5256 Between the Studs Ideabooks

Quick Fix: Find Wall Studs Without an Expensive Stud Finder
"hidden wall studs with this ridiculously easy trick... knows the perils that come with not locating the wall stud. One inch too far to the... purchasing the highest quality stud finders on the market, they never worked perfectly... the left or the right, and your drywall can develop an ugly hole or even come down... line of the finder indicates the EDGE of the stud, not the center. The light moves... with wood stud walls...The magnet finds the screws used to attach the drywall to the..."
Meet the Studs
"are just the kind of strong, silent type every home needs. Get to know studs — and how... timber, studs, sticks — whatever you call it, the material is the same: wood. Houses... , and the recent introduction of engineered wood products has extended lumber's... barrier between the sill plate and the concrete foundation for more protection. What... increases the insulation in walls and lessens the thermal bridging thru studs by cutting..."
Tap Into Stud Space for More Wall Storage
"walls — between the studs that make up the walls’ framework. A nook carved out of a... nooks between the studs are a great way to make the most of your square footage.... across from the sink, I carved out the stud space the same height as the entry door about... here? The depth of the space between studs on a regular wall is quite shallow. It... cupboard in the wall space, buy the door or doors first and make the space fit the doors..."
Steel Stud
"version of the wood stud can frame a home with a few extra benefits... the downside, steel studs transfer cold and condensation to the exteriors of walls... recyclable, the pollution incurred during the process can outweigh the benefits. Wood,... a wood stud needs to be cut on a saw with each measurement, a steel stud can be snapped... Steel studs are mostly used in commercial settings but are becoming increasingly..."
Architect's Toolbox: Finding the Space Between
"space between the cozy indoors and the possibilities outside... belong to the ship or to the sea, a space that isn't in the foreground or in the background... attached to the house. Like the brow of the Titanic, these balconies create middle-ground... scene in the movie Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are at the brow of this... above the water with the ocean stretched out before them. DiCaprio and Winslet find..."
The Case for In-Between Colors
"around the home isn't hard to get... to the next. (Much of that is due to the number of pigments used. The more pigments... go into the paint, the more mutable the color.) And because these shades are harder... of in-between colors — those indescribable shades that fall somewhere between one... another on the color wheel. These colors rarely look the same from one time of day to... These in-between shades can be a great compromise, offering a tease of color without..."
Floors Blur the Line Between Inside and Out
"Feel the Magic of a Floor That Seems to Flow Right Outside... forget the first time I experienced the total blurring of the line between indoor... see that the whole back wall was open to the outside. As I walked forward, the side... under the roof. Alas, back here in the Pacific Northwest, the buildings seem to... stopped, and the roof stopped, but the floor just kept going — no threshold, no barrier... out at the moment. The only way I could really tell was by looking straight up to..."
Design Workshop: Explore the Magical In-Between Spaces
"house from the guest suite, workshop or pool house... adjacent to the farmstead. The Big House contained living spaces, the Little House contained... contained the kitchen, the Back House stored the carriage and all were connected to the... all over the world. In New England, where I practice, the connected farmstead or Big... light from the south. The environmental advantages of siting a home to special views..."
14 Beautiful In-Between Spaces: Verandas Around the World
"shelter from the rain or sun, or watch the world go by. For apartment dwellers, the terrace... shade in the summer and more sunlight in the autumn when the leaves fall. See how... rarely move between the inside and outside of our homes without some form of in-between... of the home's function. Where we live defines how we use these in-between spaces... often the primary role, as these spaces protect us from the elements. They can also..."
Modern Outdoor Spaces: Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors
"opens between a living room and a patio. By the way, this year the Modern Atlanta... mostly on the Modern Atlanta 2008 House Tour (only the top photo is not from said tour)... blurred the lines between indoors and outdoors, whether it's with Saarinen rockers... "Bring the Outdoors In!" ubiquitous exclaimation, all of these spaces have completely... ATL :-) The one with the man walking on the pavers and the trough Koi Pond. You took..."
Patio Pavers Go Green in Between
"nd to the environment and easy on the eyes, pavers with moss or other foliage in... in the joints create a charming permeable hardscape... improve the overall sustainability of a property. They replenish the groundwater table... loved the look but had concerns about maintenance. If your heart is torn between... may be the right path — or patio — for you.... strips of the "grass" and lay it between the stones. Or does the "grass" go under the..."
Houzz Tour: Nestling Into the Rural Pennsylvania Landscape
"provide the inspiration for a new home sited between a meadow and the woods... house between the meadow and the woods, so that it would serve as a bridge between... home), but the couple hoped to minimize its impact on the land. To help his clients fulfill... camping on the site, so that I could listen to what the landscape had to tell me,” he... wanted the house they would build to last for centuries. It would also have to be..."
Strange but True Parallels Between Early Western and Old Japanese Style
"trends. The plain, efficient homes built by the utopian Shakers (the antithesis of the... built as the United States got wealthier) and the simple, unsentimental Arts and Crafts... repression and the Industrial Revolution’s isolation), bear the wabi-sabi mark. As do Frank... s for the life within their walls”— and the Slow Design movement of today that urges... emerged in the mid- to late 18th century and the early 1900s, when industrialization was..."
Designer Confessions: Torn Between Wood Floors
"if it's between the dog and the floors, the dog is going to win. So while my clients... inherit the floors that come with the homes they buy, so they aren't faced with this... maintain the flow and integrity of the home. But what to do when you're starting from... position at the same time I'm helping a client choose a wood floor, too. I seriously considered... debating between wide-plank natural white oak and reclaimed, slightly stained oak, I'm..."
Houzz Tour: Between Sea and Sky on Raft Island
"Tucked between the sea and the sky, and surrounded by evergreens, two structures constituting... Inlet on the southern end of Puget Sound, Washington. About an hour from Seattle, this... built by the owner's son, Randall Lanou, from BuildSense in North Carolina. Barbara... hands-on all the way, creating an artistic masterpiece both indoors and out. Tucked... percent of the wood from an existing 1968 A-frame was repurposed in everything from the..."
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