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Accent a Room With Colorful Trim
Becky Dietrich | March 4, 2014 49
Picasso once asked why two colors sang if you put them next to each other. I’m not sure I know the answer. But I do know that colors can make beautiful music together when you play them off one another. This is especially true if you abandon...
Simple Pleasures: Treat Yourself to Cut Flowers
Laura Gaskill | March 4, 2014 48
Whether scooped up by the armful at the farmer’s market, snipped from the garden or disassembled from a grocery store bouquet, cut flowers can bring life and beauty to a living space, and lift the spirits. If you don’t usually treat yourself to flowers,...
Artful Salvage: Old Doors Decorate the Garden
Charlotte Albers | March 3, 2014 41
My local salvage yard is brimming with building materials — lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, tile, windows and doors. On a recent trip, I was thinking how I might possibly use one of its old doors as an entry gate for my vegetable garden. The blowsy...
The Beauty of Contrast: Modern Art in Traditional Rooms
Jason Lees | March 3, 2014 42
Whatever your taste in decoration, an element of visual contrast is a great way to make your home more interesting and personal. Something oppositional or unexpected awakens the senses. There are many ways to introduce...
Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Blue From the Great Outdoors
Laura Gaskill | March 3, 2014 52
Blue surrounds us more than any other color, making it easy to love and use — it’s the color of our planet, the oceans and the sky. It plays well with all of the other colors (think...
Make a Push for a New Doorbell
Lurdes Abruscato | March 3, 2014 48
Whether you’re adding a spark of personality to your porch, fixing a convenience that’s on the fritz or making your doorway as high tech as you are, a doorbell is inexpensive and easy to install or make over.
Got a Disastrously Messy Area? Try Triage
Alison Hodgson | March 3, 2014 166
For those of us who are Not Naturally Organized, running a household can be overwhelming. “I don’t even know where to begin” is a common lament. We look at our Naturally Organized family members and friends and wonder how they do it. How do...
6 Basic Elements of Classic Garden Style
June Scott | March 3, 2014 12
Classic gardens are essentially formal gardens. They are defined by clean geometry, symmetry and crisp lines. With roots in ancient history, they reached their pinnacle in formal French gardens such as the ones at Versailles. While not many of...
Guest Picks: Hello, Birdie
Cristin Bisbee Priest | March 3, 2014 48
Although I know it’s still a few weeks away, I’m already looking forward to spring. Nesting birds remind me that warmer weather is on its way, so I’ve rounded up of some of my favorite home decor products inspired by our feathered friends. With...
Pet-Proofing Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide
Marianne Lipanovich | March 3, 2014 141
Everyone who gets a dog or cat soon learns that a certain amount of vigilance goes with pet ownership. Puppies and kittens especially can get into everything and escape through the tiniest opening. Some of the better-known dangers are toxic...
How to Get the Closet of Your Dreams
Steven Randel | March 2, 2014 241
Most of us have them and appreciate them, but many of us would rather that our closets … stay in the closet. But there is hope for disorganized, messy spaces. From premade closet organizing systems to custom configurations, there’s a solution that...
9 Creative Looks for Kitchen Cabinets
Laura Gaskill | March 2, 2014 42
There’s nothing wrong with plain white or wood cabinets, but if you’ve been looking for something with more zest and presence, these nine ideas can help. Running the gamut from elegant (stained glass) and green (reclaimed wood)...
Houzz Tour: Modern Treetop Living in Sydney
Annie Thornton | March 2, 2014 91
Our homes shelter us, but they also influence how we live and how we feel. The key is finding or creating the home that gives us the most positive domestic experience for the life we lead. For this treetop retreat in Sydney’s Freshwater neighborhood,...
Guest Picks: Casually Refined His-and-Her Den Decor
Kim + Scott Vargo | March 2, 2014 8
My husband, Scott, and I have this funny little room just off our main living space. Over the past several months, it has unofficially become our version of a “man room,” although...
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