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Shop Houzz: Farmhouse Style for the Living Room
Houzz | March 4, 2015
You see them more and more: spaces decorated with a nod to the classic American farmhouse. The style may be most evident in the living room, where livable design is the ultimate desire. With beadboard walls, wide-plank wood floors and these farmhouse...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Carrots
Marianne Lipanovich | March 4, 2015 7
Carrots are fun to grow in fall or spring. First of all, they offer instant reward, or at least as instant as one can get with a vegetable — you can start harvesting some varieties in as little time as a month. Second, they have some cute shapes. You...
My Houzz: Thoughtful, Eclectic Style for a Sunny Seattle Apartment
Ellie Arciaga | March 4, 2015 12
In a notoriously drizzly city like Seattle, a home that is flooded with natural light, even during the gray winter months, is hard to come by. So Kathleen Tarrant and Christopher Harrell felt like they hit the jackpot with their ever-sunny apartment on...
Building Permits: When a Permit Is Required and When It's Not
Matt Clawson | March 3, 2015 74
You have the vision. You know what you want. But getting that sparkling new kitchen or expansive master closet isn’t as easy as making a wish and snapping your fingers. From the beginning, your project is set up for numerous pitfalls and missteps, and...
Design Workshop: How to Make a Home Sit Lightly on the Land
Eric Reinholdt | March 3, 2015 25
Architecture’s relationship to nature — the building site — is something architects and designers must consider in the opening act of any project. Nature is a force that shapes...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Peas
Marianne Lipanovich | March 3, 2015 7
Fresh peas are a sign of spring, one of the sweetest, most tempting offerings of the garden. They’re also less well known as a fall and even a winter crop for mild areas, as they thrive in cool weather. There are two general types of peas. English...
Color of the Week: Spring Blossom Yellow
Jennifer Ott | March 3, 2015 72
It seems appropriate to kick off this new series with a color that signals growth and renewal. Spring blossom yellows are soft yellows that have a pinch of green in them. They’re the colors of the first flower buds to come popping out of the freshly...
Houzz Tour: Beach Shack Reborn as a Copper-Clad Cottage
Niobe Syme | March 3, 2015 35
The owner had lived for years in a 1830s cottage in need of serious repair in a densely populated beachside suburb of Sydney, Australia. Although his cottage was dark, cold in winter and hot in summer and lacked cross-ventilation, he deeply valued its...
Shop Houzz: Plant an Indoor Garden Anywhere
Houzz | March 3, 2015 2
Fresh plants help clean the air and bring an organic style to interior rooms. Set up your own indoor garden with this collection of planters from the Houzz Shop.
Room of the Day: A Living Room Designed for Conversation
Jeannie Matteucci | March 3, 2015 37
After her husband passed away, Penelope Draganic and her son, Sam (age 16), and daughter, Vivi (9), moved from their larger home to a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath bungalow in Belvedere, a scenic community in Marin County, California,...
Great Design Plant: Tsuga Canadensis ‘Bennett’
Jay Sifford | March 2, 2015 10
So often shade gardeners feel shortchanged. Daylilies, roses, geraniums and larkspurs are all out of reach, so gardeners turn to conifers with colorful foliage, great structure and unparalleled texture. As frustrating as it is, even popular conifers like...
Houzz Tour: A West London Home Inspired by Travels
Kate Burt | March 2, 2015 22
Unless you’re moving into your first-ever home, it’s unusual to come to a new house and need to start pretty much from scratch. But that’s exactly how it was for interior designer Juliette Byrne when she and her two daughters moved into their four-bedroom...
Could You Live in a Tiny House?
Laura Gaskill | March 2, 2015 159
While still a bit of an oddity, there is no doubt that the tiny house is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you crave more financial freedom, wish to reduce your impact on the environment or...
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Chard
Marianne Lipanovich | March 2, 2015 36
Chard, also called Swiss chard, is a bright star of the fall garden. If you take a look at the leaves of its cousin, the beet, you can see a family resemblance. But unlike beets, chard doesn’t wait for you to notice it in the garden. It easily reaches...
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