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Fabric: The Unsung Wall-Decorating Hero
Becky Dietrich | March 6, 2014 49
While textiles may not top the list of things we consider when filling a blank wall, they’re awesome ammunition in a design arsenal.
Get a Wallpaper Look With a Hand-Painted Touch
Christina Katos | March 5, 2014 74
I love to draw inspiration from anywhere I can. A while back I came across the Ashbury Mosaic tile by Walker Zanger. I loved the...
Learn the Lingo of Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
Cabinets make a big style statement in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, and the doors, drawer fronts and side panels come in a wide range of options and prices. To learn about the basic types and why some cost more than others, I visited Canyon...
Basement of the Week: Casual Luxury in Toronto
Becky Harris | March 5, 2014 50
These homeowners love their newly finished basement so much, one of them wants to swap our the master bedroom upstairs for one of the bedrooms down here. “The style upstairs is more rustic, and my clients wanted to do something totally different down...
Upgrade Your Windows for Beauty, Comfort and Big Energy Savings
Mitchell Parker | March 5, 2014 121
As long as your windows provide natural light and offer some semblance of a view, why give them a second thought, right? Wrong. For one, your windows directly contribute to the overall comfort inside your home. If the words “stuffy” or...
Fun Meets Philanthropy in a Lively Playhouse
Becky Harris | March 5, 2014 39
“I definitely consulted my inner child for this project,” says architect Stephanie Horowitz, of ZeroEnergy Design, a firm that focuses on ecologically sensible design....
Houzz Tour: Not Your Typical Tahoe Ski House
Mary Jo Bowling | March 5, 2014 67
It’s not often that an interior designer is asked to complete a half-finished, abandoned house, but such a project fell into the lap of Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living. “The house was being built by a couple, but they separated and never...
15 Creative Touches to Perk Up the Bathroom
Laura Gaskill | March 5, 2014 41
All hard surfaces and fixtures, the bathroom is often the blandest room in the house, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Because it’s usually small, the bathroom is actually quite easy to spice up — a splash...
Guest Picks: Tame the Trash in Style
Rhoda | March 5, 2014 7
Trash. We all live with it. We all need to keep it at bay and enclosed. So why not have a pretty trash container? Trash and waste are a part of life, so we may as well have stylish and attractive containers for them. There’s one for every room, so...
Houzz Products: Luxuriate in New Looks for Warm Brass
Houzz | March 4, 2014 31
Antique brass has long been a runner-up to stainless steel and gold, but this is its year to shine. With its soft, muted tones and warm, subtle sheen, the look of old brass works well with wood, natural materials and neutral color palettes. Whether...
Design Workshop: Cool Lighting Tricks
Eric Reinholdt | March 4, 2014 40
Our dominant sense as humans is sight. We’ve evolved a finely tuned awareness of light levels around us and assigned them meanings — the warm afternoon sun, a cool and snowy sky, a candlelit table — all of them connected to human emotion. Architecture...
How to Add a Kitchen Message Center
Kathryn Peltier | March 4, 2014 27
While we can send messages on our electronic devices, sometimes it just makes sense to put things in writing and post them in the hub of the house: the kitchen. Whether you write grocery lists, instructions for your kids or household announcements, your...
Houzz Tour: A Base Camp Designed for Adventure, Durability and Style
John Hill | March 4, 2014 43
Mazama is a small community in Washington state’s Methow Valley, east of the North Cascades National Park and near other wildlife and recreational areas. It is a perfect vacation spot for Seattle families any time of the year. One such family of four...
8 Tips for Peaceful Bedroom Sharing With Baby
Julie Kim | March 4, 2014 42
A few months before a baby’s arrival, many expectant parents begin nesting — a stage that often involves setting up a separate nursery. But not every family dedicates an entire room for their baby. Increasingly, parents are sharing their bedrooms...
These Homes Say Happy Mardi Gras!
Becky Harris | March 4, 2014 28
Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! In case you’re wondering how the date of Fat Tuesday is determined, it’s easy — it’s always the day before Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday is the last day of the carnival festivities, the last day to whoop it up before starting...
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