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The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014
Amber Hopman | December 4, 2014 194
Kitchen storage is a favorite topic here on Houzz. We’re all familiar with the dilemma; we add more to our collection — new dishes, holiday serveware, specialty gadgets — and no matter how well we pack it in, more stuff means less available storage....
Prevent Slips and Floor Damage With the Right Rug Pad
Karen Egly-Thompson | December 4, 2014 45
Choosing a rug is an important decision. Its style, shape, size, color and texture can make or break a room. But while the rug steals the spotlight, something less glamorous also deserves special consideration: the rug pad.
What to Know About Adding a Reclaimed-Wood Wall
Rebecca Pogson | December 4, 2014 66
Adding reclaimed wood to your interior is a quick way to introduce warmth and texture. Used in abundance, it has a rawness that can balance overly neutral or modern spaces and anchor sprawling floor plans. But while installing reclaimed-hardwood floors...
Houzz Tour: Off the Grid in the Remote Washington Wilderness
Mitchell Parker | December 3, 2014 69
When Claire Barnett and her spouse go into town for groceries during the wintertime, they make darn sure they don’t forget the cream. That’s because their off-the-grid house is so deep in the remote, mountainous Washington wilderness that...
Sleep Easy: Your Guide to Bed Frame Styles
Laura Gaskill | December 3, 2014 37
Upholstered, sleigh bed, four-poster, platform — if the hunt for a new bed has you ready to take a nap, this quick guide to 13 popular styles should help sort things out. The bed frame you choose sets the tone for the room; make yours just right.
Shop Houzz: Set a Classic Holiday Table
Houzz | December 3, 2014 6
The holidays are about traditions, family and food! We’ve curated products from Shop Houzz for three different tablescapes to help you set the table whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas — or all three....
Bathroom Workbook: Layer on the Texture for High Bath Style
Shana Ecker | December 3, 2014 26
I once read that the average American spends almost three full years of his or her life in the bathroom. If that’s true, perhaps we should consider making this space a little more worthy of our time. Bathrooms can often be sterile and cold, with slick...
Room of the Day: A Modern Slant on a Traditional Space
Becky Harris | December 3, 2014 34
“The place was originally a beige box,” says interior designer Janet Gust. Since 2007 the designer has been helping this young Houston family personalize their spec home room by room. Recently they got around to the family room, and the timing was...
How to Give Neutral Paint Colors a Subtle Jolt
Jennifer Ott | December 3, 2014 40
I have to admit: As much as I love big, bold color, I like it best when it is used with restraint — and used strategically. After all, a little bold color goes a long way, and it’s all too easy to go from “wow!” to “ouch.” For the color-shy...
The Not Naturally Organized Parent's Guide to the Holidays
Alison Hodgson | December 3, 2014 89
In family life so many things are mythologized and sentimentalized and too often we parents feel depressed — even ashamed — because the experiences we try to create for our kids don't measure up to our expectations. And...
Houzz Tour: Design Moves Open Up a Melbourne Cottage
Joanna Tovia | December 2, 2014 40
While Pippa Cocks and Ben Hall lived and worked in London for three years, their unrenovated worker’s cottage in Melbourne, Australia, waited for their return. The single-story abode managed to include two bedrooms, a living room and a tiny kitchen...
How to Make Your Stone House Feel at Home in the Landscape
Jay Sifford | December 2, 2014 31
Stone is one of the predominant materials used for house exteriors today. Whether your home’s style is colonial, traditional or...
Grow a Beautiful Garden in Alkaline Soil
Noelle Johnson | December 2, 2014 14
If you live in the western half of the U.S., chances are you have alkaline soil. Alkaline soils are usually found in the arid regions of the West, while acidic soils are typically found in areas that experience high rainfall, such as the northwest and...
Houzz Tour: Couple Pares Down and Pumps Up the Style
Becky Harris | December 2, 2014 97
With their daughter off to college, this couple was ready for a complete lifestyle change, and moved from their suburban home in Andover, Massachusetts, to a two-bedroom condominium in Boston. In doing so they reclaimed about 10 hours a week...
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