1522 Calm Stories

Houzz Tour: An East Coast Victorian
"him to calm down and the class back on track, ready to learn, you can handle just..."
Captivating Color Combinations for the Home
"a more calming space (and if you tire of bold colors easily)...."
What's at the Foot of Your Bed?
"have a calming and well designed space in which to begin and end each day. Sure,..."
Simplicity in Sleep
"from its calming simplicity (with its cream walls, hardwood floors, white linens, white..."
One Bright Spot
"light and calming colors - except for one great orange and white throw pillow. It's..."
Etsy Designers at Home: Interview with Sue Teso of Solstice Home
"white. It calms me and and works well with my mixture of styles. Running a close second..."
How to Achieve Balance: Using Symmetry in Design
"achieve a calming and pleasing atmosphere. Obviously, you don't need to go for a perfect..."
Trees: Bringing Nature into your Home
"balance and calm in our lives. We do this by taking vacations or going on hiking day trips..."
American Pastoral: Inspiring Farmhouse Style
"comfort and calmness. You don't have to go to extremes and move to Amish country to achieve..."
Zen In Black
"not only calming and grounding, but art. These photos show where unusual additions of..."
Busy, Busy, Busy: Decorating with Patterns
"They're calming and simple and minimal. Unfortunately, they can also be very boring..."
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