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Look Beyond Plants for a Wonderful Winter Garden
Karen Chapman | December 27, 2014 31
When designing a landscape for year-round interest, people typically check their plant lists for a selection of evergreen trees and shrubs that offer a pleasing combination of foliage and texture. Frozen grasses and seed heads bring a sculptural quality...
You Said It: ‘Do What Feels Natural to You’ and Other Houzz Quotables
Becky Harris | December 26, 2014 3
Phew, the year is almost over, and it’s been an exciting and exhausting one for sure. I love this time of year, because while I do tend to get a little blue after the holidays, I know that each day is just a little longer than the last, and that the...
How Grading Shapes the Ground and Manages Stormwater
Falon Mihalic | December 26, 2014 10
Grading is the process of shaping and contouring the land and is an important technical tool of landscape architects. Grading is important because the shape of the ground makes water flow across it in a particular way, and elegant grading creates a solid...
Book to Know: Design Advice in Greg Natale’s ‘The Tailored Interior’
Grace Chamia | December 26, 2014 26
Australian designer Greg Natale creates classic interiors that are sleek, decadent and indulgent to the senses — and now we can all take a leaf out of his book. His latest work, The Tailored Interior, showcases some of his interiors and offers...
My Houzz: Minimalism Takes Shape in a Loft-Inspired Montreal Home
Le Michelle Nguyen | December 26, 2014 50
“Putting up drywall alone is actually pretty relaxing,” says Philippe Vincent. He should know. Inspired by his work selling condos, Vincent bought a home with the dream of doing the remodel completely by himself. He designed his home from start to...
Shop Houzz: Sofas for Every Style
Houzz | December 26, 2014 24
No matter your style, or whether you live in a studio or a mansion, a sofa of some sort is pretty much standard. These days sofas, couches and settees come in a range of colors and styles. Whether your home’s style is midcentury, contemporary,...
Kitchen of the Week: A Dark Kitchen Brightens Up
Mary Jo Bowling | December 26, 2014 165
The last time this San Francisco kitchen was remodeled, the Summer of Love was in full swing. “The oak cabinets were very late 1960s and very dark,” says designer Lisa Nerland. She was hired to take its appearance back even further, to its Edwardian...
Indoor Winter Gardens for Cheerier Days
Laura Gaskill | December 26, 2014 58
Living in a cold climate where days get short and dark, and winter seems to drag on forever, can be disheartening. Why not take the edge off the chill by tending to an indoor garden? You can move in some outdoor potted plants that wouldn’t make it through...
DIY: Freshen Up for the New Year With a Eucalyptus Table Garland
Nanette Wong | December 25, 2014 31
With just a few plants and florist supplies, you can make a long-lasting table garland that’s fresh, simple and the perfect accent to help you ring in the new year. Sammy Go of Bud Botanical Banditry shows us how to create a stunning centerpiece for...
Simple Pleasures: A Long Winter’s Nap
Laura Gaskill | December 25, 2014 33
Winter is a time of hibernation for many animals, and for Mother Nature in general —...
Design Workshop: A Recipe for Inspiration in the New Year
Eric Reinholdt | December 25, 2014 25
The shorter days and longer nights when late fall greets early winter are a time of reflection for me, a time for sowing the seeds of inspiration for winter work. I often fortify my reserves of inspiration by observing the world around me through a different...
Great Design Plant: Winter Jasmine Gladdens Snowy Gardens
Karen Chapman | December 25, 2014 30
Just when you can’t bear the thought of another gray day, winter jasmine comes to the rescue. Cascading bright green branches are covered with sunny yellow flowers from Thanksgiving to early spring, not missing a beat — even when it snows. Although...
8 Home Projects Perfect for Holiday Downtime
Laura Gaskill | December 25, 2014 93
Staying at home for the holidays? Use some of your downtime to tackle a house project or two, and you can start 2014 with a fresher, cleaner space. Take the time to work on a project you would never usually have time for (like editing photos...
Homes Around the World Wish You a Merry Christmas
Becky Harris | December 25, 2014 82
Merry Christmas, Houzzers! Sit back, enjoy the fire, let that Christmas meal digest and enjoy visiting some Houzz homes around the world bedecked for all the festivities. Best wishes from all of us to all of you.
Dream Spaces: 12 Disney-Worthy Kids’ Rooms
Aurélie Roman | December 24, 2014 44
Do you have a tiny princess in your midst? A pint-size pirate-to-be? Many children become so enamored of their favorite animated movies that not only do they watch them over and over, but they also like to pretend that they live in those worlds. These...
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