589 Buffet Stories

Room of the Day: An Elegant North Carolina Dining Room
"chairs and buffet are great but seem to lack from malnutrition. I just don't get the... of the buffet, table and chairs. If the room had been lighter or not so richly treated..."
Every Room Needs a Little Bit of Black
"petite buffet done in an Ebony finish. Yes, even rustic can have its black ways!... netry/buffet-2120/ How high does a ceiling have to be for it to work painted black..."
5 Reasons to Hit That Secondhand Store
"on my buffet. Ms Garner articulates Wabi-sabi so well in her features which are one... chairs buffet, china cabinet and side table for $500. Yghammon I'm interestered in..."
My Houzz: Humor and Kitsch Meet Midcentury Modern
"The two buffets are brilliant, I love the turquoise brick wall, the way you've kept... have the buffet, various living room tables (the upholstered couch, three chairs and..."
Which Is for You — Kitchen Table or Island?
"lay out buffet foods when company comes and we are eating at the nook table (which... set up a buffet and let people carry their plate into the dining room. I like to eat..."
How to Childproof Your Home: Expert Advice
"Keeping the buffet in front of the fence near the gate is not safe.children can climb the... the buffet very easily. I don't have kids, but those stove knob locks look like something..."
How One Couple Got a Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding
"simple buffet and champagne and got married in front of a crackling fire (it was in... candy buffet. We used four different china patterns that we already had and antique..."
Houzz Tour: Visit a Modern Update in Oakland
"built-in buffet would also brighten this area and the wood cabinetry. I am sure there... those buffet cabinets either but painting over them? Beautiful and thoughtful job..."
Kitchen Counters: Granite for Incredible Longevity
"large bar/buffet area. After a few years living with the kitchen, I am glad I don't have... set up a buffet, because it looks nicer. I wouldn't hold to that "up to $100/sq ft"..."
How to Get the Pendant Light Right
"served a buffet at a party and moved the table to the side of the room ... but then... serving buffet? I'm thinking possibly some specific lighting for the storage for..."
Quick Fix: Erase Water Rings from Furniture
"on our buffet. In just the right light or angle has left a "ghost" shadow. I have... The buffet is "old style" and very shiny or glossy on top, but that's a whole other..."
Spend Less Without Being a Grinch: 8 Holiday Ideas
"casual buffet, help yourself dining, and lounging around watching movies. It's not... potluck buffet helps stretch the budget too. We now spend time instead of money..."
Key Measurements for Planning the Perfect Dining Room
"iling buffet. Problem? The carved table legs are INSET, leaving me with only a... table and buffet were made by a local carpenter of English yew, pacific yew, and Birdseye..."
Smart Storage: Make the Most of Your Hutch
"called a buffet and hutch, the hutch being the top part. My own doesn't have a serving... wouldn't be a buffet, although it's what I call it. I imagine it depends to some extent on..."
TGIR: The Case of the Disappearing TV
"and the buffet the owners had. They left their entertainment center also because all... repurposed buffet. It doesn't disappear when it's turned off, but it doesn't attract attention..."
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