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Color Commitment Issues? Just Throw In a Pillow
"bold with color in your rooms; you only need to master the easy art of the toss... well-placed pillows. A trick: Use that expensive fabric on the front of the pillow only... throw pillows. Sure, even they can seem daunting and at times get messy, but on a... endly pillows with a little hunting. You can also turn the look up a notch with... customized pillows. Splurge on a yard or two of that fabric you absolutely love, and use..."
One Easy Piece: The Bolster Pillow
"Cushions Add Color, Pattern and a Perfect Resting Place... bolster pillow is one such object. While there are many ready-made bolsters on the... bolster pillows to make a big impact.... ordinary bed pillows which will take on the shape of the outer casing - it's hard to find... king-sized pillow case. Lay case flat, add bolster form lengthwise and roll the pillowcase... co-ordinating color. It just makes one smile.... throw pillows are required. Next: More photos of bolster pillows This designer..."
Color Fix: Energize Your Room With a Colorful Club Chair
"To him color belongs on pillows, artwork and maybe a throw. Otherwise he’s happy to... brings rust-colored hues into the room. While I originally used red patterned pillows to... allergic to color. While the source of his color aversion is a mystery, I think he’s (wisely)... ss of color. Considering that the first sofa I ever bought was Pepto Bismol pink... putty-colored palette. I think the most successful way we’ve found to integrate..."
How to Add Color if You’re Color Shy
"world of color without breaking a sweat... adding color to a home, many people tense up. That’s because what immediately comes... you say “color” is bright, bold, eye-popping hues. If that’s not your thing, then of... adding color is about so much more than shock. By working with a palette you’re c... variety of colors and still feel at ease. Here are some of my favorite ways to toss some... couple of colors in the carpet, for throw pillows and accessories... I agree with mrsstem..."
Decorating 101: How to Choose Your Colors
"is: What colors should you use?... drapes and pillows. Add a few more pillows in solid colors other than terra cotta from... add pillows with texture or pattern or something need help PILLOWS!!!!!!!... fantastique color adventures! To Decorative Philosophy: I agree. I took a color theory... buy some decor. I'd switch the color of the walls more frequently, but my hus... hire a decorator, etc., choosing a color based on the light in the rooms, the mood..."
Color Guide: How to Work With Bright Yellow
"sunniest color on earth add a burst of energy to your rooms — and we're not just talking... throw pillows or kitchen appliances; the color works great as a splashy accent. But... In decorating, bright yellow is often relegated to accessories. And no one is... yellows in decor tend to be on the warmer side, with peachy undertones. But there is lots... cheeriest color in the spectrum. It's the color of sunshine, buttercups, lemons and..."
Taste a Rainbow: 11 Top Home Decorating Colors and How to Use Them
"with our color-happy guide to working with popular shades around the home... might love color; you might hate it. Beige could be the most used color in your apartment... about color, there are endless ways to use it to make over a space, create a mood... guides to color have you covered for the spring painting season.... erior-decoration/interior-design-and-decoration you can find quotes from professional... home decors. As a decorator, I've said that I want my tombstone to read, "No white..."
Decorate With Intention: Picking Colors That Flatter
"room colors based on your skin and hair tones could speak, they'd say, 'You look... In decorating, how do you decide which colors to use? Do you look to your favorite... pore over decorating websites and blogs? If you are anything like me, you may find that... personal color guide. This simple, fun method of color picking will help you choose... on the colors that suit you best, try looking to your own closet (and reflection)..."
Dare to Decorate With Colorful Upholstery
"into your decor, these eight tips are here to help.... for a colorful upholstered piece? If you are thinking of taking the colorful road... favorite color when it comes to decorating my home and my office... But it may happen... floral pillows, but the sofa is still so masculine. If going with colored upholstery... I was decorating my lady's office recently I so wished I had that purple sofa back... fringed pillows from ANOTHER sofa that just happened to complement the cinnamon !..."
The Secret Formula for Perfect Pillow Arrangements
"ratio for pillow arranging in mind... When decorating with throw pillows, I'm a steadfast believer in the 2-2-1 ratio.... square pillows of one size and pattern on the ends, two smaller pillows in a different... rectangular pillow for the center. The graduated sizing creates height intrigue, while... patterns and colors add whimsy. It's especially endearing when one fabric sets the tone... with its color scheme in mind. Use this styling secret to spiff up your sofa quickly..."
No Neutral Ground? Why the Color Camps Are So Opinionated
"Pantone Color Institute. "Color doesn't behave," adds James Martin, president of Color... much as color. Photos on both ends of the spectrum — with a lot of neutrals or a lot... lot of color — always seem to get an instant, powerful reaction. But why? In a recent... of bold color and 41 percent said they liked both. As the poll shows, many people do... neutrals and color, but most of us still have strong feelings about the topic. "Neutrals..."
Tangerine Tango: 4 Ways to Use Pantone's Color of the Year
"authority on color identification, today announced its much-anticipated Color of the Year... this bold color, there are plenty of simple tips to integrate Tangerine Tango into your... beautiful color back in vogue! Drat - my living room was this colour six years ago! LOVE... LOVE this color & the fact that in 2012 BIG COLOR will pull us out of the economic recession... - use colors I actually like and feel good with. I've always loved that color, but..."
Case Study: The Fearless Approach to Bold Color
"favorite color is orange — and raspberry, and lime green and teal. Basically, she loves... bright colors, and that adoration of bold hues (and disdain for beige) is noticeably... too much color, because they are worried they will get tired of them, especially with... wouldn't decorate my home in such bright colors, I do love saturated color in moderation... dosages of colors in home decor. I take my colors in moderation-- I keep most walls in..."
Falling for Color: 9 Ways With Pumpkin Orange
"coordinating colors wisely. Coordinating colors similar to orange — shades of brown, red... on the color wheel) will create a dynamic, high-energy vibe. The more color shy among... intense color is to use it for those items or areas in your home that you wish to call... palette colorful yet harmonious. Shades of blue (the complement, opposite of orange... have two pillows in the guest room. I'm a big fan of the color. Guest room I love the..."
Mix it Up on the Cheap: Throw Pillows
"throw pillows to perfection. Please share some of your favorite throw pillows in... throw pillows and add a different blanket. It gives the room a whole different feel... people over-pillow, or do a bad mix. I think this is why Margaret Russell has deputized... as "the pillow police." It can take a little bit of trial and error, but to me, the... throw-pillows-for-fall-decorating/ Wow !! Great Post, The pillows arrangement was..."
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