296 Bamboo BM-30 Stories

Shop Houzz: Embracing the Many Facets of Bamboo
"Bamboo is a soft, sustainable and stylish option for every part of the home... favorite bamboo and faux bamboo pieces from the Houzz Shop!... takes 30 to 50 years to replenish. That makes bamboo an excellent, renewable and... mistake bamboo for wood — it’s actually a durable grass. It can be harvested every... Bamboozled by Bamboo Bamboo is harvested in China, a country with poor quality control re:... for "bamboo" cloth, which uses many chemicals. Bamboo is only green in that it..."
Bamboo Products — Earth Friend or Foe?
"compared with 30 to 50 years for most trees. In addition, The Environmental Bamboo Foundation... Bamboo was first found and used in China about 5,000 years ago. Technically classified... Since bamboo also needs few pesticides and fertilizers and little irrigation, it... cases bamboo can grow up to 3 or 4 feet per day and can reach maturity in five to... states that bamboo reduces carbon dioxide gases; a grove can release 35 percent more oxygen..."
Small Garden? You Can Still Do Bamboo
"Having bamboo that thrives on a wee plot just takes planning, picking the right variety... there is a bamboo that can work in almost any garden. However, bamboo has a bad reputation... types of bamboo: clumping and running. With a little forethought, bamboo can be one... Bamboo is amazing. There are few other plants that provide such an elegant screen... rate. But bamboo can be safely incorporated into home gardens — even smaller spaces —..."
Great Design Plant: Alphonse Karr Bamboo
"Bamboo gets a bad rap in the garden, but this clumping variety creates an exotic... Alphonse Karr Bamboo (Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr') is one such bamboo. A clumping variety... Bamboo grows like a weed, is sustenance for pandas and deserves to be considered... plant, bamboo in reality can prove to be one of the most versatile and applicable... manage bamboo in your yard. These are sold wherever bamboo is sold. Bamboo is a quick..."
Bamboo Sprouts Up in Bountiful Home Uses
"everything. Bamboo has been around for thousands of years in just about every application... making bamboo work in your home.... “rayon from bamboo” vs. simply “bamboo”. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cracked... The bamboo fencing in the pic by Ray Johannes Landscaping - I've seen that done... opting for bamboo floors, take into consideration that importing it from China blasts... vertical bamboo floors a lot. They have such an industrial edge. And I love the texture..."
Ranch House Remodel: Installing the Interior Finishes
"as the bamboo flooring is laid, the bathroom tiles are set and more... selected BM Parrot Orange. Just a hint of brown in it to match up with the house body... stained bamboo that will provide a nice base to the interiors.Flooring like this should..."
Houzz Tour: A San Diego Townhouse Gets a Bright Update
"and warm bamboo accents help California architects give their home a fresh, high-end... design. The bamboo paneled openings really customize the space, along with the bamboo staircase... how the bamboo turned out. The place looks stunning! Love what you have done with a... and the bamboo rods!! The mobile was stated as an amazing DIY. Wow! I guess a better... clean the Bamboo floors? A safe way to treat them? This condo is amazing, great job..."
Inside Houzz: A Walnut Wall of Storage Opens Up a Kitchen
"A 30-foot wall of storage frees up cooking areas and counters for food prep and... integrating a 30-foot black walnut wall of storage that took all the pressure off the cooking... three-tiered bamboo steamer. Very nice design .. I also don't like the typical "upper" cabinet... Made, is 30 feet long and 8 feet tall. “It’s like a furniture pantry,” Osborne says..."
Houzz Tour: A Texas Home Gets a Healthy, Fresh Start
"overgrown with bamboo — the two-story, three-bedroom house that Furman & Keil Architects... of the bamboo. And what better way to celebrate the outdoors than with a screened-in... removing the bamboo, which is non-native and invasive in Texas. Must have rearranged the... overgrown, 30-year-old bamboo forest with “an old, disgusting black-mold house and dilapidated... middle of a bamboo forest out there,” Elkins says. Elkins used to be a competitive snow..."
On Show: Weird, Wondrous Science Meets Design
"wood, bamboo and denim insulation, what I'm about to show you is much, much stranger... nearly 30 percent, to 9.1 billion people, in 25 years, I do have a few burning questions..."
Woven Wood Shades Tie Rooms Together
"slatted bamboo, grass, jute, reed or rattan, these shades are delicately woven together... used the bamboo (1/4" wide) blinds shown in the master bathroom above in my master bedroom... look, my bamboo blinds don't provide enough privacy. Wish I had added the "privacy backing"... felt the bamboo would offer enough privacy. :( kennedytarheel - coulda, woulda, shoulda... about 11:30 am. to 5:30 pm. Trying to figure out if we should put the shades from..."
Stroll Through a Magnificent Japanese Garden, Newly Renovated
"varietals of bamboo and throw in a koi pond or two, and I’m all ears. So when I heard that... garden, bamboo forest, historic Japanese House and recently added ceremonial teahouse... or the bamboo forest, with its winding, romantic path ... ... passing through the... 12 to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p..."
No-Fail Window Shades
"made from bamboo, a readily available and renewable resource, they are eco-friendly and... my new bamboo blinds and this popped up! I have ideas now! Thanks! I love the look... have used bamboo blinds in almost every room - only exceptions: kitchen where I have... added bamboo blinds under my sheer draperies in mbr and the layering is very cozy... used the bamboo blinds from J.C.Penney in every room in my home. They look high end..."
Get Backyard Privacy the Subtler, Stylish Way
"with a bamboo or hedge barrier. For something a little more decorative, both architects... through :) Bamboo pots for privacy This fence and bench could easily be made with pallets... about 30 miles away. We have planted bald cypress and other trees native to the area... This bamboo adds interest to a retaining wall and helps enhance the yard's Asian..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Warmth for a Lake Superior Getaway
"include bamboo-plywood cabinets, linoleum flooring, locally grown maple flooring, birch... that -30 and colder wind it is really hard to keep warm. What did you do to insulate... FSC-certified bamboo product. Finne added sapele end panels to pick up on the sapele dining... about 30 feet from the lake's shore; the photographer practically had his feet in..."
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