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15 Ways a Mirror Can Light Up Your Morning
"mirrors can do much more than provide a spot to check your reflection: They can enhance... vanity for light fixtures on both sides of 2 mirrors, a mirror behind each sink. But I... with the light fixture going through the mirror in the center. Should I stick to plan... provide even lighting on your face, whereas overhead lighting can create shadows. Sneak... mirror can be seen on the side of the bath, connecting the two elements. Repurpose..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Kitchen Touches Anyone Can Do
"and I can hear your defeated sighs as I read them. As someone who is on Houzz looking... "If I can't have my dream house, I'll make my dreams fit into my house." You can... something I can use to make my own home better. While I am terrible at DIY, I love to rearrange... that you can do for little to no money in very little time. This week we'll cover the... Cabinets can be refaced, paints and countertops can be changed, and you can make a house..."
DIY Projects: 10 Lamps You Can Make (or Imitate) at Home
"The Lego light lamp. Legos might be the coolest thing ever - and these Lego light bulbs... lamps can be made at home with just a little artsy-craftsy skill - and they produce... diffuse light - but even whole spoons would make a great effect. 4. The twig lamp... outdoor lighting at the Savannah College of Art & Design - and has a great, simple... rings of light, symbolically representing the chinese saying of “六六大顺”, meaning everything..."
10 Ways a Red Lamp Shade Can Sass Up a Room
"A red light has come to signify many things, some racy, others utilitarian. Regardless... a red light unmistakably draws attention, which makes it a fun and useful tool for... Galilee Lighting creates lighting in unique colors including different tones of red... Sales@GalileeLighting.com or call 305-807-8711 our lighting are available in different size... diminish the light. I have replaced them with new lamps with light color shades. Adds..."
Beyond Windows: See How Drapery Can Enhance Your Bed
"outside light entering from the window. However, aesthetically speaking, their addition... addition can do wonders for the design of the room as a whole. Take the bed for example:... more than light. If you mean lightweight, these types of treatments can be done with... using light fabrics especially for my bedroom. wow what a difference Jamie - dark... Drapery can provide a unique textural backdrop. Consider choosing drapery the same..."
Single Design Moves That Can Transform an Entry
"rugs and lighting. But even when all these things are executed well, there is often... picture lights. More picture lights available: conocoweb.com Great ideas. However,... As you can see, the "before" lighting in my front hall was excruciatingly UGLY...... with no lighting coming through) and narrow (so we can't put furniture along the walls)... so I can keep the regular front door open, and the light helps so much. But she..."
See How One Feature Can Make a Room Captivating
"such as a light fixture or a great piece of art, or an unexpected choice like the floors... If you can't find a pattern you like, you can have something customized. love the... for the lighting. I'll have to try it out sometime. Beyond delighted to be included... using lighting to make the major statement in a room. If you want a light fixture... style can be tricky. A gorgeous light fixture makes making a statement a breeze...."
Wall Art for Traditional Living Rooms Can Fit or Break the Mold
"oils to light-reflecting mirrors and everything in between, art is often what immediately... painting can be just the thing to tie in all the colors in a traditional room. Make... painting can add the perfect new dimension to a room. The standard rule of thumb for... direct lighting from your fixtures shines. You don't want to blind your guests! Sconces... Sconces can be a beautiful, unique touch to spice up the traditional living room and..."
How Your Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away
"You can see your guests and your nieghbors who are friendlies can see you have... these can be tucked just inside the jam and can't be seen. If a intruder tried to... they can't and they can't open the window, Most intruder's don't want to break glass... buy a can of Wasp spray, it shoots 27 ft. plus, is cheap and to keep a can in her... Halogen up-lighting on a timer and photo eye, light up your house, the cost from a power..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Master Bedroom Touches Anyone Can Do
"lots of light. Blinds stops light and gives privacy. Point to my story I can't believe... mount lighting in bedrooms to keep clutter off the table and an adjustable light... morning light. I love light flooding into my bedroom as a new day starts. However... And I can keep the bedroom uncluttered but cozy. Now when people visit and see both... fan. Can't wait to try some of these great ideas! Wonderful spaces, thanks Becky..."
The Question That Can Make You Love Your Home More
"yourself can work wonders. Defining the feelings you want to cultivate in your home... item can be styled next to an antique, or how a quirky one off design can blend into... geraniums, light stone floor , light colored 2 seater couches.[ have you noticed that... says you can use me and enjoy! Good article & insight. Any suggestions for those who... Minimal, light & airy, yet warm & welcoming? Fun, individual, ecclectic but peaceful..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Guest Room Touches Anyone Can Do
"ideas we can use in our own homes. Since this is the time of year when guest rooms... reading lights that clip onto the book since lamps can be an issue in some rooms.... (so you can see the time if you wake up in the dark). In terms of a reading light,... that you can turn it off while in bed. I hate having to turn off a light switch by the... reading light. A nightstand on which I can put a glass of water is great. Extra blanket..."
Can-Do Cleaning Strategies for Busy People
"routine can keep your real-world home tidy... honest, I can't recall the last time I did any of those things, and I refuse to feel... on my light blue shirt do I can do fewer loads saving money and time. I like to make... as you can. Reset it if you want to clean another room. You can get a lot done in... things can mount up, it is amazing what a timed 15 mins in a room can achieve so what... bed as I can't bend. I cook, he brings the groceries. Now can we start a new thread..."
Kitchen of the Week: What a Difference Paint Can Make
"colander lights? 1stchair....... some "before" pictures are taken in poor lighting because... existing lights. A major part of many renovations is improved lighting! This is a beautiful... color can do more harm than good. This can greatly impact the resale of the home... (i'd go light or white)...but he HAS suggested skylights. ok, i can compromise! ;-)... schoolhouse lighting and the colander pendant...plus the raven. Nevermore! Funky is a good..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Entryway Touches Anyone Can Do
"hours can lead to feeling forlorn about one’s own home — that it will never look... ideas you can tailor to your own house. More Houzz envy cures: In the kitchen | In... Layered lighting and adding a picture light (battery operated) above your art will... foyer lighting. http://www.lightsonline.com/foyer-lighting I didn't know that pews... and you can offer your guests an apple to go. :) For me, the success of these spaces..."
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