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Guest Picks: Life’s a Picnic
Although long stretches of warm weather haven’t yet returned to Chicago, that hasn’t stopped us from daydreaming of lazy Sundays on the front porch, friendly gatherings and bicycling to the beach. The anticipation of full-on spring followed by summer...
Decorate With Intention: Simplicity for Life's Sake
"simplify your life no matter where you are. Read on for 10 ways to get started.... stress in life is self inflicted. Every tip here is one I absolutely agree with, and... success in life is the ability to delay gratification.) I am adding the "$100" rule... time of life and for me to move forward in mine. Britastina, I love your system! I'm... in my life! We have actual hoarders in my family. You can't imagine my horror of..."
Three Magic Words for a Clean Home and a Better Life
"lasts? Life is short. It is a balancing of life and priorities, with give and take... much of life, if you want a great life. Every single thing can not occur right this... Your life will change and you will find yourself running out to see the full moon... this rule life would be perfect. But for me I'm already struggling with a 10 year old... what is life without those memories of sailing, traveling, scuba trips, gatherings..."
High Style for Real Life
"enrich your life? Below, some tips for a soul-satisfying mix of high style and functionality... enrich your life, letting you live the way you wish and allowing for the unexpected and... Insist on life. Our lives can run the gamut from crazy to quiet, from messy to orderly... from your life in a display that puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Celebrate..."
Life Lessons From 10 Years of Living in 84 Square Feet
"richer life. She found it by moving into a very tiny house... g her life and the place she called home.... making your life count! Not for what you have, but for what you do with your life! @ChickieD... enjoy life, when life becomes boring and status quo. Don't get me wrong, I understand... on your life changing endevore. This was a brave and challenging life change you made... with a life threatening situation and made choices that to her, make her life better..."
Porch Life: 12 Ways to Beautify a Porch With Plants
"Porch Life: Wraparound Porches | Sleeping Porches | Screened-In Porches Modern Porches... trellis add life to porches..."
7 Ways to 'Happy Chic' Your House and Life
"approach to life reflects his approach to home decorating: He always tries to be chic,... Chic Your Life (Sterling, November 2012), the third installment in his Happy Chic series... said, 'Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death." Here are seven... the good life! Where did you find the red hood fireplace?? - my father & colleague designed... its past life. Preloved and well-worn decor elevates a space and bares its soul. As..."
Can You Live a Full Life in 220 Square Feet?
"a full life in the tiniest of spaces.... simple-life sacrifice... I forget who said it, but it seems that the more space... one's life to essentials and designing to that paradigm and preserving open space... COMPRESSED LIFE-STYLE AND SPACE.. GORGEOUS JAPANESE-MADE WOODEN END-TABLES, SHOJI SCREEN... save/plan for life's next stages. HOWEVER, I notice that it's almost impossible to find anyone... micro-life that we're building a 1400sf house to live in for half the year during..."
Improve Your Love Life With a Romance-Ready Bedroom
"couple - Life easily takes over when you have kids. Who feels sexy when they're busy... entire life with him or her. Loved the way you put the article together Mitchell :)... jobs, life, no time for anything...creating a sanctuary for intemacy is a great idea... of his life now that his wife has moved on. Peace. The second bedroom boasts a bean... in your life and your bedroom, is all very lovely for one reason. It frees your mind..."
10 Smart Organizing Ideas That Make Life Easier
Go beyond mere neatness by making small changes around the house that will help you out each day. When your home is primed to efficiently support common activities and tasks — from dealing with mail, bills and memorabilia, to gifting, cleaning...
Houzz Tour: Lola Nova's Small Space, Big Life
"home and life in general. Part of her purpose involves "giving new life to old stuff... very big life. She says, "Our home's look is constantly in flux, always changing when... a new life when a vintage floral fabric covers the cushion. Mismatched furnishings... touch of life and creativity to spur her on with aloe plants "dressed" in handmade sweaters..."
Want to Streamline Your Life? Get a System
"streamlining life’s boring essentials, you can spend more time and energy on the people... and Now. Life doesn't vary much for most of us. The same people, the same clothes, the... things in life "just because". Problem is, my husband is a piler... as I found out later... laundry life easier, instead of living out of my laundry basket. I realized one day... laundry life was fixed! I now use those decorative bins along the walls in my closet..."
Tastemakers: Our Paper Life
"Paper Life. They want to make the process of building, buying, and putting together... part of life." While it's not suited for everyone, these simple designs seem like they... Paper Life website, but could not find any information pertaining to waterproofing... Paper Life's take is wonderful. Strong, inexpensive and much more reasonable than... make your life easier, you can decorate it, draw on it, pin on it, or even staple on..."
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