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Houzz Tour: Traditional Meets Transitional in a Townhouse
Becky Harris | November 19, 2014 155
These clients inspired interior designer Charmean Neithart to “just say yes” to everything. Whether it was fitting a bathtub into a tight master bathroom, getting a...
7 Container Plantings to Bring Winter Gardens to Life
Matt Kilburn | November 19, 2014 18
Winter can be bland at the best of times. While the structure plants of your garden can usually hold interest all year, containers that punctuate key areas of the space in the summer can look pretty tired once winter rolls around. We like to combat this...
Design Workshop: The Modern Wall Base, 4 Ways
Eric Reinholdt | November 18, 2014 46
When architects talk about details, we’re referring to the way the parts and pieces of a home come together: how they’re joined, how they intersect....
Guest Picks: The Chicest Party Gear
Laura Gaskill | November 18, 2014 6
For me, planning the annual holiday party is just as fun as the event itself — and to be honest, a lot less stressful, too! This year I’m dreaming up a fun fete with a chic black and white palette. Think glamorous (like a pewter champagne bucket)...
3 Recipes for Foraged Holiday Table Decor
Annie Thornton | November 18, 2014 27
These three simple table settings emphasize the beauty of the season without adding to the holiday load. They feature ingredients that could be snipped from your garden, picked up off the sidewalk or easily found at the local market. And if you can’t...
My Houzz: A Stylishly Industrial London Flat
Catherine Macaulay | November 18, 2014 21
Being an interiors stylist and writer can have serious advantages when it comes to renovating your home. With insider knowledge and a great eye for a bargain, Rachel Christie has managed to create a cool and relaxed vibe in the north London home she shares...
Shop Houzz: Style Flowers Like a Pro
Houzz | November 18, 2014 4
Styling flowers shouldn’t be intimidating. That’s the idea behind Decorate With Flowers, a book that can help flower-arranging newbies gain confidence...
How to Make Your Brick House Feel at Home in the Landscape
Jay Sifford | November 18, 2014 26
Brick is one of the most popular choices for home exteriors in the U.S. For many, the Georgian home, with its brick exterior, grand scale and formal lines, personifies the American dream. Typically, a Georgian home has foundation plantings of boxwood....
Great Design Plant: Convolvulus Cneorum
Noelle Johnson | November 18, 2014 7
The silvery foliage and white flowers of bush morning glory (Convolvulus cneorum) make it is easy to see the benefits of adding it to the landscape. Not to be confused with invasive bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis),...
8 Great Color Palettes: Surprising Bedroom Neutrals
Jennifer Ott | November 18, 2014 56
A design instructor of mine once claimed that commercial interiors are so often painted beige because it is the color that best masks grimy smudges from people's hands. Yuck! I think I've been antibeige since that very moment. But I do realize that not...
Dream Spaces: Spa-Worthy Showers to Refresh the Senses
Mary Jo Bowling | November 17, 2014 179
The term “shower stall” often conjures a utilitarian, single-person spot meant for one thing: getting clean. These fantastic showers are a different animal — in many of them, solid walls and opaque barriers have been largely banished to let in light...
Try a Handmade Oushak Rug for Warm Spice Tones and Softness Underfoot
Laura Gaskill | November 17, 2014 31
Oushak rugs are elegant and incredibly soft, and work well with a range of styles — is it any wonder they are a favorite of decorators? Here’s how to identify these beautiful carpets and where they come from.
Houzz Tour: Prairie Grain Bin Turned Bucolic Retirement Home
Mitchell Parker | November 17, 2014 157
The prairie structures of Great Falls, Montana, have always captivated retired art teacher Kate Morris. Driving through the undulating, grassy landscape, she imagined someday turning one of the conical metal buildings made to store grain into a...
Houzz Tour: Remaking a Penthouse in a Gothic London Landmark
Natalie Wain | November 17, 2014 54
This luxurious penthouse is part of an imposing Gothic revival structure at London’s St. Pancras railway station. (Harry Potter movie fans will recognize the oft-filmed exterior as the station where students embark for Hogwarts.) For years the 19th-century...
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