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Houzz Tour: Subtle Cape Cod Style in Los Angeles
Fred Albert | July 9, 2014 63
After numerous visits to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a couple approached interior designer Phil Norman and asked him to re-create the feeling of that coastal community in their home....
Great Design Plant: Beavertail Prickly Pear Wows With Color
Noelle Johnson | July 9, 2014 13
Take a walk through the desert in spring or early summer, and you’ll halt at the sight of vivid magenta flowers bursting forth from this medium-size prickly pear. Beavertail prickly pear’s lack of long spines and presence of attractive gray-blue...
Objects of Desire: Dressing Tables Groomed for Style
Christine Tusher | July 9, 2014 41
I’ve always been nostalgic for the golden age of Hollywood, when women dressed to the nines and could seduce with a single hair flip. So when I first struck out on my own, I sent myself on a mission to find a vintage dressing table. I quickly found...
20 Ways to Work White Magic in Your Yard
Charlotte Albers | July 9, 2014 63
Like a perfect white shirt or a string of pearls, white gardens exude a timeless charm. They're classically elegant and never seem to go out of style. If you're...
Paint Your Bookcases to Transform Your Room
Laura Gaskill | July 9, 2014 60
Because of their sheer size, bookcases make a natural focal point in a room. Why not take advantage of that fact and treat your bookshelves to a colorful makeover? A fresh lick of paint, whether bold or subtle, all over or as an accent, can completely...
Travel Takeaways: Design Inspiration From the South Pacific
Becky Dietrich | July 9, 2014 16
If you are somewhat hazy about exactly where Samoa is, you are not alone. When I told my older brother that Mike and I were going to spend three weeks there, he said, with deep concern in his voice, “Aren’t there pirates there?” Uh, that...
Houzz Tour: Thrifty TLC Transforms a Beach Bungalow
Annie Thornton | July 8, 2014 101
Cayley Lambur has spent some time in the homes of strangers. She grew up as the child of architects, and visiting open houses was kind of a family hobby. Seen more as sightseeing opportunities than real estate prospects, these excursions didn’t...
Great Design Plant: Feed Wildlife With Flowering Currant
Kate Bryant | July 8, 2014 16
Long admired in the British Isles for their chubby racemes of bright flowers appearing in late winter to early spring, flowering currants (Ribes sanguineum) are now gaining the appreciation they deserve in West Coast gardens. Flowering...
Room of the Day: From Dark Basement to Bright Master Suite
Jeannie Matteucci | July 8, 2014 72
There’s not much sexiness to a concrete retaining wall. But with a few clever design moves, you can certainly dress one up enough to turn a few heads. That’s what the homeowners of this two-level San Francisco hillside house did when faced with an...
Casual Coastal Style Done 6 Ways
Laura Gaskill | July 8, 2014 35
Whether you adore the classic maritime look of New England, the warm and spirited U.S. South, British seaside nostalgia or something else entirely, the coastal style in all its variations is easy, breezy, casual and fun. What’s not to love? See if one...
A First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Home Maintenance
Christine Tusher | July 8, 2014 26
When you buy your first house, you have a lot going on with moving in, perhaps buying some furniture, hosting your first party at the house and getting used to those mortgage payments. With all that excitement, it’s easy to overlook routine home maintenance,...
Stick to Branches for Naturally Beautiful Lighting
Becky Dietrich | July 8, 2014 25
I am smitten when it comes to twigs and branches. I simply love using them in homes. They bring a natural beauty and integrity to an interior that can’t be matched by any other ingredient.
Houzz Tour: A Transformed Carriage House Opens for Play
Mitchell Parker | July 8, 2014 32
“It might look simple, but there was nothing straightforward about this at all,” says Pam Swatkins, a project manager at design-build firm Conner & Buck. She had the job of converting...
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