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How to Pick Out a Coffee Table
Elizabeth Miller | June 26, 2014 42
A coffee table does a lot of work. It needs to hold books, magazines, drinks, food — even games on game night. You might want to put your feet up on it, or the kids might need a place for coloring. Plus it’s usually smack dab in the middle of the...
Travel Takeaways: Design Inspiration From Japan
Becky Dietrich | June 25, 2014 25
I was just 21 and had freshly graduated from college when I moved to Japan to teach English in Sendai. (Yes, the site of 2013’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.) The six months I spent in this rural community were an unforgettable visual experience,...
Guest Picks: Handy Finds for Painting Projects of All Kinds
Decor Adventures | June 25, 2014 36
Have you been eyeing lots of furniture makeovers that you’d love to try but don’t know how? Want to learn about a few painting supplies that will make your life easier? In this ideabook I’ve gathered 20 great home improvement products that will...
Face Time: Creative Ideas for Decorating With Portraits
Laura Gaskill | June 25, 2014 21
Seaside scenes, landscapes and abstract works all have their place, but portraits have something that other forms of artwork simply don’t. When you look at a portrait, whether it is new or old, painted or photographed, you are seeing a...
See Your Name in Lights
Mary Jo Bowling | June 25, 2014 19
If you have ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights, this is your time. The desire for marquee letters (large letters lit by rows of bulbs) is shining brightly, and it’s not hard to find the style, size and color you want.
8 Ways to Bring Summer Fun Indoors
Laura Gaskill | June 25, 2014 9
Have a room in your home that doesn’t get much use? Instead of letting it languish, consider giving that underused dining room, guest room or basement a makeover to turn it into a space you will use and love all summer and beyond. Whether...
Dream Spaces: 10 Secluded Garden Nooks
Lisa Higgins | June 25, 2014 62
Anyone who’s spent long hours working in the garden knows the pleasure that comes from a job well done. And there’s no better vantage point than a garden nook: a small, secluded spot in which to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It can be...
Objects of Desire: New Ways With the Classic Chaise
Christine Tusher | June 25, 2014 12
Thinking of chaise longues calls to mind images of bygone days: Joan Crawford lounging in a silk robe and marabou bedroom slippers or Grandma with her book, a blanket tucked under her chin. For these reasons it never occurred to me to include a chaise...
My Houzz: Bright and Airy Updates in a California Fixer-Upper
Hoi Ning Wong | June 25, 2014 59
After living in Hong Kong and Sydney, Michelle Turchini, Ian Allan and their three young daughters moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. While adjusting to their new country, the Australian couple also took on the remodel of a fixer-upper no one else seemed...
Meet a Front Yard Designed for Gathering
Bonnie Monte | June 24, 2014 19
When you live in a Southern California beach town and an ocean view is right outside your door, it makes sense to turn your front yard into a gathering spot. That was the thinking of Sacha McCrae, homeowner and principal of Living...
Contractor Fees, Demystified
When you ask a contractor for an estimate, it usually includes the direct costs of construction plus a markup charged on some or all of those expenses. This is true whether you have a time-and-materials estimate or a fixed-price one, also known...
Houzz Tour: Respectfully Updating a 1929 Farmhouse
Becky Harris | June 24, 2014 61
Sometimes it pays to be part of the local grapevine. Interior designer Heide Hendricks was having a meal with some friends when she heard a rumor that a farmhouse surrounded by idyllic...
Bring on the Birds: Natural Habitat Ideas for Gardens of All Sizes
Amy Renea | June 24, 2014 45
I recently traveled to Costa Rica, and I was immediately struck by the amount of birds fluttering around in the treetops from dawn until dusk. We took many jungle hikes and enjoyed private gardens, all of which offered various habitats for the birds....
Guest Picks: Make a Reading Nook Retreat
Chic Coles | June 24, 2014 15
I have always wanted a reading nook. A place where I can relax, read my favorite book, cuddle up with my blanket, drink a cup of tea and just enjoy having a sanctuary. This ideabook has all of the things I would want to include in my reading nook (especially...
Houzz Tour: Clever Storage Ideas From a Manhattan Duplex
Mitchell Parker | June 24, 2014 83
Creative storage is an art form that takes a calculated approach to hiding things and still having them be accessible. Architectural designers at raad studio struck the right balance with custom...
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