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Great Design Plant: Little-Leaf Cordia Handles Desert Extremes
Noelle Johnson | August 6, 2014 4
Little-leaf cordia (Cordia parvifolia) is the perfect addition to the desert landscape, where it adds beauty with its distinctive white flowers while also handling hot, reflected sun and temperatures into the teens. This large desert native...
Living on the Edge of the Wild
Falon Mihalic | August 6, 2014 50
Living at the edge of a wide-open ocean vista or a secluded forest is a dream for many people who want to get away from it all. Whether it’s your lifetime home or just a seasonal getaway, here are some tips for living next to wild areas in a way that...
So Your Style Is: American Gothic
Mary Jo Bowling | August 6, 2014 52
In 1930 artist Grant Wood was tooling around Eldon, Iowa, looking for inspiration when he stumbled upon the Gothic-style farmhouse that was then known as the Dibble House. Legend has it that Wood, an Iowan himself, sketched the home on the back of an...
Drama’s Afoot With Striking Black Floors
Sian Meades | August 6, 2014 128
Smart, sophisticated and the perfect base for any kind of decor, a black floor is timeless. Whether you prefer solid, boldly patterned or partnered with white, black is a wonderful choice underfoot. And here’s proof.
My Houzz: A Deconstructed Saltbox in the Hamptons
Rikki Snyder | August 6, 2014 39
Ellie Sawits and David Gasner found a one-of-a-kind home in a deconstructed saltbox in Southampton, New York. For the New Yorkers, who were moving from a 19th-century brownstone in Manhattan, it had an intriguing mix of farmhouse feel —...
What Goes With Wood Cabinets?
Laura Gaskill | August 6, 2014 96
While painted cabinets have surged in popularity, unpainted cabinets made of real wood, either stained or left natural, are a luxury that will always work. But since wood cabinets come in so many tones that lend their own color to the mix, it can be tricky...
Bring on the Garden Bling With Artful Stainless Steel
Jay Sifford | August 5, 2014 35
The best gardens are those that intentionally engage visitors by offering an element of surprise. The appropriate use of sculpture is an effective way to achieve this. We have all seen the usual array of concrete Asian lanterns, frogs and umbrella-toting...
Design Workshop: The Case for Big Overhead Doors
Eric Reinholdt | August 5, 2014 55
I absolutely love the look and feel of colossal doors, the way they lift and slide out of the way with the slightest effort. But their cost can make...
Rethinking the Master Bedroom
Laura Gaskill | August 5, 2014 87
For some time now, it’s been the norm in new construction to include an enormous master suite in the plans. Is it a blessing, or is it just overboard? The answer is, there is no cookie cutter answer — it depends on you. Zeroing in on what...
Great Design Plant: Butterfly Milkweed, a Beacon in the Prairie
Heather Holm | August 5, 2014 17
Butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a magnet for bees and butterflies in early spring — often providing an important source of nectar when other sources are scarce. What other perennial can rival its bright orange flowers,...
Room of the Day: Color Cheers Up a California Living Room
Jeannie Matteucci | August 5, 2014 46
Moving from a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco to a four-bedroom, three-bathroom Craftsman bungalow in the suburbs was an exciting upgrade for this young professional couple. They just wished their new living room reflected that cheerful tone. With...
Modern Garden Designs for Modern Homes
Frank Organ | August 5, 2014 37
In 1938 Christopher Tunnard — an English landscape architect, a garden designer and the author of Gardens in the Modern Landscape, who was a strong advocate of functionalism in design — wrote, “The modern house requires modern surroundings,...
Houzz Tour: Pools and Martinis Inspire a Palm Springs Remodel
Mitchell Parker | August 5, 2014 116
What lures people to Palm Springs, California, a desert where temperatures can top 116 degrees? Oh, probably a cool pool, Frank Sinatra and a few martinis. That’s what designers Howard Hawkes and Kevin Kemper had in mind when they rehabilitated...
10 Perennials to Extend Your Garden's Summer Color
LuAnn Brandsen | August 4, 2014 27
When the dog days of summer get the best of your garden blooms, there’s still time to create a fetching landscape. Sure, you could head to the local garden center for mums, but if you want something less predictable, check out these no-fuss perennials...
Houzz Tour: San Francisco’s Haas-Lilienthal House
Mary Jo Bowling | August 4, 2014 73
For 128 years the large house has stood at the intersection of Franklin and Jackson streets in San Francisco, and time has done little to diminish the beauty of the Queen Anne–style Victorian with its distinctive witch’s cap turret and its elaborate...
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