316 Ash Stories

Guest Picks: Light Wood Accents That'll Grow on You
"furniture in ash, birch and light oak... variety of ash, birch and light oak products to help build our new color palette and redesign... the warm ash base to the cool beveled doors. It has been on my want-want-want list for... light ash legs would harmonize so nicely with the new maple flooring. The wide-set... than the ash, birch and beech that I often gravitate to, the still-light solid hardwood..."
Your Floor: An Introduction to Solid-Plank Wood Floors
"of Oak, Ash, Pine, Maple and Solid Bamboo... owned ash, lots of grain pattern, knots and it was hard. Consider harder wood floors... kitchens Ash. A similar wood to oak that's even harder is ash. Baseball bats and garden... made from ash, just to give you a sense of how hard it is. The sapwood of an ash tree... oak. Ash holds stain colors well, and since light-colored ash floors made from ash... ash sapwood are more desirable, most ash floors tend to be lightly stained. A light..."
Updated Woodstoves Keep Home Fires Burning
"stacking and ash removal. Wood is now more cost effective than ever. But before you start... re-fuel lets ash out into the air. We run a hepa-filter a few times a week, and dust constantly... bed of ash or sand or some other noncombustible substance to light a fire on! If... enough ash in a secure container to start a new fire in the fall. One thing completely... Hauling the ash is also messy---I never had a grate but can say that placing a dampened..."
My Houzz: Colorful and Clever DIY Touches Fill an Alabama Farmhouse
"Kelley Ash have kept busy designing, building and reimagining their North Alabama... Kelley Ash, and their 3 children On the farm: 3 horses, 1 donkey, 5 chickens, 2 dogs... "a" (for Ash). The stair rail is made from industrial plumbing pipe — an idea Kelley... Robinson. The Ashes installed this French farmhouse sink in the master bathroom. A mint-colored..."
10 Cabin Rental Basics for City Slickers
"placing wood ashes out for traction--there is NOTHING better than wood ash for traction... all the ash and coals...that's what gives the warmth...not the flame. Just scoop enough... keep the ash from spilling out and DO NOT put it in the trash. It should be put outside... the cool ash and wipe the glass to clean it. The best fire starter I have ever used... throw ashes in the trash -- no matter how cool you may think they are, it is not..."
How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace
"out any ashes or deal with wood. We flick a switch the fire lights up an internal fan... for the ashes - so easy! We live where there is an abundance of oak, birch, & sometimes... smoke and ashes from a wood burning fireplace. We focused on resale value. A wood burning... of the ashes. As noted, these stoves/fireplaces need electricity so are useless in... remove the ashes but it's worth it. jojomax burning wood is not polluting. Its carbon..."
Houzz Tour: Sublime for Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
"Mountain Ash, contains the hues of the surrounding landscape, from the glean of silver... Mountain Ash stone from the first floor up to the third. On the first level, the entry..."
AIASF Marin Home Tour: The Hillside House
"high fly ash content in all concrete, home automation system that controls lighting..."
Houzz Tour: Virginia Wine Country Cottage
"Estate, Ash Lawn (James Monroe's home) and Blenheim Vineyards (owned by Dave Matthews;..."
10 Real Ways You Can Help After a House Fire
"from the ashes, our new home will have a plaque displayed that says "Our home is your... burn to ashes because I've heard the drama of dealing with the insurance is exponentially... cherished in ashes, i do believe that all of this has brought our family and our friends... covered in ash and smells bad even after cleaning with TSP. I almost wish it burnt to... filled with ash and rubble. In closing, I'd like to point out that the victims of Hurricane..."
Great Design Plant: Chionanthus Virginicus
"emerald ash borer is now found in fringetrees as well as ash trees. It's certainly... emerald ash borer. Love, love the fringe tree! Oh, that is a real bummer to hear... that the Ash Borer is using the Fringetree as a host. Learn to check your trees- Ash..."
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