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How to Install Energy-Efficient Windows
Christine Tusher | July 12, 2014 14
Whether it’s buying a hybrid car or unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use, these days everyone seems to be looking for ways to reduce energy costs along with their carbon footprints. When it comes to your home, old, single-pane windows can...
You Said It: ‘I Actually Prefer Small Houses’ and Other Quotables
Becky Harris | July 11, 2014 7
This week we toured some inspiring homes in a range of styles and sizes. We got prepped for the reality of living with renovation construction and for becoming a first-time homeowner. Personally, I got extra excited about learning a new word and how to...
Luxurious Looks From the 2014 Hamptons Show House
Rikki Snyder | July 11, 2014 38
What do interior designers create when they have no client, only their own imagination? Find out with this glimpse at the 2014 Holiday House Hamptons presented by HC&G,...
10 Reasons to Love Coral
Laura Gaskill | July 11, 2014 39
Bright, cheerful, classic and amazingly versatile, coral has a lot to offer. And because it works well in small doses, it’s easy to give your space a boost with this vibrant color — here are 10 reasons to add coral to your home.
My Houzz: Boho Flair for a 1920s California Tudor
Margot Hartford | July 11, 2014 72
Seismic retrofitting forced homeowner Susan Berry to make some structural decisions about her 1920s home. The Berkeley, California, house had never been retrofitted, and the existing hand-built stone fireplace was literally dragging the house down. Berry,...
Single Design Moves That Can Transform a Child’s Room
Becky Dietrich | July 11, 2014 33
Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of kids’ bedrooms on Houzz? From them I have picked these 20 rooms to illustrate the premise of this series:...
Kitchen of the Week: Orange Splashes Add Personality in Kansas
Mary Jo Bowling | July 11, 2014 91
Amateur anthropologists could study the photos of this kitchen in Kansas and learn a lot about the family who inhabits it. Clues include a dramatic color combination and personality-revealing accessories, which were added during an extensive remodel.
Guest Picks: Escape to a Creative Retreat
Lori Langille | July 11, 2014 10
Whether they’re tiny seaside cottages, sheds in the backyard or cabins in the woods, studios or workspaces in the country have let artists and writers work in quiet surroundings and draw inspiration from nature for centuries. Here are some ideas for...
Get a Cool Garden Look With Gray and Blue Plants
Annie Thornton | July 11, 2014 14
We can do a lot with foliage. We can emphasize movement, create mystery or highlight a garden feature. Through color, foliage can also generate a mood. Blue and gray plants can recede to make way for bolder, brighter hues. But on their own, these silvery...
Chickens, Chess and Swimming Star in a Silicon Valley Yard
Hoi Ning Wong | July 10, 2014 22
When Michelle Pettigrew and Jerry Kaplan purchased their Georgian colonial home in Hillsborough, California, on an acre of land,...
Houzz Products: Furnish a Cool Modern Patio
Houzz | July 10, 2014 11
Summer is here, and the outdoors are beckoning — it’s time to give your outdoor room a fresh look and enjoy the season in comfort. Bring on sleek, modern style with these sofas, chairs, planters, pillows and more from the Houzz Products section.
My Houzz: Eclectic Chic Goes Global in San Francisco
Nanette Wong | July 10, 2014 37
Ali Price describes her light-filled apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District as an “eclectic smattering of things that I love.” The Nashville native and cofounder of Lydali shares the home with her London-born...
What Goes With Granite Counters?
Laura Gaskill | July 10, 2014 87
They are classy and hard wearing and come in a range of shades — is it any wonder granite counters are still so popular? Whether you are...
Feeling Knotty? Add a Little Rope to Your Decor
Fred Albert | July 10, 2014 34
Whoever said, “Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself” obviously never saw all of the wonderful ways you can incorporate rope into a home’s interior. Whether used in furniture or lighting, or in place of hardware, rope lends an informal...
Great Garden Combo: Tropical Beauties for a Sun-Drenched Border
Karen Chapman | July 10, 2014 16
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida, and was entranced by the lush, vibrant plants at every turn — most of which I could enjoy only as houseplants in Seattle....
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