interior designer Beverley Harper saw some online photographs of a Woodside, California, home, she warned her real estate agent that she “didn’t want to buy a Sheetrock...
7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Entry Hall
Laura Gaskill | April 4, 2014 38
A neat, chic entryway gives visitors a positive first impression and makes coming home a pleasure. But between the daily influx of mail and a household’s worth of coats, shoes and bags, this space is often one of the most challenging...
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