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Houzz Call: Show Us Your Hardworking Pantry
Mary Jo Bowling | December 24, 2014 102
A pantry is one of those home features that you could technically do without — or could you? Today we’re asking you to make the case for a well-designed pantry. We want to see your well-organized, smart kitchen storage and hear how it works for you....
Room of the Day: Creativity Takes Flight in a Girls’ Bedroom
Mary Jo Bowling | December 24, 2014 32
When Joanna Glick’s clients wanted to reorder spaces and have their daughters share a room, the designer knew she had to make it good. The new room is on the lower level of the house, and the girls hadn’t shared a space before — a massive sea change...
Great Design Plant: Woodland Garden Beauty Polystichum Acrostichoides
Jay Sifford | December 23, 2014 11
The woodland forest can be a study in death and decay during winter as it sleeps deeply until spring. Its floor is strewn with a tapestry of ocher and brown that creates an auditory crunch during a brisk morning walk. Every so often along the path a Christmas...
Cure Your Addiction to ‘Busy’ With a Dreamy Daybed
Joanna Tovia | December 23, 2014 25
When life is busy, rushing from task to task can become so normal that when we do have five minutes of unscheduled time to ourselves, it can feel a little uncomfortable. So we quickly fill that space with another task. The glorification of busyness means...
Tale of 2 Car Shelters: Craftsman Garage and Contemporary Carport
Becky Harris | December 23, 2014 19
Located in the same region and designed by the same architect, these two car shelters are drastically different but follow many of the same principles. Carefully considering the significant styles of both homes and their sites, Design Northwest Architects
Room of the Day: A White Cocoon for Baby
Christine Sanchez Gaspard | December 23, 2014 14
For this project in Paris, designer Marion Alberge was called upon to work on just the baby’s room, since the rest of the apartment had just been renovated. “I started by applying the same bamboo flooring already present in the other rooms,” Alberge...
10 Reasons to Turn to Bright Hues in Winter
Laura Gaskill | December 23, 2014 18
Bright hues are eye catching, confident and cheering — so if winter’s got you feeling less than energized, why not tap...
Shop Houzz: Mad About Plaid
Houzz | December 23, 2014 5
We think iconic plaid is perhaps the unofficial pattern of the season. Its cross-hatched lines and colors have been expanded beyond classics like Black Watch and Stewart and the preppy argyle. Plaid has been reinterpreted and refreshed with a rainbow...
Room of the Day: A Playful Approach to Dining in Malibu
Becky Harris | December 23, 2014 29
One need only glance at the five big, bright green letters in this dining room to see that the owners are eclectic and were fun to work with, as their interior designers say. “They live very casually and have great eccentric personalities....
Find Your Christmas Tree Personality
Molly Brandenburg | December 23, 2014 69
Every Christmas tree reflects its owner’s personal taste, whether it’s modern rustic, bohemian glam, steadfastly traditional...
Survey Results: Kitchen Trends That Seem Here to Stay
Mitchell Parker | December 22, 2014 40
Kitchens are about so much more than just cooking food. These central hubs in our homes are where we often eat, help our kids do homework, entertain, organize schedules and even watch TV. So it’s no surprise to learn that homeowners are...
Shop Houzz: Lamps for Every Style
Houzz | December 22, 2014 2
Lighting truly makes a room, and it’s a good idea to have at least two light sources in every room, too. Lamps are a perfect way to add mood lighting that doubles as a decor accent in whatever your style may be. We’ve rounded up our favorites...
Mistletoe Is Coming to Town
Noelle Johnson | December 22, 2014 6
For many, mistletoe prompts visions of holiday celebrations — maybe a stolen kiss or two. When it’s not being used as holiday decor, mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant, attaching itself to the branches of trees for water and nutrients. In winter...
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