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Clear the Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Purifiers
"efficient air filtration systems of all kinds — and which one actually makes indoor pollution... purchasing an air purifier to clean the air inside your home — but with so many types of... to home air purifiers to figure out which are worth spending your hard-earned bucks... quality of air at your home or office, replace air ducts regularly, check your air filtration... get one air purifier and keep it in your bedroom for cleaning the air while you are..."
Get Cleaner Indoor Air Without Opening a Window
"stale air if there is no air passing through the windows and walls?” This concern... indoor air controlled by mechanical ventilation. For many this seems to contradict... fresh air into a stale environment. But today there are several factors to consider... outdoor air is still of a better quality than indoor air-conditioned air. Thanks to... incoming air and warming up the outgoing air. Purchased a Brazilian tiger wood floor..."
6 Ways to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning
"ng an air conditioner is a near-must in climates where months-long heat waves are... running your air conditioner less or brave the heat without one, here are six steps that... fresh air over air-conditioned air. And use the air-conditioning to knock things... lower air and let out the hot air that rises. I lived in an old un air conditioned... push hot air out and let cool air flow in than trying to blow cool air IN I live in..."
5 Ways to Hide That Big Air Conditioner in Your Yard
"your air conditioner is probably your favorite major appliance. However, it can... block your air conditioning unit so you won’t even know it’s there. Here’s how to keep... tons of air through its outdoor coil every hour, which equals a cube of air with sides... existing air conditioner. Good idea to hide new air conditioner. I would like to say... the hot air out the house. It does this with the fan pulling air around the coils...."
10 Ways to Hide That Air Conditioner
"mini-split air conditioner? Try one of these clever disguises and distractions... mini-split air conditioners are popping up all over the place as an energy-efficient... central air conditioning systems. Why? Because you can individually control zones of... hide our air conditioner, it's called yard art! I am a heating and air conditioning... who's air-conditioner was blowing cool air in the winter when it was seat to heat..."
7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health
"r the air for good — the right bathroom ventilation can purify what you breathe and... Air pollution, mold and moisture are all things you don't want in your home — especially... of the air inside a home is often worse than the quality outside, and much of this... quality of air in your bathroom.... warming the air too. Warmer air holds more water, then you suck that water laden air our... help draw air through the door gaps and out the ceiling. Causing more air flow through..."
12 Ways to Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning
"Blasting the air conditioner isn't always an option, and it certainly uses a lot of energy... attic air and to set up a natural convection of cooler air in, hotter air out. That... increase air flow and reduce air condition cost. A whole house fan was installed in... if the air is warm it distributes warm air throughout the house. Also, the windows... the cool air from the Cooler forces the warm air out of the house. Your house can be..."
Wake Up Rooms With the Power of Fresh Air
"the open air. Open air can be enjoyed in just about any home, save those with windows... fresh air — and fewer bugs. Rejoice! As the hoards of insects retreat, fling open... let some air in. Few things beat fall breezes blowing into your home and refreshing... are open air sister Tricia!! I loooooove the doors open when it rains! Same here! I... fresh air is refreshing! I would love to however my family's outdoor allergies forbid..."
Benjamin Moore Floats Breath of Fresh Air as Its Color of 2014
"Fresh Air, my husband looked over my shoulder and said, “That’s not a color.” Of... Fresh Air, and ultimately figure out how I could use this hue in a home’s interior... fresh air" blue colour needs to be paired with other colours to make it work for... Fresh Air a neutral exactly, but I still love it. It gives rooms with lots of bright... fresh air. I have a very similar color in most of my tiny house. It's fresher than..."
Bowl Over Guests With a DIY Air Plant Terrarium
"Air plants don't need much attention, but they'll get it anyway with a snazzy, gilded... Epiphytes, or air plants, require almost nothing. They can grow upon any surface, because... from the air. They are supermobile, meaning you can switch them around with your decor... give your air plant a pretty home, you can make a simple terrarium. It's a lovely feature... you buy air plants? I've never seen them in a store... I haven't seen air plants in..."
Guest Picks: Hot Air Balloons Help Decor Soar
"more, hot air balloons lift rooms up, up and away... Hot air balloons are a burgeoning trend and surprisingly easy to incorporate into... love hot air balloons! There's definitely something in the air, I have a bit of these... loved hot air balloons. One of the closest things to magic we have on earth, don't you... of hot air balloon theme. For one thing I can't ever see myself getting into one!... eclectic hot air balloon! This is by far the cutest ideabook I have seen yet! That necklace..."
Air Plants Go Easy on Indoor Gardeners
"easy air plants to bring a living garden to your home... Air plants, a category of plants formally known as epiphytes, get their name from... living on air. Although they appear to require nothing in the way of water or food, air... air plants actually gather their nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere around... center, air plants can be found at specialty nurseries and are increasingly easy to... thumbs, air plants require practically no care. Just be sure that they receive ample..."
Got a Hot, Humid Landscape? Add Tropical Flair With Air Plants
"Air plants are unique, because they occupy an ecological niche in the treetops of... Adding air plants to your tree trunks and garden walls will add a layer of lush greenery... is an air plant, and its presence is an indication that you may be able to grow other... other air plants with ease. The warm and humid southeastern U.S., from the Carolinas... canopy. Air plants have gained popularity over the past few years, and many species..."
My Houzz: Open-Air Living in the Mountains of Bali
"fresh air of course. And although he has minimal furniture it was all designed for... fresh air blowing through his house hasn't hurt his health, as far as I can see,... fresh air to what westerners are normally accustomed to. The only real issue is... Evans's open air retreat in Bali was amazing! Thank you Soooo much for giving us a glimpse... The open air - the wide expansive views - the connection to nature right there with..."
Dirt Optional: Amazing Air Plants for Wall or Tree
"s and air plants are stunning on winter walls — and the Christmas tree... succulents and air plants, these designs prove how easily indoor gardening can stretch beyond... amazing Air Plants to florists (like us!), making the previously exotic little treasures... that sell Air Plants, arrangements, glass globes, and anything else your heart desires... sells air plants? Jim, there are a couple of nurseries in Danville/San Ramon I would..."
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