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Grow a Kitchen Garden in 16 Square Feet
"sunny 4-by-4 space? You can make meals more interesting with your own vegetables... least 3x3 feet) even if trained on a cage or wire. They are wonderful in salads or eaten... about 3" - 4" apart. Pulling the seedlings out can disturb the roots of the seedlings... about 3 feet or so and start with good new potting soil that has long term fertilizer... on for 4 years old - I keep cutting them back, and they keep growing! Thanks for the..."
Houzz Tour: A Family of 4 Unwinds in 540 Square Feet
"square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 sleeping loft That's interesting: The home is in... else when 4 people are living in 540 sq feet lol. I salute your use of space and commitment... square feet. I am a little curious about the moss on the roof. Love it, love it!... 650 sq feet and I really appreciate articles like this, with its many good ideas.... square feet, same wood planks inside, one small bedroom and a loft. We were going..."
Houzz Tour: Family Living in 980 Square Feet
"family of 4 opts for creative space savers and subtle luxuries instead... square feet), designer-builders Mark Schatz and his wife, Anne Eamon, are used to... is 13 feet by 13 feet." That depends. I don't see any dressers in these pictures... square feet. and so do many other families all over the world. I love small spaces... square feet now. we live in a 900 square foot home in Park City Utah that needs... square feet. The picture makes it look twice that big. It is a waste of my time to..."
Houzz Tour: Color and Personality in 500 Square Feet
"home for 4 has a small footprint, but the family is big on creative solutions and styling... square feet; 2 bedrooms plus a freestanding guest room, 1 bathroom Year built: 1928... 1700 sq. feet. So I can imagine enjoying 500 sq. feet. Would love to see the floor plan... square feet. I'd love to see a picture of the whole front if the house or maybe a... 500 sq. feet include the garage or the shed or the TPi. So much personality has gone..."
My Houzz: Breezy Beauty in 750 Square Feet
"family of 4 chooses a view over space — with enviable results... square feet (70 square meters); 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom... square feet. Nicely done, folks! " Refreshing" thats the perfect way to describe this... lived here 4 years with no plans on leaving). I like the use of the terms curated, and... quare-Feet can you tell me where you bought the console under the TV. Thank You Very..."
My Houzz: Creative Personality in 1,000 Square Feet
"Oscar, 4, and Rafael, 20 months Size: 1,000 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,... square feet? paulfunston - thanks for your comment. Two of the bathrooms are on..."
28 Great Homes Smaller Than 1,000 Square Feet
"square feet (seriously) to 980 square feet — it’s easy to see that what goes into... family of 4 has lived in 100 sq m (1100? sq feet) for the past 8 years without thinking... 1000 sq. feet is too cramped for a family of 4 unless there are lots of windows and... around 166 feet per person. We also have a small backyard (20x100 feet) Myself, Hubby... of 10 X 4 ft which comfortably seats 4. We love to have breakfast here and enjoy the..."
Houzz Tour: Sustainable, Comfy Living in 196 Square Feet
"square feet of living space and a 63-square-foot sleeping loft above the kitchen.... square feet of living space plus a 63-square-foot sleeping loft... tiny like 4 X 4 plus single shower. The largest has 28 sf floor space with tub and shower... square feet...or I should say I own 1440 square feet, I mostly live in ten percent... square feet during the winter months would drive me nuts. The space is very lovely... 175 sq feet, I think, and it sold for about $170K, I think. (They were originally..."
Can You Live a Full Life in 220 Square Feet?
"square feet. Small-space living can be an economical choice, but it's also a lifestyle... 220 feet for one may work, but you may need an additional 100 feet for each additional... table and 4 chairs but it ended up as a clutter station so I gave it away. Instead I... about 4000 feet. Living small and the promotion of living small is a difficult concept... 1500 squ feet. Now, my friend and I have moved to a 36 foot motor home AND I LOVE it..."
Life Lessons From 10 Years of Living in 84 Square Feet
"downsized from 4,500 ->3,000 ->862 sq ft over the past 4 years. Don'th think I could be as... houses, 4 wheel drives in the garage, and saying to me I have to go back to work when... have a 4 bedroom house no mortgage anymore......one day I want 2 downsize to a 2 bedroom... a few feet away. I very much in favour of the motto- small place live large OK. Maybe... square feet...with an unfinished basement...and at least one outbuilding. :) Guess..."
Houzz Tour: Going Off the Grid in 140 Square Feet
"square feet, two things may still surprise you. One, she designed and built the house... square feet, that allows me to take aerobic walks from one end of the house to the... square feet, I thought it was just right. It taught me quite a bit about living in... square feet and having an outdoor space that is the same size as the Park Model seems... 1250 sq feet home? The "tiny" home will always be a curious spectacle to most American's..."
Kitchen of the Week: Bright and Modern in 90 Square Feet
"3' or 4' high chair rail. Justrich has turned this upside down with interesting results... have 3-4 times as much space to fry an egg. So funny! The keys to our successful... to a 3/4 of a square, or ....? Very confusing. I like his aesthetic: those wall sconces..."
13 Character-Filled Homes Between 1,000 and 1,500 Square Feet
"square feet is the Goldilocks zone — not too big, not too small. But making these... square feet, so these don't look "small" at all to me! All Mixed Up and Power of Paint... 1500 Sq. feet in Manhattan is not small - more like a palace! I just wanted to point... square feet in Manhattan is pretty big. As for function and design, we live in 1000... square feet in Boston and I find the fewest number of large pieces works best. It..."
Back Problems? Try Putting Your Feet Up
"have my feet up on a stool when I am reading, much more comfortable, I made the stool... without my feet up, so stools, ottomen, coffee tables, counters... nothing is safe. @... wine and feet up on another chair. It is so comforting after long day of work. love... back with feet up, so depth of the seat is immaterial. What is important is high enough... the LC4. After an extensive search, it was the most comfortable lounger by far...."
Houzz Tour: A Guesthouse and Grotto in 68 Square Feet
"square feet including a kitchenette, bed/couch, shower, bath, writing desk, loft sleeping... com/33q4t4b Your little grotto is beyond amazing - is that a real turtle visiting... square feet of efficiently designed and utilized space feature a loft, views and a..."
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