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Who Needs 3-D Design? 5 Reasons You Do
"building new, 3-D renderings can help you save money and get exactly what you want on your... more for 3-D; they either have it or they don't. Here are five reasons 3-D design can... drawings and 3-D presentations. Three-D design is becoming an industry standard, and finding... it in 3-D. Rather than your having rely on imagination to see if the bathroom door... kitchen, 3-D allows you to virtually walk through your home before even approving any..."
Discover the Intriguing Possibilities of 3-D Printing for Architecture
"With 3-D printing, the options push architecture's limits... Using 3-D printing to create something out of nothing seems like magic: Is your bathroom... potential of 3-D printing is especially thrilling; its efficient use of materials, time... for a 3-D printed house. Softkill is just one of many firms taking advantage of what... what 3-D printing has to offer and leading the way with innovative and conceptual... concepts for 3-D printed architecture: Could these be the basis of a new kind of house your..."
Houzz Announces 3-D Furniture Printing
"love the '3D print' button and video....Nice touches:) I was ready to order the 3D printer... Houzz's 3D efforts here, with a 3D house in Holland: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/s... I can 3d print George Clooney? I absolutely have to have one of these! As soon as... awhile! ;D Very funny! Love the expiry date and time! You'd better hurry, it's a limited... Trek fan, 3-D printing is about as close to a replicator as I will get in my life and..."
3-D Printing Takes Furnishings to New Heights at ICFF 2013
"like 3-D printing and laser cutting were limited to one-off prototypes and large-scale... intoduced to 3-D printing just a few days ago! This is definitely the wave of the future... of this 3D printer? @ hand gun: that is why it was delayed in it's release to the... thought this 3d printer would be so easily available.. but it seems it is.. @mabulu - I... filament for 3-D printers runs about $15 per pound. The machines range in cost from $500..."
3-D Wall Art For Your Home
"alive with 3-D art. Turn a wall into a show; make a statement. Whether it is made of plastic... with the 3D arts on walls. Refreshing. Beautiful! Thanks from @ http://www.interiordesignpro... This 3-D wall mural made of pottery is amazing. Large scale 3-D art makes a huge... placing 3-D art in wall boxes. You can have a lot of fun with this, painting the box... small 3-D art spread along the wall. These stunning sculptures are just "hanging..."
DIY: Bold 3D Dining Room Wall
"add some 3D texture in a mid-century style to match her home's decor. Using custom cut... column, 3 in the second column, and repeat on through. Once you've decided, draw the..."
3D Art: Items on Display
When decorating in a traditional sense, we often think of hanging art, displaying books or framing photographs. But sometimes the most charismatic and captivating pieces aren’t found on the wall, but instead are unique personal items that are casually...
Think in 3-D: Decorating with Sculpture
One of the quickest - and potentially least expensive (though not always) - ways to perk up a room is with artwork. Usually, when I think about adding new artwork to a space, I think of the walls: Where can I add a new painting? What can I replace? Lately,...
Landscapes Take Shape With 3-D Thinking
Inside our homes we arrange our furniture to make us feel comfortable within our space. If the furniture is too close together it makes the room seem crowded; if it is spaced too far apart the room can feel featureless. This balance between the bulky...
Design Practice: How to Pick the Right Drawing Software
"about 2D and 3D drawing tools, including pros, cons and pricing — and what to do if... that has 3D Basics and 3D Modeling components as part of the the AutoDesk software... create the 3D views in Revit or another 3D rendering tool. 2020 has the capability to... only a 2D drafting program. It allows for very robust 3D modeling/drafting. We are... integrate 2D/3D, hand drawn content and digital content in one file with little hassle..."
Pro-Quality Manufacturing at Home? There's an App for That
"design with 3-D printers and app-driven tools... inexpensive 3D software for beginners. They have 3D floor plan and room design.... using 3-D printing that are 1/8 th the cost of making it the traditional way. New... based 3D printer...missed it by a day; http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pirat... segment on 3-D printing recently on TV. That toy truck was featured, and a human ear... shapeways will 3D print in several different materials for you. Additionally Alias software..."
Unexpected Style for Your Wall
"Paper with 3-D, Plaster, Copper, Tile, Marble and More... cleaning the 3 day wall surfaces?? But maybe the owners of these homes don't do their own... non-toxic. 3-D wallcovering. This example is from WallArt, which uses the fibrous residue... for a 3-D illusion. See more of this house Copper. Enhance your space’s drama with..."
Choose Art With a Third Dimension
"out with 3-D art of ceramic, wood, metal and cardboard... picture 3? Paired with those arm sculptures the room gives off a creepy vib to me...."
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