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Aim High With This Tall African Houseplant
Corn dracaena, also called fortune plant (or corn plant for its stalk-like leaves) can reach heights of 6 feet or more indoors, making it striking to use as part of an interior design. It tolerates low light and a bit of neglect, and like most other houseplants,...
Architect's Toolbox: Aim High with Interior Railings
Stairs, balconies, porches and more all have railings to protect people and to make it easier to climb a stair or to lean when taking in a view. These are the functional needs of an interior home railing. And building codes will dictate the minimum...
Slow Design: Today's 'Wabi-Sabi' Helps Us Savor the Moment
"that's aiming to satisfy our real needs, leaving materialism in the past... and it aims to balance the local with the global, the social with the environmental..."
More Top Paint Picks for 2014: New Greens, Blues and Neutrals
"colors aim to lift spirits and express creativity. Here’s how to use 9 of them in... palettes aim to “restore spirits with a return to simplicity, reconnect us to cultures..."
Making Room: Discover New Models for Tiny NYC Apartments
"competition aims to realize a pilot project with microunits averaging around 300 square... Both are aimed at making New York City more affordable to singles and couples. Here's..."
Must-Know Modern Homes: The Rietveld Schröder House
"points aimed at abandoning tradition in favor of the organic combination of architecture... members aimed for something new, but that they prioritized the universal over the..."
Houzz Tour: Outstanding Ecofriendliness With a Contemporary Bent
"way and aim for Platinum LEED certification. "Our house, which we've named 'Ecologia... that's aiming for Platinum LEED certification in Montreal...."
10 Great Ways to Unplug and Tune In to Nature
"Campout aims to get kids outside and to connect people with nature, both near and far... and are aiming some nice projects at "citizen scientists" to get people more active..."
Easy Green: Discover the Appeal of 'Ecovillages'
"they all aim to make sustainable practices an integrated part of daily life for residents... ecovillages aim to foster a sense of kinship and community among residents. At Sandywoods... community aims to produce net zero energy, with a community solar farm, access to mass..."
Gardeners Champion Nature's Cause in the City
"Dewees, aimed at creating public awareness of the extraordinary — and necessary —... group aims to create pieces that are attractive, fun and attainable.This panel of..."
7 Big Ideas for Small Kitchens and Baths
"ideabook aims to reverse the negative connotations associated with small spaces by offering..."
Houzz Pets: 50 Cats Cozy Up at Home
"spaces. We aim to please. So here you are — some of our favorite cats at home around Houzz..."
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